Real Estate Rental – Why Investors Should Invest In Real Estate Rentals – Why Is a Real Estate Rental A Good Investment In A Down Market? Here’s Why Real Estate Rentals Are A Good Option For Real Estate Investors… Current Real Estate Rental Market Sources from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac expect the total number of renters households to increase by another 4.4 million in the next few years, from the already 37million. With the current Unemployment rate being at an all time high, more families are turning to renting than buying because of a) affordability b) flexibility. Buying a home has more liability especially for someone who is unemployed, so renting is safer. Right now, the rental property market is one of the only areas of real estate investing that has increased in the past year. It is expected to grow even more until property values decide to stabilize. One of the main reasons to rent properties is to collect on the appreciation, AND you also get pretty good cash-flow. Why Not Sell in a Down Market – Right now is NOT the best time to sell – Buyers market – Miss out on appreciation – Unless you bought the house during a down market – you’re selling for a loss Pros to Rental Properties – Passive Monthly Income – Commercial Rentals have Exponential Growth – Appearance – does not have to be as nice as “for sale” property – Good Tenant – maintains home and pays rent on time – Security – more options if market changes than stock or bank institutions – Tax Perks – Depreciation – annual tax deduction for the loss in value of

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5StarControl Applauds New Website, Do Not Rent, for Aiming to be the Yelp of Housing Rentals

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) December 15, 2012

5StarControl has issued a statement about a new website called, which was recently profiled on, which allows renters to rate apartments and houses in a similar style to Yelp.

Local Business Review Site 5StarControl wrote that consumers will be thrilled with the website, which began in Chicago and is now available across the U.S., and the ability to review rental properties, which is a service which Yelp is currently lacking. was created in 2011 by a group of real estate professionals in Chicago, and finished its beta testing stage earlier this year. The goal of the site is to create a social network and user review platform for renters and tenants to review apartments, student housing, rental homes, and other kinds of rental properties. In addition to only providing reviews, the site also allows property owners to subscribe for a small fee in order to respond to reviews of their properties, as well as list vacant properties which they have available to rent. While the site has gained users in many markets, the article complained that there are still too few users in New York City and elsewhere to make the website currently useful to a wide section of the population. is hoping to emulate the business model and success of Yelp, one of the largest social networks for user reviews and ratings in the world. Yelp, which began in 2004 in San Francisco, now has more than 84 million monthly visitors to its website and which use its mobile apps. Yelp is not only available in most of the United States, but has expanded to 19 other markets around the world. On Yelp, people can search for local businesses of all kinds, rate those businesses and even write reviews of their experiences there. Despite a few bad Yelp reviews of various landlords around the country; is hoping to exploit the fact that there are still very few reviews of landlords and retail agencies on Yelp.

The recent profile of appeared on the New York edition of the website, which is a collective blog centered on real estate, architecture, and design in the United States. Curbed features a national site for the U.S., as well as individual sites focused specifically on major American urban centers such as New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington D.C., and Chicago. Curbed is also part of a wider network of niche blogs, including which focuses on local food, and which focuses on fashion and shopping.

The attention focused on by the recent Curbed article and others should make landlords and rental firms of all sizes take note of the fact that they can no longer hide from criticism. For all manner of small business, even individual landlords, online reputation management is becoming more important than ever, 5StarControl points its readers to media guru Frank Kerns materials for more on the importance of reputation management. It remains to be seen if catches the attention of enough users to make the site worthwhile for a wide variety of markets.

5StarControl is a website on business topics in the area of negative Yelp reviews.

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