Real Estate Investing – How To Create Great Newspapers Ads For Both Buyers And Sellers

Real Estate Investing – How To Create Great Newspapers Ads For Both Buyers And Sellers
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Sold in Oregon, Keller Williams Realty Reports a Drop in Home Supply Across the Country has Created a Sellers Market

Portland, OR (PRWEB) May 28, 2012

“During May we are near record low numbers of homes for sale in any given housing market nationwide, creating room for would be sellers,” according to John Bacon Principal Broker at Sold in Oregon, Keller Williams Realty. Total home supplies are down in Portland 33.1% since last year, in Chicago 17.44% and in Atlanta 38.54% according to This drop in Supply means those waiting in the wings can finally enter a market in which buyers potentially crowd for their home driving up prices during the bidding process. Housing starts are way up this year which means more supply will come to market to offset current inventory levels so making that move now may well be one of the smartest moves you will make for several years.

Buyers are encouraged by several key factors including record low interest rates which make the same $ 200,000 home payment today more affordable than it was in 2003. Another factor is that prices are expected to level off and make gains in 2012 according to the National Association for Business Economics

This bump in buyer demand combined with low inventory levels has created a stable moment of opportunity in an otherwise volatile market. With the looming uncertainty of surplus foreclosed properties entering the market over the next year, this window of opportunity may not remain open for long.

With national home supplies at their lowest level since 2007, the housing market has turned in to something we havent seen in years, a sellers market. It looks like appreciation has returned to our market place and now may be the time for baby boomers and others who were awaiting the right moment to cash in on their home equity and take advantage of lower housing prices to make their move, says John Bacon, Principal Broker at Sold In Oregon, Keller Williams Realty in Portland.

These home owners bought well before the unrealistic upswing in real estate and just finished riding the price correction. They may also be in a position to downsize as they are less likely to be underwater compared to someone who purchase sometime in the last 10 years. As appreciation begins to return and more homeowners are no longer under water, these baby boomers will find others competing for the homes they were considering to purchase for their retirement years.

John gets asked all the time if now the right time to sell and my advice his always the same. Look at your long term plans, consider current interest rates and the impact that will have on home prices and you will have your answer. Many people forget that these once in a lifetime interest rates are going to start moving up and when they do, those who could of afforded their home will no longer qualify. That could have a direct impact on your selling price in a few years so if your goal is to lock in the unique situation of low home inventory levels and secure that perfect home for your golden years, its time to sell.

Company Information: Sold In OregonLLC, Keller Williams Portland Premiere Realty

website:, e-mail: info(at)soldinoregon(dot)com, phone: (503)-925-1100.

John Bacon is a Licensed Oregon Real Estate Agent, Specializing in Luxury and Land Sales. The Sold in Oregon, Keller Williams Real Estate Team has saved hundreds of Oregonians from foreclosure and financial ruin by assisting them with an effective short sale of their homes.

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Home Sellers are Asking for More Money Due To Faster Sales

La Jolla, CA (PRWEB) September 10, 2012

Mr. Nergarden issued some observations about the higher asking prices for homes as a result of faster sales today, and his opinion is that this will help home sellers because it demonstrates that selling a house for higher prices is definitely possible, especially with the help of the best real estate websites.

The Wall Street Journals MarketWatch reports that because it has been easier for home sellers to sell their homes, especially after the tough real estate market over the last few years, asking prices are higher. The National Association of Realtors has provided data indicating that one third of the homes that were sold during July 2012 were listed for less than a month. August then showed that asking prices across the country were up by 2.3% over the previous August. Trulia also indicated that if foreclosures were taken out of the equation, the average asking price actually increased by 3.8%. Some real estate markets saw a far greater increase in asking prices, such as the Phoenix metropolitan area, which has shown a 24% increase in asking prices. All of this information is tempered with the fact that some homes are still on the market for long periods of time, and asking prices are not up in all markets.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is a trade organization made up of real estate professionals. The NAR owns the trademark on the word Realtor and in order to ensure that the name carries a certain weight, holds these realtors to high ethical standards. These standards are enforced nationwide. The NAR also attempts to protect the rights and interests of real estate professionals by maintaining a lobbying arm in the U.S. Congress. is a real estate website that was launched in 2006 in order to provide detailed information about properties around the country. This is done by working with brokerage firms and the MLS system. The main function of Trulia is to enhance standard real estate listings by including supplemental information with specific home details such as commute information and school data. Trulia has several headquarters around the United States in Denver, San Francisco, and New York.

Phoenix, like many cities in the Southwestern United States, suffered greatly from the collapse of the housing bubble in 2007. Many homeowners found that they owned far more on their homes than the homes were worth, and many workers who had been involved in construction found themselves unemployed. In spite of this, Phoenix is the headquarters for several major corporations and has a strong apartment rental industry.

Real Estate Marketing Insider today commented on the rise in asking prices for homes resulting from faster sales.

About Real Estate Marketing Insider:

Real Estate Marketing Insider is a publication with a primary goal of providing expert analysis of trends, hot news, and strategies for real estate professionals. REMI is published out of La Jolla, California.

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