Program HR 3648 Certified Representative, Tyler Head, Halts 10 Oregon Foreclosures In 11 Days

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) November 08, 2012

Program HR 3648, Americas Free Non-Governmental Foreclosure Option announced today that affiliate, Tyler Head, Owner & Broker of Turning Point Realty Group, a boutique real estate company, in Eugene, Oregon, halted ten foreclosures in eleven days.

Youve got to put the financial stuff aside and realize that Im dealing with a real human being; Im dealing with a roof over their head; Im dealing with their financial life its not about me and my paycheck, said Head.

According to RealtyTrac, 1 in every 1,729 housing units received a foreclosure filing in Oregon for the month of September. Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, and Lane counties lead the state with the highest foreclosure activity.

Head, who joined Program HR 3648 about three months ago said, The service that I provide to you, the education that I provide to you, the knowledge I provide to you, everything I provide to you I provide a free service to you. I get paid by the lending institutions and its no financial obligation to you [the homeowner].

Program HR 3648 is a Free, Privately Sponsored Non-Governmental Nationwide Initiative that provides free foreclosure prevention solutions to help guide, educate, and aid the millions of distressed homeowners who are facing foreclosure. Real Estate Agents and Brokers like Head partner with Program HR 3648 to receive distressed homeowner appointments, short sale training, and a host of products and solutions to thrive in todays changing Real Estate Market.

Jeremy Bowman, President and CEO of RealPrompt, home of Program HR 3648, said Knowledgeable Program HR 3648 specialist, like Tyler, are well educated and greater positioned to help more distressed homeowners in their local markets.

One of the things Ive always prided myself on is the client always comes first. Whatever it is that I need to do for the best interest of the client, I do it, concluded Head.

Tyler is an extraordinary agent whos carved out a name and niche for himself in the distressed property arena. Distressed homeowners are lucky to have such an experienced agent in a slightly less distressed market, said Woods Davis, VP of RealPrompt.

About Program HR 3648

Program HR 3648 is a Free Privately Sponsored Non-Governmental Nationwide Initiative to reach out to homeowners who are struggling with their mortgage payments to provide them with the information, guidance, and actual work that is required to avoid foreclosure. Program HR 3648 is a division of RealPrompt, a short sale solutions provider based out of Chandler, AZ. Program HR 3648 has successfully helped over 4,000 homeowners to find alternative solutions to foreclosure. For more information, visit or call 1.800.915.1988.

Sold in Oregon, Keller Williams Realty Reports a Drop in Home Supply Across the Country has Created a Sellers Market

Portland, OR (PRWEB) May 28, 2012

“During May we are near record low numbers of homes for sale in any given housing market nationwide, creating room for would be sellers,” according to John Bacon Principal Broker at Sold in Oregon, Keller Williams Realty. Total home supplies are down in Portland 33.1% since last year, in Chicago 17.44% and in Atlanta 38.54% according to This drop in Supply means those waiting in the wings can finally enter a market in which buyers potentially crowd for their home driving up prices during the bidding process. Housing starts are way up this year which means more supply will come to market to offset current inventory levels so making that move now may well be one of the smartest moves you will make for several years.

Buyers are encouraged by several key factors including record low interest rates which make the same $ 200,000 home payment today more affordable than it was in 2003. Another factor is that prices are expected to level off and make gains in 2012 according to the National Association for Business Economics

This bump in buyer demand combined with low inventory levels has created a stable moment of opportunity in an otherwise volatile market. With the looming uncertainty of surplus foreclosed properties entering the market over the next year, this window of opportunity may not remain open for long.

With national home supplies at their lowest level since 2007, the housing market has turned in to something we havent seen in years, a sellers market. It looks like appreciation has returned to our market place and now may be the time for baby boomers and others who were awaiting the right moment to cash in on their home equity and take advantage of lower housing prices to make their move, says John Bacon, Principal Broker at Sold In Oregon, Keller Williams Realty in Portland.

These home owners bought well before the unrealistic upswing in real estate and just finished riding the price correction. They may also be in a position to downsize as they are less likely to be underwater compared to someone who purchase sometime in the last 10 years. As appreciation begins to return and more homeowners are no longer under water, these baby boomers will find others competing for the homes they were considering to purchase for their retirement years.

John gets asked all the time if now the right time to sell and my advice his always the same. Look at your long term plans, consider current interest rates and the impact that will have on home prices and you will have your answer. Many people forget that these once in a lifetime interest rates are going to start moving up and when they do, those who could of afforded their home will no longer qualify. That could have a direct impact on your selling price in a few years so if your goal is to lock in the unique situation of low home inventory levels and secure that perfect home for your golden years, its time to sell.

Company Information: Sold In OregonLLC, Keller Williams Portland Premiere Realty

website:, e-mail: info(at)soldinoregon(dot)com, phone: (503)-925-1100.

John Bacon is a Licensed Oregon Real Estate Agent, Specializing in Luxury and Land Sales. The Sold in Oregon, Keller Williams Real Estate Team has saved hundreds of Oregonians from foreclosure and financial ruin by assisting them with an effective short sale of their homes.

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Sold in Oregon Keller Williams Realty Reports Time is Running out for Home Owners to take Advantage of the Mortgage Debt Relief act of 2007

Portland, OR (PRWEB) June 28, 2012

In 2007, the Mortgage Debt Relief Act was passed in an attempt to help the millions of homeowners who, due to the housing crisis and economic crash, suddenly found themselves in danger of losing their home to foreclosure.

The act gave homeowners relief from the tax responsibility that accompanied forgiven debt or short sales. Often, these taxes would be more than most distressed homeowners could afford.

At the end of 2012, the act will expire and homeowners will miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to save themselves tens of thousands of dollars while freeing themselves from an unmanageable mortgage.

The clock is ticking, but there is still time to change your financial situation and avoid foreclosure. As a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), I am uniquely qualified to guide you through your options and help you find the right one for your situation.

Take a look around at our site and read the free reports that are available. Write down any questions you have and then call me today for your free, confidential consultation.

Company Information: Sold in Oregon LLC, Keller Williams Portland Premiere Realty (503) 925-1100. E-mail: info(at), Website:, 17700 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd. Suite 100 Portland, OR 97224

Tips to Landing Yourself the Deal of a Lifetime Purchasing a Hud or Short Sale Property from Sold in Oregon Portland Premiere Realty

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) July 31, 2012

Bank owned and Short sell properties are selling faster than ever. Home buyers want to know how to get their hands on one of these properties, “before these once in a lifetime” deals are gone forever. “As the home market speeds up the competition is becoming fierce, if a buyer doesn’t place a bid the first day a property comes on the market it is very unlikely they can even compete for the home.” says John Velez of the Keller Williams,Sold in Oregon Realty Team wants to help buyers know what to do to land one of these properties.

Stumbling around the internet hoping for a “deal” in this situation is not an option. Speed is key as home inventory has never been lower and investors and buyers are watching like hawks for deals to pop up. What you need is a trained certified distressed property expert to watch daily for new Short Sales and Bank owned HUD homes to come to market. A true expert can; find you a property, beat the competition to the auction block, properly submit a bid and complete the transaction in a smooth fashion.

Another thing Short Sale buyers must understand is that many homes have multiple Loans known as Liens against them. This complicates the negotiation process several times over. Navigating this technical process can take months and without an expert doing things right, the sale could fall through on a technicality. You don’t want to play the “lone ranger” in this situation.

The deals are out there for the taking and the nice thing about a short sale is you are helping to save a neighbor from having to go through foreclosure. You can contact John Velez a Certified Distressed Property Expert at (503) 625-0284 for a consultation.

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Oregon Chimney Guys Announce Expansion Plans After Successful Launch

(PRWEB) October 07, 2012

Springfield, OR ” Locally owned Oregon Chimney Guys have been serving hundreds of loyal customers in Lane County and surrounding cities for one year now. This high-demand business is thriving and growing thanks to the fine service and competitive pricing offered by the company. Chimney cleaning is an absolute necessity for homeowners in the northwest part of the United States. Because chimney cleaning and the other services Oregon Chimney Guys perform must be done on a yearly basis for each home, the building of sound customer relationships has been integral to the company’s success.

About Oregon Chimney Guys

Oregon Chimney Guys LLC was started by Neil Box in 2011 because he wanted his family to have the safety net of an extra income in these trying economic times. The business took off immediately from the Eugene/Springfield area and soon was servicing the chimney cleaning needs of the entire Lane County area and its surrounding cities as well. Mr. Box deals with his customers as if they were family, and they almost become so, as proven by the companys strong track record of customer loyalty.

Oregon Chimney Guys also provide chimney repair as well as cleaning, and will clean dryer vents and gutters as well as remove the stubborn moss that is anathema to all homeowners in the west central Willamette valley of Oregon. Other areas of expertise are in brick or stone fireplace (non-gas) repair as well as gas, pellet and wood stove repair.

About The Startup

Neil Box started his business after being frustrated with an older wood stove used to heat the family home. The wood stove did heat the home, and saved money over other types of heat sources, but had to be cleaned every year at some expense. Box learned to do the stove and chimney cleaning chores himself with the help of some tools on loan from a friend.

He got good enough and confident enough to branch out and offer chimney cleaning services to friends and acquaintances.

The thought then occurred to him that he could turn this avocation into a vocation. Enter another friend of a friend who had been a chimney sweep in California for 19 years. This person was willing to come up to Springfield, OR to spend a week with Box teaching him the tools of the trade.

Box secured a business loan to purchase the necessary equipment, then got his license with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board in June of 2011. He has been the happy, successful owner of Oregon Chimney Guys ever since.

About the Owner

Neil Box, the owner of Oregon Chimney Guys LLC, is a married father of two young children. He obtains great satisfaction from his family and from being responsible for a job done well consistently for every customer without fail.

Box believes it is important to serve the communities he does business in and goes out of his way to staff his company with Oregonians who are currently unemployed but are able to provide the necessary skills after rigorous training. Everyone who represents the company in any capacity is also skilled in building those all-important customer relationships that have helped grow the young company in its first critical year of business. The Oregon Chimney Guys team is justifiably proud of their outstanding capacity for hard work and the quality they deliver. The entire staff is notable for its sound work ethic.

Oregon Chimney Guys, LLC is a member of the Springfield Chamber of Commerce and the Oregon Network Exchange.

To learn more about Oregon Chimney Guys LLC, please contact:

Neil Box

(541) 232-2445

neil ( at )