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uKnowKids Provides Cyberbullying Tips and Resources for Colorado Springs, Colorado and Surrounding Areas in Light of Recent News

Arlington, Virginia (PRWEB) March 09, 2013

According to The Colorado Springs Gazette, two 18-year-old students from Falcon School District 49 were cited on suspicion of harassment this week over a Facebook page that allegedly targeted other students.

In light of this recent news, uKnowKids, the revolutionary Parental Intelligence system, wants to offer cyberbullying resources and tips to residents of Colorado Springs, Colorado and surrounding areas, so parents can better protect their children from cyberbullying incidents like this one.

uKnowKids recently released a free eBook entitled 10 Essential Things Parents Need to Know About Cyberbullying” that will be extremely helpful for all parents in this community. In addition, there are also multiple infographics, blog posts and tip sheets listed on uKnowKids cyberbullying prevention website in the resources section that every parent should read.

uKnowKids wants to make sure the whole state of Denver can keep young students safe and prevent another incident like this from happening — with education comes prevention.

uKnow.coms own founders son had a scary incident stemming from an online encounter. Since that time, Tim Woda has made it his mission to educate himself about internet safety and spread the lessons he learned to as many parents as he could. He feels strongly that every parent should be aware of their childs online and mobile activities so stories like this never have to happen again.

Tim has provided these cyberbullying safety tips for parents in Colorado Springs:

—Understand the technology that your child is using. Be familiar with all the functions of the sites your child is using, including social networks, gaming systems, mobile phones, chat sites, etc. Some of these could have messaging and photo-sharing options that you might not even be aware of.

—Be a vigilant parent. Know who your child is talking to and who is trying to talk to them. The more information you have about their interactions online, the better equipped you will be to interfere if anything dangerous should happen. Parental monitoring systems such as uKnowKids are a great way to help out with this task if you think it is too overwhelming.

—Know all of your childs passwords. No exceptions.

—Communicate house rules. Before your child is allowed a phone or device with internet connection, he or she should be well-aware of any pre-established house rules. Discuss your expectations for online behavior and the consequences for failing to meet those expectations, but also discuss the potential legal and social repercussions of actions online, such as sending images or cyberbullying.

—Look for warning signs. If your child is a victim of cyberbullying, the signs are there. Look to see if they are shying away from the computer and phone, if they are alienating themselves from friends or if they are suddenly acting depressed. On the flip side, your child should exhibit a change in behavior if they have started to become a bully online.

There are lessons that every parent and child needs to learn from the incident in Colorado and Tim and his family know about them firsthand. Tim is open to speaking

more about his story and the lessons he learned, so parents will take notice and keep their children safe online. uKnowKids is also open to free product distribution in schools and areas that have been affected by cyberbullying. If you are interested in speaking with Tim or want more information about cyberbullying tips, uKnowKids or product distribution, email Callie at charris(at)uknow(dot)com.


Headquartered in Arlington, VA, makes parenting easier and keeps kids safer online and on the mobile phone. powers the world’s leading Parental Intelligence Systems including,,,,, and others. For more information visit

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SRE Investing Offers Tips on How to Beat the Hedge Funds in the Buy & Hold Game

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) February 20, 2013

Looking to take advantage of the new upswing in the real estate market SRE has been working with large institutional investment groups providing acquisition and consulting services. The new buy & hold asset class is arguably the hottest new discussion on Wall Street. Although the concept of renting single family homes as rental properties has been a reality since the advent of housing, it has up to know been practiced mostly by small mom & pop property owners. “We are now witnessing the first time large investment groups are moving into this industry bringing their volume approach and modern management capabilities.” commented Jay Belson COE of SRE Investing.

Benefiting from there many years of residential real estate investing experience SRE has become a valuable resource for investors at every level.

So with the billions of hedge fund money competing for these distressed assets, how can the little investor win? Buy what the hedge funds cant buy says Seth Phillips COO of SRE Investing. Most of the hedge funds have a mandate that requires that they only buy Single Family Homes, but there is a similar and most of the time a better yield producing product. 2 to 4 unit properties are considered in the same residential category by retail lenders and qualify for very similar financing. This is in contrast to properties of 5 or more units which are considered Commercial. The financing on commercial properties is very different.

The Loophole.

Investing in 2 to 4 unit properties gives the following advantages.

????Lower competition from the hedge funds due to their restricted fund criteria
????The banks generally sell at steeper discounts because of rent control issues
????A smaller percentage of investors are familiar with this investment type
????Generate more rent for the same amount of space
????Have similar liquidity options as single family homes
????Large volume of available properties

Working with small and large investors SRE has become a leader in this niche investment opportunity. Our investors love the returns, and keep coming back for more says Jay Belson. We work hard to protect our investor money and interests, because we want them to be part of our family forever.

This opportunity is foreclosure and distressed property driven. It has even coined a new phrase REO to Rental. This represents the final part of the market correction process. But this is about people too. Whenever possible SREs first priority is to rent the home back to the former owner and offer them a rent to own opportunity to help them get back to home ownership. With time and credit repair, many people can achieve this.

Not often in life is there an opportunity for investors to make good returns while at the same time helping to rebuild neighborhoods.

The Los Angeles market is already on an upward moving trend and soon the distressed properties will no longer be available. This is indeed a time to move fast.

SRE Investing understands the burgeoning trends within the real estate industry and provides investors with the means to grow their wealth. Now is the best time to be an investor, thanks to low prices, low interest rates, wide availability and the growing demand for homes combined with fewer consumers being approved for a mortgage.

By investing in neighborhoods, revitalizing and repairing foreclosed homes, and renting those homes to dependable families in need, neighborhoods grow and prosper, as do investors portfolios.

To find out more about SRE Investing visit

About SRE Investingt: Headquartered in Beverly Hills, SRE Investing specializes in Los Angeles real estate investing. Clients are able to participate as owners, lenders or partners in investments.

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?TES 5 Skyrim Gameplay – Best House For Sale in Skyrim & Secrets – Tips and Tricks #4 [PC HD]

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Gameplay Tips and Tricks House For Sale Home Buying IS SHOWN: The Best House for Sale, in Windhelm that you can buy for 12 000 gold and upgrade for an extra 7000-10000 gold. You need to be a Thane in Windhelm, simply follow the quest line and talk to Ulfric in the palace. Just wanted to share this badass house location with all of you guys 🙂 Skyrim Buying a House Gameplay Tips and Tricks #4 Keep updated on our channel for tutorials, gameplay and more videos! Hope you enjoy and subscribe! Follow us on Twitter! Follow us on Facebook! Also, send us all your comments and suggestion about Games and stuff you want us to do in the future! WE READ IT ALL!
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Help to Prevent Foreclosure with These Tips Offered By Red Blue Realty

Los Angeles, Ca (PRWEB) January 21, 2013

Homeowners facing foreclosure often need help to avoid the situation. Red Blue Realty can help prevent foreclosure.

The biggest mistake homeowners make in regard to foreclosure is to take no action at all, until its too late. Theyre often unaware of available options, or simply cannot handle dealing with their mortgage lender. Of course, often mortgage companies are more willing to work with homeowners than realized. After all, foreclosure is time consuming and costly for lenders as well as for homeowners.

If a homeowner is willing to leave the property, the first step is to select the support of a local appraiser or real estate firm like Red Blue Realty to get a current estimate of how much a home could be sold for. With a recovering real estate market, a home may no longer be underwater, and could yield a profitable sale, allowing homeowners to walk away from the property with gains pocketed.

For properties still underwater, another option to help prevent foreclosure is a short sale. This means that the home is sold for less than the mortgage balance, with the lender agreeing to accept the proceeds of such a sale as full mortgage payment. If the lender is not amenable to this plan, a homeowner may still be able to negotiate what is called a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. This means that the homeowner turns the property over to the mortgage holder in exchange for cancellation of the loan.

Both options create less black marks on a homeowners credit rating than a foreclosure and work effectively to eliminate mortgage balance. However, property owners should be certain that the lender is clearly forgiving the full amount of mortgage debt, and that the language on such an agreement has been evaluated by a real estate professional or lawyer.

Also in these situations, tax consequences should be considered, as cancelled debt may be taxed as income.

Should a homeowner want to stay in a property and help prevent foreclosure, the place to start is by assessing the amount you can pay towards your mortgage. Review bank and credit card statements for at least three months; divide the amount spent over the course of the year to a monthly number, after including yearly events such as vacations or holiday spending. With these numbers in hand for analysis, determine how to cut back on expenses to free more money toward paying the mortgage. Consider outside the box options such as taking on a tenant or terminating credit cards. Bankruptcy filing may also prevent the loss of a home and wipe out other debts.

Once an analysis is made as to how much money a homeowner can put toward the mortgage payment, the next step is negotiating a payment plan with the lender. Sometimes its a matter of getting caught up on past payments with back payments spread out over subsequent months, or perhaps a temporary suspension in or reduction of payments.

Lenders may also be amenable to interest-free loans from HUD to get current, or permanent mortgage modification amounts. Getting help to prevent foreclosure isnt impossible. Red Blue Realty cautions homeowners in this situation to be aware of scam artists who promise help but charge exorbitant fees and offer no help at all.

With options available, homeowners simply need to address the situation before foreclosure becomes the only option left. Timely action yields choices that help prevent foreclosure.


Email: Contact(at)redbluerealty(dot)com

Phone Number: 1-(855) 66-RBREALTY or 1-(855) 667-2732