More Sunroom Customers Over Past Six Months Choose To Match Roofing of Home, Says President of Venetian Builders, Inc., Citing Better Economy, Low Interest Rates

MIAMI, FL (PRWEB) February 22, 2013

More people who expand their homes with aluminum sunroom additions have been choosing to match roof materials to those on the original home, said Christopher Noe, president of Venetian Builders, Inc., Miami, commenting on a trend hes seen develop over the past six months.

Sunrooms can stand safely and weather tight with just their insulated roofing panels, Noe said. Many homeowners go that route simply because its the most affordable way to get all-season square footage. But increasingly, especially over the past half-year, buyers of sunroom installations are asking us to match the roofing on their home.

The advantage of matched roofing is purely aesthetic, Noe said.

Go to a gallery of quality sunrooms and youll see that if a roofline is continued over the sunroom, matching roof materials makes the end result appear as one unit, not an addition, Noe said. If the roofline is separate, matching the clay tiles or other roofing materials still makes the sunroom look like it belongs.

What Noe expects to see is a decision by more patio room customers, not just sunroom buyers, to match roofing materials.

The buyer of, say, a Miramar patio enclosure typically has a lower budget than the buyer of a Boca Raton sunroom, Noe said. But with the advances in insulated all-weather patio enclosures, homeowners are discovering that adding enclosed patio room living space is affordable, and they have money left in their budget for roof matching.

Citing reports from, Noe notes that Americans moved more in 2012 than in 2011, but still at historically low rates. The longer stays are combining with improving real estate markets to increase equity.

To get the space they need, homeowners are adding on, Noe said. Its cheaper than buying a bigger house and paying closing costs and moving charges.

The time from permitting to occupancy on an aluminum-frame addition is shorter than for traditional construction methods, Noe said, adding convenience.

Low interest rates make additions more affordable, he said. recently reported the average rate for a home-equity line of credit was 5.03 percent.

Go to an online loan payment calculator such as and youll see that a $ 25,000 loan would cost just over $ 265 a month with a 10-year payoff, Noe said. Thats doable for many homeowners who have been in their homes a while and built up equity.

Venetian Builders installs sunrooms, patio enclosures and strong but elegant screen pool enclosures in West Palm Beach, Weston, Wellington, Davie, Miramar, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, Miami, Homestead and all communities nearby. Venetian Builders estimates are free, detailed and written.

For more information, call Venetian Builders, Inc., 866-596-2427.

The Off Market Association: Will Continued Low Interest Rates Attract CMBS Investors in 2013?

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 13, 2012

Over the course of 2012, investors have been increasingly pouring money into Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) and related funds, as investors see a recovery in the commercial real estate market and chase the attractive CMBS yields.

Yields on senior bonds tied to the commercial real estate sector have been narrowing and now stand at just 145 basis points more than benchmark swap rates, the tightest level since the middle of 2008. In comparison, the spread on debt issued by financial companies now stands at 143 basis points over benchmark swap rates.

What about 2013 and beyond? The CMBS market is clearly benefiting from interest rate forecasts, which project the Federal Funds rate will remain near zero through the middle of 2015. This low rate has been prompting investors to consider riskier assets in an effort to boost yields. This in turn has helped property owners who had feared they might be unable to refinance loans coming due in the 2012-2014 timeframe. Unlike other types of lending, CMBS originations are accelerating in an effort to meet CMBS demand. 2012 will see some $ 46 billion in new CMBS issues, which is a 50 percent increase over last years issues, and the possibility for over $ 60 billion in 2013.

Improving financing conditions are a clear positive for the legacy CMBS market, said the JPMorgan analysts led by Ed Reardon in New York, referring to commercial-mortgage backed securities sold during the peak of the property bubble before credit markets froze after the September 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

However, Fitch Ratings cautions on the legacy CMBS loans in special servicing, which dropped by almost $ 6 billion by the end of the third quarter. Fitch analysts say, “the trend toward a smaller specially serviced loan pool may be difficult to maintain over the longer run [with conflicts of interest]. The large volume of maturities that will begin in 2015 and run through late 2017 are difficult to predict amid uncertain interest rate trends and the current delicate recovery in the business cycle.”

About The Off Market Association

The world is changing and has changed. Old ways of doing business dont always apply. The Off Market Association (OMA) brings a new, exciting and visionary way to do business to all our members.

OMA uses a cutting edge technology and platforms, a deal desk, and extensive contacts across the US for commercial real estate transactions, bank note sales, small business advising and SBA loan services. The OMA is affiliated with Sunovis Financial and Genesis Capital to provide investors with access to capital and quick financing.

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From Emmitt Smith to Shawn Johnson: Go Banking Rates Identifies Which Dancing with the Stars Contestants Have Fallen Into the Debt Trap

El Segundo, CA (PRWEB) October 15, 2012

Debt is a four-letter word that even Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) contestants are all too familiar with, but unlike average Americans, Go Banking Rates finds that DWTS celebrities have a chance to make thousands of dollars by shimmying across the dance floor to get out of debt.

With so many eyes tuning in each week to follow their favorite stars, its easy to assume that these celebs have got it made, both on stage and when it comes to their finances. But dont let those ballroom gowns and tailored suits fool you. Despite the payout that Dancing with the Stars contestants receive for participating on the show, some celebs trot along a rocky financial path.

Dancing with the Stars Salary

While some DWTS participants decide to donate their earning from the show to charity, most see it as an opportunity to score quick cash and hopefully reignite their careers. It was only recently that Dancing with the Stars salary figures were revealed.

According to season 11 participant Margaret Cho, she made about $ 200,000 on DWTS, despite being eliminated in the third round. Later in her interview with The View, she added, Dont feel sorry for anyone who gets voted off, thats what they made.

But that paycheck is just the tip of the iceberg. The income celebrities receive is based on how long they last on the show. Heres the Dancing with the Stars salary payout that celebrities receive:

???????? Base salary (includes pre-season training, and filming for episodes 1-2): Stars make a guaranteed $ 125,000.
???????? Episodes 3-4: Participants get an additional $ 10,000 per episode.
???????? Episodes 5-6: Celebs earn $ 20,000 each episode to continue training and filming.
???????? Episodes 7-8: DWTS pays an extra $ 30,000 per episode for contestants who make it to this point.
???????? Episodes 9-10: Dancing with the Stars contestants receive a $ 50,000 payout per episode.

The grand total of potential earnings, according to Gawker, for stars who make it to the final episode is $ 345,000 quite a decent salary for celebrities battling debt or simply looking for a way to supplement their income.

DWTS contestants, however, run into trouble when they make poor decisions about how they use the money.

DWTS Financial Flops

Instead of using their Dancing with the Stars salary to avoid financial trouble, some stars went the other direction. Clearly, the earnings these financially-strapped celebrities received on DWTS wasnt enough to steer them away from thousands of dollars of debt.

1. Pamela Anderson

Yet even after surviving six elimination rounds in season 10 of Dancing with the Stars (earning about $ 185,000), and returning for the first two episodes of this seasons DWTS All-Star Competition ($ 125,000), is still buried in debt.Pam isnt a stranger to financial taboo, especially when it comes to dodging taxes. DWTS could have been a simple solution to resolving her past due tax lien debt of $ 524,241, as reported by ABC News.

2. Chad Ochocinco Johnson

In 2010, Chad Ochocinco Johnson participated in DWTS, and made it to the final four. His dancing skills may have helped him land a Dancing with the Stars salary of over $ 240,000, but those earnings evidently never made it toward paying $ 400,000 Miami condo. Today, Johnson faces foreclosure due to over $ 28,000 in outstanding debt, according to Complex.

But it doesnt end there. It looks like Johnson may soon join the list of broke NFL players, as he also took out a private $ 150,000 loan which needs to be repaid in full by 2015.

Unlike other stars who were able to use their stint on Dancing with the Stars to book more work, however, accusations of domestic abuse and bad press have led to Johnson being dropped from the Miami Dolphins and losing a major endorsement deal.

3. William Levy

William Levys success story of coming in third place in DWTS 14th season which resulted in about $ 240,000 in his pocket didnt translate the same way when it came down to paying his bills at home. Levy ultimately lost his Miami home to foreclosure due to an unpaid $ 20,000 for the property, as publicized by a RumorFix exclusive. Levys home eventually sold for 50 percent of its value.

Despite these DWTS contestants who are on their way to celebrity bankruptcy, there are a couple of financially savvy stars that come out on top.

DWTS Contestants Who Found Their Fortune

Not everyone on Dancing with the Stars is a financial horror story waiting to happen. Some celebrities make smart decisions, and it just so happened these celebs took home the gold on all accounts.

1. Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson proved that she was not only a fierce Olympian, but also a talented dancer when she participated in season eight of Dancing with the Stars. She won the competition, and received the total earnings for reaching first place.

Despite this win and the million-dollar endorsements, Shawn Johnson has kept a level head when it comes to her finances. I have never celebrated money, she said. Unlike so many other celebrities who have gone broke thanks to frivolous spending, Shawn explains that her parents taught her to value other things in life over money.

Even clothes shopping, Id rather just go to the dollar store, then buy a lemonade and sit and hang out with my family and friends.

2. Emmitt Smith

After a fulfilling career in the NFL, Emmitt Smith didnt follow the gone-broke trend that many football players do. Instead, he transitioned into a real estate developer and DWTS contestant.

He partnered with Roger Staubach of Staubach Co. to create Smith/Cypress Partners LP, a real estate development company. Smith continued on his business venture by co-founding ESmith Legacy, which specializes in developing commercial real estate and investment management.

After winning season three of Dancing with the Stars, Emmitt Smith is back this season as an All-Star participant.

With only four eliminations out of the way and so many more stars vying for bragging rights and lets be honest, more money in this seasons competition, Emmitt and Shawn will have to put on their dancing shoes earn their Dancing with the Stars salary.

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