Lombardi Publishing Corporations Profit Confidential E-Letter Surpasses Daily Circulation of 500,000

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 26, 2013

Lombardi Publishing Corporation, a 27-year-old consumer publisher that has served over one million customers in 141 countries, is pleased to announce that its economic advisory Profit Confidential has surpassed daily circulation of 500,000.

With daily circulation now above 500,000, its easy to see that Profit Confidential is connecting with readers, says Wendy Potter, managing editor at Lombardi Publishing. Each day, Profit Confidential provides its more than half a million subscribers with the most unique, compelling, and in-depth economic and financial analysis available.

The Profit Confidential, daily e-letter explains how todays financial news can impact an investor’s portfolio tomorrow, according to Potter. Each day, seasoned analysts and economists interpret the actions of the stock market, precious metals, interest rates, real estate, and other investments.

First published in September 2001 by Michael Lombardi as an economic rant, the Profit Confidential daily e-letter has attracted global attention for some of its forecasts. In 2002, Lombardi Publishing told readers to buy gold-related investments when it traded under $ 300.00 an ounce; in 2006, Mr. Lombardi predicted the housing bubble; and in 2007, he warned about the impending recession and cautioned readers to get out of the market. Mr. Lombardi also famously told readers to get back into the market in March 2009, right when it bottomed.

In addition to Mr. Lombardi, some of the top financial analysts at Lombardi Publishing Corporation contribute to Profit Confidential. Gurus like Mitchell Clark, B. Comm., George Leong, B. Comm., and Sasha Cekerevac, BA share their thoughts and forecasts daily. Profit Confidential also benefits from other Lombardi Publishing Corporation analysts, who make guest editorial appearances.

While some economic newsletters simply report the news, Profit Confidential provides its 500,000-plus readers with the kinds of insight that discerning investors can actually use,” Potter concludes. “In fact, its the accuracy of Profit Confidential and the editors’ ability to tell it like it is that have turned Profit Confidential into such an incredible success story.

To learn more, visit the companys web site at http://www.LombardiPublishing.com.

Founded in 1986, Lombardi Publishing Corporation, which has served over one million customers in 141 countries, is one of the largest consumer information publishers in the world. For more information on Lombardi Publishing Corporation, visit http://www.LombardiPublishing.com.

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Real Estate Investor Convention 2013 Now Open for Registration Courtesy of Global Publishing

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 16, 2013

The past four years have been extremely successful years for real estate expert, Ron LeGrand. After taking time away from instructing at top conventions, Ron is back and excited to teach new strategies to men and women in real estate. The real estate investor convention 2013 is now open for registration online at http://www.newagewithron.com. This new age of real estate live event is taking place January 23rd to 27th in Orlando, Florida and coordinated by Global Publishing, Inc.

This no cost conference provides general admission access to the basic live events and the trade show. A platinum pass is also available that provides immediate access to the VIP section to access the top-tier real estate investment information. This 3-day convention is designed to inform, educate and inspire investors of all success levels.

The real estate market in states like Florida continues to grow as new opportunities for investments are created. The information that is scheduled for distribution at the new convention is designed to work in any city or state in the United States. Apart from expert teaching by millionaire-maker, Ron LeGrand, multiple guest speakers are scheduled to appear to help provide more strategies for building property portfolio wealth.

Scheduled speakers for the January 23rd to 27th convention include Loral Langemeier, Dave LeGrand, Jay Conner, Bob Leonetti, Lee Phillips and Robyn Thompson.

Apart from the educational benefits of this in-person live event, multiple prizes and giveaways are scheduled throughout the length of the event weekend. Both general admission and platinum pass holders are eligible for the drawings and giveaways that are designed to provide more value to attendees.

A new video has been created to help explain each section of the 2013 real estate convention in detail at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjrSEI7G6iI.

About Global Publishing, Inc.

The Global Publishing Inc. company provides the distribution and resources that are used to print the books, DVDs and special training released each year by real estate expert, Ron LeGrand. As a leader in educational resources for property acquisitions, Ron has created successful students across North America and in other countries. The Global Publishing Inc. company holds one of the largest information products inventories that can be found online and in print. The expert information that is provided by this company each year is used to turn average investors into success stories in real estate.

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RealPrompt Co-Founders and Short Sales Experts Jeremy Bowman and Woods Davis Sign Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) September 25, 2012

Jeremy Bowman and Woods Davis, Co-founders of RealPrompt Real Estate Services, home of Program HR 3648, have signed a publishing deal to contribute to the forthcoming book titled, The New Rise in Real Estate: The Nation’s Trusted Real Estate Advisors Reveal Their Top Secrets for Buying and Selling Homes in the New Real Estate Economy.

Short sales experts, Jeremy Bowman and Woods Davis along with a select group of Americas leading real estate professionals and members of the National Association of Expert Advisors have rallied together with noted real estate experts and coaches, Jay Kinder and Michael Reese, to co-write the much-anticipated book. Nick Nanton, Esq. and business partner, JW Dicks, Esq., signed the publishing deal with each of these authors to contribute their expertise to the book, which will be released under their CelebrityPress imprint. The book is scheduled to release on June 14, 2012.

We were honored to join some of the nations top real estate masterminds in contributing our expertise to help homeowners and home buyers, said Bowman. Davis adds, With so much confusion in the real estate market right now, the consumer truly needs an expert advisor. With The New Rise in Real Estate, they can glean the best counsel from top expert advisors from all over country.

The New Rise in Real Estate: The Nation’s Trusted Real Estate Advisors Reveal Their Top Secrets for Buying and Selling Homes in the New Real Estate Economy features proven secrets and strategies from some of America’s leading real estate experts. These experts share how to adjust and adapt to the new economy and succeed in a rapidly changing real estate industry.

About Jeremy Bowman & Woods Davis:

Bowman and Davis have a long history of helping thousands of real estate professionals assist thousands of distressed homeowners across the nation to avoid foreclosure through their parent company, RealPrompt Real Estate Services, home of Program HR 3648, Americas Free Non-governmental Foreclosure Option.

Jeremy Bowman began investing in real estate in 2002 and by 2005 he helped create RealPrompts proprietary model that now serves agents, brokers, lenders, and homeowners in every market in the US. Prior to real estate investing, Jeremy founded Pilot Home Technologies, a regional home technology company. Within a two-year period Bowman grew the company to 250 employees across 5 states and sold Pilot to a venture capital firm. Bowman has a Bachelors degree in Political Science with a minor in Economics from the University of Louisville. He currently resides in Gilbert, Arizona with his wife and five children.

Woods Davis is the co-founder and VP of Marketing at RealPrompt Real Estate Services. Woods has developed direct-response marketing campaigns and sales funnels that have helped generate over $ 35 million in additional real estate commissions for RealPrompts agent and broker partners. Woods is also one of the top Internet Marketers in the real estate niche, personally selling over $ 9 Million in products and services online. Daviss background in real estate investing includes residential building and development, financing, and short sales. Davis has a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Business Management from the University of Kentucky. He also currently resides in Gilbert, Arizona with his wife and two daughters.

About RealPrompt

RealPrompt Real Estate Services (Chandler, AZ) is an innovative short sale servicer that has revolutionized a FREE nation-wide program which provides real estate agents and brokers with all of the leads, tools, technology, training, assistance and short sale processing needed to help distressed homeowners avoid foreclosure. Through its two main divisions Program HR 3648 and TruDocs, RealPrompt, has helped over 4,000 homeowners avoid foreclosure. For more information, visit http://www.RealPrompt.com or call 1.800.915.1988.

About NAEA

To learn more about the National Association of Expert Advisors visit http://www.NAEA.com

Jeremy Bowman

RealPrompt Real Estate Services



“We Support The H.O.M.E. Foundation”

About The H.O.M.E. Foundation:

The Helping Others Means Everything, or The H.O.M.E. Foundation, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping our Family of Charities. Frankie Verdugo, President of The HOME Foundation, wants to help as many worthy charities as possible as they struggle during these tough economic times. Frankie Verdugo helps raise funds through luxury dream home raffles, home giveaways, prizes, and high profile celebrity events in Hollywood… “Our mission is to help charities reach their fundraising goals and to bring awareness to their praiseworthy causes.”

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