Webinar Helps Investors Discover Alternatives to the Stock Market

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) January 14, 2013

Investors who seek alternatives to the stock market for saving for retirement, but dont know where to start, wont want to miss the upcoming webinar from Equity University.

Alternative investment options, including real estate, tax liens, precious metals and other alternatives, are becoming increasingly popular for retirement planning because they allow investors to take control over where their money is invested. Self-directed IRAs provide the vehicle to invest in these alternatives for retirement, but some investors are too intimidated to use them and make that first deal.

Equity Universitys free webinar, A Beginners Guide to Self-Directed IRA Investing, at 9 p.m. January 17 will reveal how investors can take control of their retirement planning to build tax-free wealth with alternatives to the stock market.

A self-directed IRA education specialist will provide an easy-to-understand overview of self-directed IRAs, which will include:

????How a self-directed IRA works
????What investors can and cant do with this type of account
????How other real investors are self-directing their investments and pulling in big returns
????How account holders can protect their wealth and create a legacy for loved ones

Visit http://tinyurl.com/aoz72uo for the details and to register.

About Equity Trust Company

Equity Trust Company, with its corporate headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio and operations in Waco, Texas and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is at the forefront of the self-directed retirement plan industry. The company specializes in the custody of alternative assets in self-directed IRAs, Coverdell Education Accounts, Health Savings Accounts and qualified business retirement plans. Along with its affiliates, Equity Trust provides services to more than 130,000 individuals and businesses nationwide with approximately $ 10 billion in assets under custody. Since 1974, the company and its affiliates have helped investors make tax-free profits through education, innovation, and a commitment to understanding individual needs. Visit TrustETC.com for more information.

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Real Estate Tax Auctions Webinar Now Online at TedThomas.com

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 13, 2013

The TedThomas.com website has now launched a real estate tax auctions webinar online. This accessible video series is offered for no cost to help educate those that want to purchase discounted property using local auctions. This informative video presentation is one of the most comprehensive resources available that explains the methods that some people are using to buy property in all 50 U.S. states. The series can be accessed immediately online at http://www.tedthomas.com/step2.

Public auctions are held in all of the 3,147 counties registered in the United States. These public events are one way that real estate can be purchased, held and sold later for a profit. While this method is not new, the strategies for research and the process of purchasing is updated annually. The 2013 webinar now available from TedThomas.com includes updated information that includes the interest rates, where to purchase and how to purchase with only a computer.

This is an educational webinar and designed to inform men and women that are exploring more options for acquiring a home without attending foreclosure auctions or going through a broker. Ted Thomas has authored more than 30 books that relate to this investment topic and is considered one of the leading authorities on the topic of taxation-based real estate investments. The auction information that is now provided includes personal strategies used by Ted and students that have attended in-person live events.

Government-backed investments are one way used to secure any property purchase, said Ted Thomas inside of his webinar. Local auctions provide a source for people with and without experience to use proven strategies for acquiring mortgage-free real estate, added Ted.

Aside from the new information published online, the series of books and DVDs that have been authored by Ted can be accessed online. This new and improved learning library now includes some of the best educational materials that exist for tax deeds and tax certificate investment strategies online. This new website store can be accessed from the homepage link at TedThomas.com.

About Ted Thomas

Ted Thomas is one of few instructors that has used the past 25 years helping others to achieve real estate goals. As a top live event speaker, Ted frequently educates experienced and beginning investors about the ways that can be used to obtain properties using non-traditional means. The advice and information offered by Ted is now used by successful men and women in almost every country in the world. Ted Thomas is known as the leading authority for tax deed and tax certificates investing strategies and now owns one of the largest information product libraries in the U.S.

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Best Retirement Planning Strategies for 2013 Webinar Now Online at TedThomas.com

San Antonio, Texas (PRWEB) January 03, 2013

Retirement is one part of post employment that many people try to plan for successfully. Many investment strategies exist and the amount of returns that are possible varies depending on the investments used. TedThomas.com has launched a best retirement planning strategies for 2013 webinar. This video webinar explores the government-backed securities that can be used to grow retirement funds tax-free. Direct access is available on this page of the TedThomas.com website.

Real estate is one area of investing that some people have used to help build personal wealth. Knowing the right strategy to use at the right time is one of the ways that this method can work for average investors.

The purchase price of a property can be one of the blockades that prevents a person from owning real estate. The new webinar presents alternative strategies that can be used to acquire a property without the initial purchase price.

The government backs some investment types with a guarantee in the tax code, said Ted Thomas in his new webinar series. Anyone can use the same strategies that professionals use without requiring special training, added Ted.

The concept of tax deeds is now explained in detail in the new webinar. This investment method allows a tax-free investment to be made in a property that is acquired through non-traditional means. Tax deed investors that are experienced can use available strategies to purchase a property for a reduced price. As one of the authorities on tax deed investing, Ted Thomas now includes this information to help educate new or soon-to-be retirees.

The new retirement investment strategies for 2013 that are now included in the TedThomas.com webinar represents a portion of the educational materials that are now available. The opening of the new web store online is helping to provide access to over 30 authored books and DVDs that explain more concepts in detail.

This personal library is part of one of the largest sources for tax deed and tax certificate information currently found online. This information is offered to interested investors that would like to receive more detailed information to use for investing purposes.

About Ted Thomas

Ted Thomas has educated men and women in areas of alternative investing for more than 25 years. Through in-person live events and private coaching, the educational materials that are provided by Ted are now used by thousands of people who put the strategies to use in real estate related investments. The TedThomas.com website provides one of the only online resources dedicated to a range of investment strategies that are written for beginners and advanced investors. Ted Thomas is one of the pioneers of teaching mortgage-free real estate tips and strategies and is frequently booked for live events and seminars around the U.S.

Real Estate Mogul “Death of Real Estate Investing” Webinar Opens Tomorrow Morning at Dawn

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) December 04, 2012

Real Estate Mogul is here, after weeks of speculation and mystery is ready to launch tomorrow with great fanfare and a few hidden surprises. Much preparation has gone into this launch and thousands of people from the creators, to the affiliates have worked to bring it to an eagerly waiting marketplace. There has not been a real estate investment product with this much attention and hype whether deserved or not in quite some time. The launch has been headlined by the The Death of Real Estate Investing webinar Preston Ely hosted live to a select audience of pre-registered attendees who have the first crack at the secrets contained within the system. The response to the Real Estate Mogul Review system has been overwhelming and the seating for the webinar reflected that reality. At the time of this writing, a waiting list had been created to handle the overflow of students interested in hearing with Preston had to say but now the full webinar will replay timed with the official premier.

There have been a few hints over the past few weeks about the nature of the webinar presentation but simply saying it explains why real estate investing is dying would be an understatement. Preston will discuss the reasons for his bold statements in detail and also provide a practical solution to surmount the figurative cliff real estate investing is facing in the next twelve to eighteen months. Many things can happen in that timeframe and as much dread as that fact causes, it could also provide an unprecedented opportunity for investors. The price of the system will be less than $ 1000 dollars so most investors who are interested will be able to get involved without losing their shirts.

If the reviews and early buzz is correct, this could be another multi-million dollar product launch – well conceived, planned and perfectly timed to be relevant in the marketplace right now.

The Real Estate Mogul training system launch runs from December 4th until December 13th when the doors will close for good (unless massive demand begs them to re-open but don’t count on it, especially with a high profile launch.) For more information about the Death of Real Estate Investing webinar, the Real Estate Mogul system and what it can do for a real estate business please visit http://realestatesmogul.com.

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Tax Lien Certificates Website Launches Recession Proof Investments Webinar Online

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) November 27, 2012

Ted Thomas is a tax liens certificate expert and has taught the subject to men and women around the U.S. Ted has launched a new website at http://www.tedthomas.com to offer his training online. A new webinar has been created that explains tax lien certificates and how to get started buying or selling these government insured securities.

This recession proof webinar includes helpful information provided by Ted Thomas that has helped to kick start 75,000 careers in tax lien certificate investing.

Tax lien certificates are one of the few types of securities that offer a guarantee. Investments like the stock market can be risky investments that could reduce or eliminate money that is invested incorrectly.

Ted Thomas has taught his tax certificate investment knowledge in over 30 authored books and hundreds of in-person seminars. This information is now accessible for the first time online. A new YouTube channel is available at this link http://www.youtube.com/user/TaxAuctionTed.

Some of the information that is now included in the training materials produced by Ted Thomas teaches how regular people can double a tax certificate investment in 4 years at 18 percent interest.

Typical interest rates attached to tax lien certificates issued by state and local taxation authorities can range from 8 percent to 36 percent. This is in comparison to the average Certificate of Deposit nationwide that is currently 1.04 percent for a one-year investment.

The advanced training now offered by Ted Thomas for tax lien certificate investing now teaches how any person can purchase tax certificates by mail or through the Internet. This method requires no travel or time expenses. Since Ted is one of the top tax lien certificate instructors in the U.S., the information provided is updated regularly as new legislation is enacted.

The new recession proof webinar offered at http://www.tedthomas.com/products/ can be accessed instantly from any Internet connection or mobile Internet connected device.

This tax information provided by Ted Thomas is designed to introduce those new to tax lien certificate investing to help offer an easy start system. Instant help is available to attendees of the new webinar to provide answers to questions or how to get started buying tax lien certificates.

About Ted Thomas

Over 20 years in tax lien certificate investing has helped Ted Thomas to teach more than 75,000 clients that have taken the first step to buying tax certificates. Ted has visited over 30 U.S. states and hundreds of counties during his personal investments for tax lien certificates. The low risk and high yield investment strategies that Ted Thomas teaches online and through in-person seminars are designed to kick start investment careers for average people or real estate professionals. Ted Thomas online is the single largest source for tax lien and tax deed information products in the world.

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