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Egg Harbor Township, NJ (PRWEB) November 03, 2012

To date, VO Financial Corporation has canceled over one hundred million dollars in timeshare debt for consumers who were lied to and deceived by their timeshare developer at the time of purchase. VO Financial has discovered that Wyndham Vacation Resorts, in its latest attempt to stem the tide, issued to its timeshare owners a new and revised letter attacking VO Financials programs and services. VO Financial has developed services which allow victims of timeshare fraud who have been lied to by Wyndham Vacation Resorts, along with other timeshare developers, a way to get out of their debt and have their contract canceled. Since VO Financial opened its doors, Wyndham has done everything in its power to stop VO Financial from performing its programs and services. However, Wyndham has been unsuccessful because VO Financials services are guaranteed to work and do in fact cancel debt that has been incurred as a result of unscrupulous sales practices. Wyndham has yet to realize that VO Financial has just begun to scratch the surface there are millions of timeshare owners that we have not yet reached who share the same story our clients have told us about the debt they have incurred as a result of deception and misrepresentation. If Wyndham wanted VO Financial out of business, the solution would be simple: dont lie to consumers. If Wyndham ensured that its sales staff was honest and told the truth to clients, VO Financial would be out of business. It is no coincidence that VO Financial has expanded into five states to better serve clients who are fed up with all of the lies and are desperate to receive help.

And yet, instead of correcting the problem by better training its sales staff to tell the truth, Wyndham has instead tried to use its financial resources to put VO Financial out of business. In fact, the first month VO Financial opened its doors, Wyndham Vacations Resorts filed suit in New Jersey, seeking permanent injunctions and claiming that VO Financial unfairly competed. After failing to receive the relief that they sought, they teamed up with another timeshare developer in New Jersey to involve the government. Having failed to date to put VO Financial out of business, Wyndham again attempted to flex its financial muscle by filing suit in Tennessee and in Massachusetts. While the owners of VO Financial are aggressively defending themselves, no charges have ever been filed against the organization, and despite the stigma and negative publicity, VO Financial has achieved tremendous growth and incredible results for its clients.

Over the last two years, VO Financial has survived the slander and other direct attacks against the company. Given VO Financials success in assisting timeshare owners in the cancellation of more than one hundred million dollars of debt during that time, it is no wonder that Wyndham is spending so much time, energy, and financial resources in an effort to put VO Financial out of business. In other words, if VO Financial was not as successful as it has demonstrated, then Wyndham would care less and would not have to worry about VO Financials programs and services. That, however, is not the case because VO Financials services are 100% guaranteed and supported by Federal legislation. If a timeshare owner demonstrates that they are a victim of fraud and misrepresentation, VO Financial can get the owners contract canceled and debt released 100% of the time.

Wyndham sent a previous letter out to timeshare owners in an attempt to discredit VO Financial, stating things such as that they were exempt from the FDCPA, that VO Financial is not authorized by Wyndham, and that owners should contact Wyndham to make sure that their personal information was not compromised. To be clear, VO Financial does not need authorization from Wyndham to conduct business. If Wyndham wanted VO Financial to go away, all they would have to do is be honest with their client base. Until then, VO Financial will continue to provide the services and programs they offer to victims of timeshare fraud and misrepresentation. Further, VO Financial holds its customers private information in the strictest confidence. Wyndhams argument is also ironic given its own difficulties in protecting client information. As this FTC Complaint demonstrates, organizations should take accountability for themselves and not pass it off onto others.

In this new second letter that Wyndham published to its timeshare owners, Wyndham alleges that timeshare owners who are contacted by VO Financial may be a victim of fraudulent and criminal activity. Wyndham attaches their own Scam Busters article where they in fact refer to VO Financial as a scam. However, Wyndham has a choice: they can resort to name calling and flexing their financial muscles in an attempt to intimidate small businesses like VO Financial, or they can fix their own problems by properly training their sales force to be nothing but truthful with timeshare owners. Wyndham should be sophisticated and professional enough to deal with fair competition, but to date they insist on bullying and name calling.

VO Financial thanks its clients for the opportunity to set the record straight. VO Financial is in business to help victims of timeshare fraud and misrepresentation. VO Financial will not be intimidated by Wyndhams attacks and name calling. VO Financial is not a scam its services are seamless and 100% guaranteed not to fail. As further evidence of the need for the services and programs VO Financial offers, VO Financial has begun the process of requesting every consumer complaint filed since January 2010 against Wyndham Vacation Resorts with each states Office of the Attorney General, Division of Consumer Affairs, Real Estate Commission and other similar state government agencies. As of today, VO Financial has requested records from a handful of states, including New Jersey, Florida, and South Carolina. The results have been astonishing but at the same time not a significant surprise given the complaints received by VO Financial from Wyndhams timeshare owners every day. To date, VO Financial has received from government agencies in New Jersey, Florida, and South Carolina more than 6000 consumer complaints filed against Wyndham Vacation Resorts since January 2010. In other words, approximately six complaints have been filed against Wyndham each day for the last 1000 days, and that accounts for just three states out of fifty. VO Financial is not an organization such as Wyndham that will attempt to form a legal opinion on what may be a scam. Instead, Wyndhams hypocrisy is demonstrated by the astounding number of consumer complaints. Perhaps Wyndham Vacation Resorts should be at the top of their own Scam Busters list as enemy number one. VO Financial doesnt need a publication to make this point. In addition to the more than 6000 complaints that VO Financial has discovered from state agencies thus, Wyndhams own timeshare owners have contacted VO Financial desperate for help to relieve them of the burden they have incurred as a result of Wyndhams lies and misrepresentations.

Again, VO Financial has canceled over $ 100,000,000.00 of timeshare debt from consumers who have incurred debt as a result of lies and misrepresentations. Over ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS, and that number increases each day. If Wyndham wants to call VO Financial a scam than they are welcome to do so. Name calling will not stop VO Financial from helping consumers. If Wyndham wants to put VO Financial out of business, they are invited to entertain the notion that VO Financial only assists victims of timeshare fraud and misrepresentation. If there were no timeshare fraud and misrepresentation, VO Financial would be out of business. Perhaps Wyndham should use its considerable financial resources to purchase a large mirror and look at its own behavior.

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