Florida Wholesale Land Deals Now Available Online through the Website LandCentury.com, the Owners Announced

(PRWEB) June 18, 2013

Florida wholesale land deals are now available online through the website http://www.landcentury.com, the business owners announced today. LandCentury.com is a new website offering the ability to invest and buy land in State of Florida. After years in recession, and with the real estate market brought to an all time low, the maxim to buy low and sell high is especially true for Florida Wholesale Land Deals.

LandCentury.com is experienced in the purchase, sales, and investing in Florida real estate. Offering everything a real estate investor would want to find in a website. From individual building lots in the commercial real estate sector, or multi acre properties, the website offers many areas across the entire state in which to find wholesale and bulk land real estate deals.

One of the best reasons to invest in the State of Florida land deals is that coast line real estate is often the most expensive property in an investors portfolio, especially true once it is developed. LandCentury.com has the experienced real estate investment and management team in Florida to help real estate investors both experienced and new to find the best bulk land deals or wholesale investment properties.

Not only does LandCentury.com provide investment properties and wholesale real estate, they will help with all facets of document processing to facilitate an easy real estate investment transaction. Everything from title search, seller’s disclosures, and offer to purchase, to deed forms, notice of recording, and closing forms. LandCentury.com is a one stop resource for bulk land buyers and sellers and real estate investors around the world.

LandCentury.com offers huge discounts on real estate investments, some deals are at 80% below fair market value for the land deal investment opportunity offered. LandCentury.com works in direct relationships with banks and liquidators to be able to offer land deal investors the best investment opportunity at prices the competition simply cannot match, while offering superior client services to investors no matter the size of the deal.

The team at LandCentury.com also offers individuals in the real estate sector money making opportunities and re-sell services that offer those individuals looking to diversify their real estate portfolio outside the box thinking in bulk or wholesale land deals in Florida.

For more information and to learn more on the entire gamut of services LandCentury.com has to offer, be sure to visit their website at http://landcentury.com.

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SPIE Volunteers Urge Congress to Boost Jobs, Economy through Photonics Support

WASHINGTON, D.C., and BELLINGHAM, Washington (PRWEB) March 24, 2013

Volunteers sponsored by SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, were in Washington, D.C., last week to thank Congressional representatives for recent support for photonics R&D and to urge future support for in several key areas vital to economic growth and scientific progress. They were among more than 250 scientists, engineers, and business leaders visiting Capitol Hill 12-13 March for a Congressional Visits Day (CVD) sponsored by the Science-Engineering-Technology (SET) Work Group.

SPIE volunteers focused primarily on three messages identified by the SPIE Engineering, Science, and Technology Policy (ESTeP):

Support for a National Photonics Initiative (NPI) being forwarded by a coalition of professional societies including SPIE, LIA (Laser Institute of America), IEEE Photonics Society, OSA (The Optical Society), and the American Physical Society. The NPI will foster increased collaboration and coordination between industry, government, and academia to identify and advance areas of photonics that are critical for maintaining U.S. competitiveness and national security.

Overhaul of export controls. Overly restrictive regulations on dual-use technologies and inconsistent interpretation and enforcement have created business, research, and workforce barriers that limit U.S. leadership in science and technology. Government export rules have driven high-tech jobs abroad and have made U.S. companies uncompetitive in the global marketplace.

????Eliminating restrictions on government-employee travel to scientific conferences. Regulations released in a May 2012 OMB (Office of Management and Budget) memorandum are being applied inconsistently and limit federal participation in scientific and technical conferences, impeding the dissemination of research that results in useful innovation and imposing adverse long-term consequences on national competitiveness.

SPIE volunteers included:

Dan Christensen (New York)
Olivia Rae Fehlberg (Arizona)
Ben Franta (Iowa/Massachusetts)
Thomas Koch (Arizona)
Sara Landau Lampen (Arizona)
Robert Lieberman (California)
Jim McNally (New Mexico)
Kaye Rowan (Arizona).

The volunteers said they were pleased with the results of their visits and the reception they received on Capitol Hill. Members and staff were generally in agreement that now is a critical time for the U.S. to be prioritizing investments in science and innovation and that while control of spending is important, funding for R&D and for STEM education are important ways to grow the economy.

“I appreciate the preparations by SPIE to support those of us working in photonics to succinctly bring our message to our representatives in Congress, said Jim McNally, director of operations at Applied Technology Associates. The background materials and coaching tips provided really help us to clearly and concisely articulate the critical priorities to support our nation’s competiveness and innovation edge. We were able to have very productive discussions emphasizing the urgency for a National Photonics Initiative.”

Ben Franta, a student at Harvard University, called the event an eye-opening experience. In the same way that being a scientist or engineer is very different from what most other people imagine it to be, our government operates in a way that’s different from what we might expect by watching or reading the news.

Franta said the CVD program was a valuable opportunity to engage with our lawmakers in a way that can lead to real results. To me, the fact that SPIE makes such great use of this opportunity — both to communicate with Congress and to educate students like me — shows a forward-looking approach to promoting technologies in optics and photonics in this country and throughout the world.” (Read more first-hand observations in an interview with Franta on the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences website: https://www.seas.harvard.edu/news-events/press-releases/capitol-gains.)

An evening reception provided an informal opportunity for CVD participants to talk with Congressional members and staff, and included an exhibition in which company representatives demonstrated products based on discoveries and innovations resulting from federal R&D funding. SPIE co-sponsored a booth highlighting the recent National Academies report, Optics and Photonics: Essential Technologies for our Nation, and raising awareness of efforts to create the NPI.

At the reception, the SET George E. Brown Award was presented to Representatives Mike Honda (D-California) and Richard Hanna (R-New York), to recognize their outstanding efforts to advance and promote science, engineering, and technology on Capitol Hill.

More than 50 percent of all industrial innovation and growth in the United States since World War II can be attributed to advances pioneered through scientific research, with publicly funded R&D the vital foundation for todays scientific and technological progress.

Technology transfer from academic research adds billions of dollars to the economy each year and supports hundreds of thousands of jobs.

About SPIE

SPIE is the international society for optics and photonics, a not-for-profit organization founded in 1955 to advance light-based technologies. The Society serves nearly 225,000 constituents from approximately 150 countries, offering conferences, continuing education, books, journals, and a digital library in support of interdisciplinary information exchange, professional networking, and patent precedent. SPIE provided over $ 3.2 million in support of education and outreach programs in 2012.

Breakwater Equity Partners Reorganizes Five Properties through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) November 09, 2012

Breakwater Equity Partners, a commercial loan workout firm, has successfully restructured five properties in Northern California through individual Chapter 11 bankruptcies. A total of seven bankruptcies were filed on behalf of the owners. Six of the properties are multi-family, one of the properties is office, and one of the properties is owned by tenants in common.

When the real estate market crashed in 2008, the owners were unable to make loan payments after occupancies fell and rents declined. As a short-term fix, the owners decided to borrower more money from hard money lenders at high interest rates. This strategy was not successful when the recession lasted longer than anticipated and the hard money loans came due. Facing foreclosure, the owners called in Breakwater to restructure the loans.

Breakwater performed an in-depth analysis on each of the buildings, reviewing lender liability claims, bankruptcy potential, structural issues, submarket conditions, and financial projections. Working with the owners, Breakwater then developed a master strategic plan to rescue as many properties as possible. Two of the properties were sold, and seven properties went into bankruptcy.

After a lengthy series of disputes with the lenders, the borrowers were able to reorganize five of the seven properties. Chase Bank, Fannie Mae, and a handful of local banks approved over $ 30MM in debt restructuring. The portfolio is now out of danger and performing well due to reduced loan payments and improved market conditions.

Bankruptcy can be a scary word to many investors, said Phil Jemmett, Breakwater Equity Partners CEO. However, with the right team and the right strategy, Chapter 11 bankruptcies can protect distressed assets and give owners time to restructure debt. Bankruptcy is a powerful tool, if handled correctly. In this case, we could not have saved these buildings without using bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure process.

About Breakwater Equity Partners

Breakwater Equity Partners is a San Diego-based commercial real estate workout consultancy and investment firm. Through Breakwaters extensive experience on over 200 engagements with loan values in excess of a $ 2.5B, the firm has devised a unique, multidisciplinary approach to uncovering and resolving distressed assets. Breakwaters professional team combines legal, financial, economic, banking, tax, and regulatory expertise to devise customized strategies for each property regardless of market (primary to tertiary), asset class (office, retail, multi-family, industrial, flex, land) or loan type (portfolio or CMBS). Please visit our website at http://www.breakwaterequity.com to review case studies on representative deals or call 858.490.3630.

MRIS Mid-Year Distressed Properties Report Examines Strength and Trends of Mid-Atlantic Housing Market Through Lens of REO and Short Sales

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) July 18, 2012

With the potential for a new ripple of foreclosures and short sales in markets across the country, Metropolitan Regional Information Systems (MRIS), the industry leading Mid-Atlantic Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that facilitates nearly $ 93 million a day in real estate transactions, announced the availability of the first in a new series of data reports focused on distressed home sales, including short sale, foreclosure and real-estate owned (REO) properties within the Mid-Atlantic region. The goal of the report is to educate both real estate professionals and consumers on meaningful trends in the MRIS market and, also, to establish a baseline for future measurements.

Key Findings:

????Over half (23 of 45) the jurisdictions saw a higher share of short sale transactions compared to this time last year.
????44 of 45 jurisdictions experienced a drop in the proportional share of foreclosure sales
????YTD June 2012 distressed sales are 22% below the YTD June 2011 level, likely due to the moratorium placed on foreclosures in 2011, which lowered supply.
????The fallout rate of 47.9% for short sale contracts is significantly higher than for foreclosures (16.0%) or conventional sales (13.8%).
????Once a contract is signed, short sales take more than twice as long to settle as foreclosures or conventional sales.

REVIEW THE REPORT: A copy of the Mid-Year Distressed Properties Report is available for download here. The data is compiled and distributed in conjunction with MRIS data and analytics subsidiary, RealEstate Business Intelligence (RBI) and the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University.

The Mid-Year Distressed Properties Report is a six-month look at median sale prices, new contracts versus pending contracts on the market and the region-specific shift between short sales and foreclosure sales. It also documents the accelerated progression of the Mid-Atlantic housing market recovery.

Both macro and micro-economic factors impact housing markets around the country resulting in demonstrated shifts relating to what is called the shadow inventory. And in local neighborhoods throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, it becomes difficult to ascertain a separation between so-called distressed and traditional sales inside the shadow, said John L. Heithaus, CMO at MRIS. While the evidence supports a recovery in conventional sales, the increase in short sales, particularly as you begin to examine the success rates for settling these contracts, is clearly having an impact on local markets.

According to the data, 44 out of 45 jurisdictions examined experienced a drop in the share of sales of distressed properties from YTD June 2011 to YTD June 2012. Within the distressed market, short sales are becoming more prevalent than foreclosures. Over half (23 of 45) the jurisdictions saw a higher share of short sale transactions compared to this time last year. Conversely, 44 of 45 jurisdictions experienced a drop in the share of foreclosure sales.

By focusing on the state of the pending short sale market our goal was to also examine the fall-out rates on both short sales and foreclosure sales in the Mid-Atlantic region, said Jonathan Hill, president of RBI. The finding that only one if five eligible short sale contracts move out of pending status, coupled with the fact that nearly half of those that do are failing, is just one key indicator of the industry impact from the emergence of distressed inventory. We believe this could be a harbinger of developing trends in the market and want to make certain real estate professionals and their customers are well informed.


Metropolitan Regional Information Systems, Inc. (MRIS) is Real Estate in Real Time. Were a leading provider of real estate information technology and services, and are frequently ranked among the most productive Multiple Listing Services (MLS) in the nation, facilitating over $ 33 billion in system wide sales in 2011. In its core market, MRIS supports over 44,000 real estate professionals spanning the Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia. MRIS provides a portfolio of technology solutions and proprietary databases for real estate professionals, as well as broker and agent software products and an industry-leading consumer portal, HomesDatabase.com. In addition, the CURE Solutions Group, a subsidiary of MRIS, provides proprietary back-end technology to other MLS systems which serves nearly 150,000 customers each day. Visit MRIS at MRIS.com and our web based TV station, mrisTV.com. Like us on Facebook/MRISonFB, follow us on Twitter, @MRIS_REal_News and be sure to visit MRISblog.com for real-time news and company updates.


RealEstate Business Intelligence, LLC (RBI) is a primary source of real estate data, analytics and business intelligence for real estate professionals with business interests in the Mid-Atlantic region. The full monthly data report for all jurisdictions in the MRIS region, along with interactive charts and graphics, can be found at http://www.rbintel.com/statistics. RBI is the only company in the Mid-Atlantic region that provides timely, online access to statistical information directly from the MRIS Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Visit rbintel.com or http://www.facebook.com/rbintel to learn more.


The Center for Regional Analysis conducts research and analytical studies on economic, fiscal, demographic, housing, and social and policy issues related to the current and future growth of the Virginia, Maryland, and DC areas. Through its range of research and programs major economic impact studies, economic forecasts, fiscal analyses, conferences and seminars, publications, information services, and data products the Centers activities strengthen decision-making by businesses, governments, and institutions throughout the Greater Washington region.

Visit http://cra.gmu.edu to learn more.


Forage Kitchen: A Food Incubator, and the First Co-Working Space for Food, Launches Funding Campaign through Kickstarter

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 06, 2012

Founder of The Underground Market, Iso Rabins, has announced his new project, Forage Kitchen, a one-stop-shop where professional food-makers and food lovers alike, can hone their craft and become part of a new food community. Funds are being raised through kickstarter, and the campaign ends June 28th.

Link: http://kck.st/foragekitchen

Since its inception in 2008, the Underground Market has attracted thousands of people every month and helped scores of businesses get off the ground. Isos new project aims to take this a step further, by creating a hub for food-entrepreneurs and food-makers that will provide a much needed center for the food community of The Bay Area. Helping people who want to start businesses, but also bringing together all lovers of food.

Much like the Underground Market, Forage Kitchen will be an incubator for new food businesses. It will give them the entire infrastructure they need to get off the ground. From a shared use kitchen and shared office space, to equipment rental and business advice. Well also create partnerships with local farms, to get local products used more by businesses in the city taking artisan food entrepreneurs from the beginning to the end of starting a business.

The Forage Kitchen will welcome all food lovers from the home cook to the seasoned chef into a food community. Workshops about butchery, jam-making and canning will be open to everyone, as will events, talks and pot-lucks. Well also create a meat curing room, event space, cafe and fresh produce from the a 1 acre rooftoop garden. It will be a great space, that brings together people interested in food from all walks of life, and give everyone the opportunity to try their hand at making great food.

To make the project a reality Iso has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and get support. Launched May 15th, it’s already raised over $ 28,000. The money raised will go towards creating the perfect space. Outfitting the rooftop garden, and buying all the equipment needed for the space. ForageSF is also seeking investors to be involved in the project to raise the remainder of funds. The kickstarter will allow those who will use the space to participate in its creation.

Quotes from Iso Rabins:

” The Underground Market gave people a venue to sell their products, without the hassle associated with starting a food business. Forage Kitchen will take the next step in supporting artisan food makers, while at the same time creating a hub for the Bay Area food community”

Starting a food business is hard. Figuring out permits, kitchen space, business plans, wholesalers, and thats before you even start cooking. I want to create a space that helps with that process. A home for someone starting a business, a place where you will be surrounded by people going through the same struggles and triumphs

I learned a lot over the past 4 years of running my own business, and I know how much a space like this will help people who are just starting out

Quote from Rice Paper Scissors, an Underground Market Vendor:

Affordable commercial kitchens are scarce, if not almost nonexistent in San Francisco. There’s only a limited amount of spaces and a growing number of new businesses sprouting up every day. It also seems more likely that available real estate will be turned into condos, start up offices or fancy restaurants rather than a space for producers. We’re excited to see Forage Kitchen come to life so that existing and new food businesses will have a place to work and contribute to SF’s vibrant food scene.

Contact: Valerie Luu, founder/cook of Rice Paper Scissors

Email: hello(at)ricepaperscissors(dot)com

Quote from Tim Ferriss:

“Forage Kitchen will be a home and laboratory for food entrepreneurs, and a much needed resource for artisan food producers across the Bay Area. Moreover, it can be a model for similar entrepreneurial hubs throughout the US. A major bottleneck for creating a sustainable economy of many small local producers (vs a handful of giant industrial producers) is the dearth of spaces where people can get support. Forage Kitchen is the best solution I’ve seen yet.”

Timothy Ferriss, angel investor (Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Evernote, Uber, etc.) and bestselling author of The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body.

Notes to editor:

The Underground Market started in 2008. It was a monthly event that attracted up to 2,700 attendees and 50 vendors at each event. An incubator that helped small food entrepreneurs to get their product out into the world while avoiding the red tape and cost that stop so many food makers. The market inspired similar markets nationally as well as internationally. It garnered national and international press, and was featured on Pg. 1 of The New York Times.

-Forage Kitchen will partner with local and national retail outlets to provide an easy conduit for our members to get their product on shelves

-Forage Kitchen plans to have:

-7,500 sq. ft shared use commercial kitchen with all the major equipment needed for production

-A rooftop garden where members of the Forage Kitchen community will be able to grow produce to use downstairs in the kitchen

-An event space where classes will be taught, as well as member only events to strengthen the community

-Shared office space where members can work

-A meat curing room for making long cured sausage and prosciutto

-A nano brewery that will act as a teaching workshop for start up brewers

-A Cafe where we will serve the beer and food being made in the kitchen

-Forage Kitchen payment plans:

-It will offer $ 99 memberships to makers (non-business) users to the use the kitchen as much as they want. Business users will have more tailored payment plans.

-Plans for businesses will vary, depending on the level of use and the size of business. Keeping the costs down as much as possible to give the opportunity to use the space to all demographics.

Kickstarter Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/foragekitchen/forage-kitchen

Short link: http://kck.st/foragekitchen


Iso Rabins




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