Real Estate Trainer Phill Grove to Speak at The Big Live Event in Houston, Texas, on March 28-29, as Part of the ‘Smart People’ Tour

Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 28, 2013

Phill Grove, national speaker, real estate investor, coach and mentor, and the creator of the All In One Done For You Real Estate program, is a guest speaker at the two-day real estate training in Houston, Texas, this Thursday and Friday from March 28-29, 2013 as part of the Big Live Event ‘Smart Peoples’ Tour.

Special presenters for the Big Live Event have included Rudy Guiliani, Michael Gerber, Steve Wosniak, George Ross, Eric Trump and more. For more information on the Big Live Event, please visit

The purpose of the Smart People’s Tour is to provide entrepreneurs with an incredibly valuable, intensive, and exclusive two-day workshop where a hand-selected team of experts, including Phill Grove, will reveal the keys to sales and marketing success.

Mr. Grove, who last weekend spoke in Chicago with Eric Trump, has participated in more than 1,200 real estate transactions totaling more than $ 200,000,000 while still holding onto more than $ 5,000,000 worth of real estate of his own.

Given the recent upturn in the market, more real estate investors are excited to learn more and get started in this industry.

“People often ask me how I’ve done so many deals,” says Phill Grove. “The secret is in developing a lot of marketing to bring you a lot of leads, partnering on deals, and then to develop transactions that are scalable and repeatable. The fact that many deals involve significant amounts of money (the sales price), possibly many sources of income per deal, and possibly more than one transaction per property (a buy and a sell), also means the numbers grow fast.”

People call ‘The Big Live Event’ the top-rated real estate investing event in North America because of the content that Phill Grove teaches. To find out how to register, visit here.

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The Baines & Ernst Service That Helps People Clear Debts In One Payment

Manchester (PRWEB UK) 28 December 2012

Economic uncertainty is still high in the UK, with households feeling the pinch more often as utility, petrol and food prices continue to rocket higher and higher.

According to statistics released at the start of December 2012 by Credit Action – the national money education charity – outstanding personal debt in the UK stood at an eye-watering ?1.421 trillion.

Broken down, this means that the average adult owes ?28,925 (including mortgages). And with unemployment and redundancies still high, it’s easy to imagine clearing debts is top of the wish list for many people.

So, is it possible to clear debt in one go without the aid of a genie and a magic lamp? Baines & Ernst – a specialist financial solutions company in Manchester certainly thinks so.

“It is completely possible to clear your debts in one go – and reduce the total amount owed so you repay less.” says a Baines & Ernst spokesperson.

“We offer a number of solutions that help people get out of debt, and one of these solutions includes our Debt Settlement service. So if people have received a windfall, inheritance or have taken out a loan specifically for clearing debts, we can help them to clear what they owe at a reduced rate – helping them to save money too.” the Baines & Ernst spokesperson continues.

The company has specialised in helping people get out of debt since 1996 and has forged excellent relationships with over 3,500 creditors. This puts Baines & Ernst in a strong position to negotiate lower repayment rates for their customers, which makes this service a viable solution for people who want to clear their debts as soon as possible.

“In 2012 alone, we have managed to save our Debt Settlement customers on average ?2,000 – that’s a total of ?1.1 million since 2011. We work hard to negotiate the best settlement deals for our customers and will do all we can to help them repay less overall.” Says the Baines & Ernst spokes person.

So what about those people who can’t afford to settle their debts straightaway?

Baines & Ernst continues, “We understand that many people won’t have the finances available to settle their debts in one go, so we offer other solutions such as Debt Management Plans, IVAs and Debt Relief Orders. These solutions are all designed to help people find an affordable way to clear their debts if they’re struggling with repayments. So regardless of someone’s situation or financial circumstances, we will always do our best to help them find their way out of debt.”

So there it is – a way to clear all debts in one payment. So if a nice amount of money suddenly appears on the doormat in the morning and clearing debts is the first port of call, get in touch with Baines & Ernst and see if they could help to reduce the total amount owed too!

Real People DENIED Real Healthcare: Nathan Wilkes

DENVER, CO–Nathan’s son Thomas Wilkes was born with severe hemophilia, which puts him at risk for major internal bleeding and for which he must receive nearly million in healthcare costs each year to avoid death or serious disability. Watch this important video to see how the private health insurance industry cares only about profits, NOT patients. TELL US YOUR STORY AT: Video by: Colette Washington & Jay Johnson
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