Weak Bank Foreclosure Abuse Settlement By Obama Admin

Weak Bank Foreclosure Abuse Settlement By Obama Admin

The proposed Obama Administration settlement for mortgage lenders that engaged in widespread foreclosure abuses is a weak slap on the wrist for banks according to consumer advocates and liberal activists. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur explains. www.washingtonpost.com Feds Won’t Prosecute Banks Despite Evidence Of Crimes: www.youtube.com Subscribe to The Young Turks: bit.ly Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here: www.current.com The Largest Online New Show in the World. Google+: www.gplus.to Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com
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#OccupyMiami Moves into Wells Fargo Bank - American Spring Cleaning is Coming!

A clean home is a happy home. Occupy Miami kicks off the American Spring Cleaning by raising a broom in solidarity with the working class and cleaning up Wells Fargo.
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  1. SeymourPicks says:

    This settlement was a gift to the banks. They got away with paying an average of $2,000 to each household they were accused of illegally foreclosing. Then the loans they agreed to write down? are all loans they’d have to write down anyway because they cannot sell as many foreclosed homeswithout dropping the bottom out of the market in terms of price.

    So, I created a little song here, giving them credit for their role in making this a great recession for as many people as possible.

  2. God Damn The Jews.?

    The whole system is so corrupt. Even our government. Of all the Mortgage fraud investigated guess how many people were prosecuted? Zero! Nada! Yes, jewish money buys immunity from prosecution.

    God Damn The Jews,

  3. thething90210 says:

    Love the show, but why? is yo subtitles wrong?

  4. Or? you could listen to what I said. I never said Ron Pauls campaign was supported by the Koch Brothers. I said that he and his friend`s institutions were supported by the Koch Brothers.

  5. Jeanluck1 says:

    Ron Paul top donors:

    US Army? $63,378
    US Navy $51,553
    US Air Force $48,531
    Google Inc $32,090
    Microsoft Corp $23,346

    w ww.opensecrets.o rg/pres12/contriball.p hp?cycle=2012

    I suggest that you do some research before make comments like that.

  6. You are right. Paul and his libertarian friends and? things like the miles institute arent funded by corporations, they are funded by the Koch Brothers.

  7. bornbillsmith says:

    The bankers did not destroy the economy.
    We all did.
    Saying the banks destroyed the economy is just as inaccurate as when someone says the Unions did.
    Both the banks and unions did things that helped and they both did things that hurt.
    Cenk for reasons I don’t understand hates the banks.
    He feels justified calling for an investigation even though there isn’t any evidence a crime has been committed.
    How do you think he would feel if a conservative? called for the same investigation of the Unions.

  8. sirtristan01 says:

    These bankers? are terrorists.

  9. meltdown53 says:

    I saw an interview on 60 minutes where they were interviewing home owners and asking them if they read the contracts before they signed them…no.
    Were you honest in how much money you make yearly…no.
    ? Were you? honest in repoting how much debt you were carrying…no.
    But its all the banks fault? I dont think so.

  10. schlafanzyk says:

    Cenk needs to be tougher on Obama on the TV show. It almost seems like TYT was hijacked by Democratic talking points since? they went to Current. Having Al Gore as your boss doesn’t exactly scream independence, no matter how progressive you are, and as good as Obama’s speeches may sound again, do you really believe he is going to keep his word this time around?

  11. MrOne4truth says:

    Obama and our gov’t have been takin over by the big banks and fed reserve, they will put on a show for the people , with the media -? showing how the banks will pay- what a frikkn joke, come on people WAKE UP. Ron Paul has to get up on stage in a debate and tell the american people what is happening and make Mitt and Newt tell what they will do about it

  12. I? approve this message.

  13. Iceland?

  14. Apparently now there is a new settlement being done that is actually being considered a quite populace approach, because it opens up criminal investigations (as if there weren’t any) against WS.
    Matt Tiabbi talked about it on Current yesterday saying he was shocked. Im quite? certain this is just a gimme to Obamas left base, so Im not holding my breath. If he proves me wrong otherwise, well then so be it.

  15. callofdutyaddict1000 says:

    Which country are you from? Denmark??

  16. Jeanluck1 says:

    Said [“Also? is Incorruptible”…haha and they said Titanic was? unsinkable…they? were wrong…so are you :(]

    Show me the proof.

  17. TheBluePlates says:

    “The Banker”
    A? Music Video


  18. Jeanluck1 says:

    Said [On second point too! Who the hell needs clean air, it’s? not like the same companies that pollute it can’t sell us the bottled shit, right?! Right!]

    Said [that would be right up? in your Taco if the government wasn’t testing ]

    Guess what?, Ron Paul is not going to eliminate the FDA and the EPA.

    Said [completely ideological… Just like Adolf Hitler was.]
    Ron Paul is Anti-war, follows the constitution and respect the liberties of every individual.

  19. TitoIsTheGreatest says:

    Thing is, we should all look up to corporations! They as persons could? smoke 12 packs a day …. and munch on radioactive fish -sticks…. and prolly never get sick. We humans are weak? people! and you can quote me on that ?@Jeanluck1, logic is logical!

  20. TitoIsTheGreatest says:

    For every one of those supposed carcinogens, there are thousands of others medically proven that would be right up in your Taco if the government wasn’t testing it for lead under the penalty of jail time and financial ruin. It took us hundreds of years of indstrial age to learn and apply regulations crucial to our well being as biological entities.? So now we should go to square one? Is that your logic?

  21. TitoIsTheGreatest says:

    You might be right…I totally forgot who I was talking about…Ron is almost completely ideological… Just like Adolf Hitler was. You really schooled me there buddy!
    On second point too! Who the hell needs clean air, it’s not like the same companies that pollute it can’t sell us the bottled shit, right?! Right!? That’s right, makes sense, economic sense, I’m sure…

  22. Dahgrostabphri says:

    Dude, you have no idea! I love here and you actually hear people arguing to allow bankers? to commit fraud against us. it’s insane!

  23. Jeanluck1 says:

    Said [that for instance prevent them to spill cancerous poisons in your? food, water and air]
    Actually no, RP has not said he would abolish the FDA which supose to check the first and second, the third is for EPA.
    Said [prevent them to spill cancerous poisons in your food]
    lol, that is alredy happening: Aspartame, Fluoride, GMOs, the list goes on and on, all aproved by FDA (bought by Big Pharma) and cause CANCER.
    youtube. com/watch?v=wFgNq0Ve-28

  24. Jeanluck1 says:

    So when you said [Ron Paul has no need to take one dollar off of banks or the military] You are implaying that Dr Ron Paul has all the money he need, that is FALSE. Mitt Rommey and Newt campaings and? SuperPacs have far far more money that Ron Paul Campaing and SuperPacs. Mitt superPac alone spend 20million$ in Florida…

    […All of his campaign and otherwise money comes from big business and corporations]
    Where did you get that???? Any proof????

  25. Fraud By The Big Banks — More Than Anything Done By The Little Guy —
    Caused The Financial Crisis
    The U.S. Treasury’s Office of Thrift Supervision noted last year
    The FBI estimates that 80 percent of all mortgage fraud involves collaboration
    or collusion by industry insiders.
    This confirms what one of the country’s top fraud experts has said for years: that it was fraud by the big banks — more than anything done? by the little guy — which caused the financial crisis:

  26. great? action; way to go

  27. TeamKhris says:

    wait till you get to middle school and start learning about the true threat of living in a? plutocracy-operated police state :).

  28. ridewave444 says:

    Let’s go Occupy! Time to get? back in the groove.

  29. dizasterousn says:

    I was in elementary when i wrote it, so it kind of makes sense, i guess.

    Must have? been the same time when they planned this shitty demonstration against something they do not understand.

  30. TeamKhris says:

    coming? from someone with an unorganized and elementary spelling of disasterous…

  31. crackrero says:

    Keep the good? job guys!

  32. dizasterousn says:

    This? just proves how unorganized and elementary your “movement” is.