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Profitable Sales by E.W. Balough HARD to Find Real Estate Investor WE LOVE U

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Profitable Property Tax Appeal Service
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Profitable Property Tax Appeal Service

Gig Harbor Real Estate Broker David Cathers Publishes New Book With Latest Tips on Profitable Customer Relationships

Gig Harbor, WA (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

David Cathers, CEO of Home Team Northwest, a local Real Estate Broker, has co-authored a new book with Brian Mittman called: Get Them To Know, Like & Trust You: Proven Marketing Strategies For Creating Extraordinarily Profitable Customer Relationships. Besides being one of the top Gig Harbor Real Estate Brokers, David is also an expert in customer relationships.

David Cathers has a wealth of information he wanted to share with other businesses about how nurturing customer relations will result in increased business, and more profitable returns. He was recently interviewed on the Seattle show Success Mashup Radio with his co-author Brian Mittman, about many of the strategies discussed in the book.

He gives the reader many tips on sustaining a relationship with a client, through the use of different forms of media. He says there is nothing like a phone call just to say hello, and not just when they have an open project. Just to let them know you care and still have them in mind makes all the difference in the world.

This is the approach David has taken in his Real Estate Business. He prides himself on the amount of free information and advice that is available at no cost on his website. He wants the client to be well informed, and they will see that David is not just interested in making money, but also providing much needed services at a higher level of quality than the competition.

Take a look at what Jeannie Obrien, of Gig Harbor had to say: David, How can you improve on Excellent? You provide Personal Service and were always available. You went over and Above any normal Realtors service. David I’m sure that is your normal work attitude. Needless to say I have bought and Sold quite a few houses. This sale and move was the easiest. Thank You David.

About Home Team Northwest:

David Cathers has been providing Real Estate Services for many years. He has created Free Newsletters, and many helpful articles that are all available on his websites. His Videos have been used as standard reference tools by other Real Estate Professionals in the area.

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