New Video Just Released on How to Determine Property Value

Campbell, NY (PRWEB) June 06, 2013

The ultimate goal of any investor is to cash a paycheck. In order to cash a paycheck, investors must be able to learn how to determine property value. This is a critical piece all investors must be familiar with and know how to do or else it will eat up profits very quickly and waste a lot of time because the numbers don’t pencil.

Cameron explains in the video that the goal is to determine what the property is worth if it was in great condition. He calls this ARV. The After Repaired Value. So when investors find a property that needs a lot of work, they need to be able to determine the value of this home if it was in repaired condition.

Cameron shares several ways on how this is done in the video. First, investors can get an agent to do a CMA or also known as a Comparative Market Analysis. This is where a real estate agent will pull a list of comparable properties that are similar to the subject property in order to determine property value or at least find out what these “comparable” properties sold for.

In order to determine property value, Cameron says, “the best way is to not only look at properties that have sold in the past 3-6 months but also look at the active listings as well.” It would be important information to know if a similar home is actively listed but has been on the market for 6 months. All this information helps the investor determine the property value.

He also talks about the MLS as a great tool for determining property value. It provides information to agents and appraisers so they can determine home values fairly accurately. They are able to see active listings as well as properties that have sold.

Title companies also provide “property profiles” where they can pull comps and tax roll data because they too have access to this information. There are some online free web sites like Zillow that provide information on what the home is worth. Although this is a great tool, Cameron says, “it’s not always accurate. I’ll always make a quick call to an agent just to verify my numbers and get a second opinion.”

For those looking for more information on property values or how to invest in real estate can visit

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San Diego Homeowners Increase Property Value with Pacific Restoration General Contractor Services

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Remodeling Magazine’s current estimates indicate that home improvements are a worthwhile investment in improving the overall value of a home. These improvements should be performed by a professional contractor; Pacific Restoration, a San Diego general contractor, helps area homeowners and business owners increase property values in a rapidly changing market.

The average listing price of a San Diego home rose to $ 578,000 in 2012, an increase of about 8 percent of the average listing price in 2011. Many of California’s recent home sales are on the lower end of the market, which indicates a slow but steady recovery of Southern California real estate prices.

“The housing market is starting to recover,” said a representative of Pacific Restoration. “From a property value standpoint, there’s no better time to make essential improvements and repairs.”

Most San Diego-area real estate agents agree that necessary repairs will cost twice a San Diego general contractor’s estimate after a buyer makes an offer on a property. In other words, a plumbing repair valued at $ 4,000 could easily cost a homeowner $ 8,000 during sales negotiations. By taking care of repairs early, homeowners gain an upper hand when they start receiving offers.

“Many of our clients aren’t planning on selling their homes for a year or two, but we still recommend taking care of those nagging repairs,” said the representative. “Most plumbing, roofing and electrical problems will only get worse with time, and completing them early keeps a home’s value from slipping.”

Pacific Restoration also recommends remodeling for homes and businesses that have remained on the market for an extended period of time. Both commercial and residential buyers see a long sales period as a sign of an undesirable property, but home improvements from a reputable San Diego general contractor can prevent value from dropping too significantly after spending some time on the market.

“We can improve a home’s kitchen, bathroom or living room without overextending the homeowner’s sales budget, and a few minor renovations can effectively reset a home’s value from a sales perspective,” said the Pacific Restoration representative. “Buyers see renovated homes as valuable, and real estate agents are more likely to show newly renovated properties.”

When looking for a general contractor, San Diego residents should ask about license classifications. Reputable general contractors can offer references from their clients and will always provide a detailed estimate before starting any work.

“Contractors need to pay close attention to detail in order to follow San Diego’s building regulations. Experience is undeniably important,” said the Pacific Restoration representative. “By working with a qualified general contractor, San Diego property owners can add a tremendous amount of value to their homes or businesses at a reasonable cost. We’re proud to offer environmentally friendly services with high-quality workmanship and materials.”

Pacific Restoration is a San Diego-based general contractor providing mold remediation, home remodeling, business building improvement and other services to the San Diego-North County San Diego metropolitan area. Homeowners and business owners can contact the company at (760) 632-7800 to schedule a consultation.