Mini-Storage Messenger Offers New Self-Storage Marketing Resource

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) April 01, 2013

Mini-Storage Messenger now offers the dynamic new marketing resource Crush Your Competition: 101 Marketing Tips for the Fastest Way to Huge Profits by Marc Goodin. The book is available for purchase at for $ 24.95.

Crush Your Competition provides 101 weeks of specific, proven marketing ideas designed to be implemented with minimal or no cost with the goal of maximizing profits. Topics include the following:

????Step-by-step guide to marketing a self-storage business
????No-cost strategies for keeping clients longer and increasing referrals
????Tips to improve customer service and rent more units
????Tactics for penetrating the market
????Maximizing sales from drive-by and walk-in prospects, telephone calls, Internet users, retail customers, and existing tenants
????Strategies for competing with the real estate investment trusts (REITs) and large operators
????Personal insights and case studies

Author and civil engineer Marc Goodin has over 20 years of experience as a self-storage developer and owner in the United States and Canada. He has drawn from his real-life marketing experience to create a hands-on marketing tool complete with examples, ideas and strategies that may be implemented immediately.

About Mini-Storage Messenger

Mini-Storage Messenger is the leading monthly trade magazine covering the global self-storage industry. MiniCo Insurance Agency, LLC, publishes Mini-Storage Messenger in both print and digital formats. Other publications include the Self-Storage Almanac, Self-Storage Canada, Self-Storage Now!, and the Self-Storage Buyers Guide.

About MiniCo Insurance Agency, LLC

MiniCo Insurance Agency, LLC, was founded in 1974 as a provider of specialty insurance products and publications for the self-storage industry. Today the company is a full-service managing general agency offering multiple specialty property and casualty insurance products for a variety of unique industries and exposures. MiniCo Insurance Agency, LLC, the parent company of MiniCo Insurance Agency of Canada, Incorporated, is a member of the Aran Insurance Services Group.

SRE Investing Offers Tips on How to Beat the Hedge Funds in the Buy & Hold Game

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) February 20, 2013

Looking to take advantage of the new upswing in the real estate market SRE has been working with large institutional investment groups providing acquisition and consulting services. The new buy & hold asset class is arguably the hottest new discussion on Wall Street. Although the concept of renting single family homes as rental properties has been a reality since the advent of housing, it has up to know been practiced mostly by small mom & pop property owners. “We are now witnessing the first time large investment groups are moving into this industry bringing their volume approach and modern management capabilities.” commented Jay Belson COE of SRE Investing.

Benefiting from there many years of residential real estate investing experience SRE has become a valuable resource for investors at every level.

So with the billions of hedge fund money competing for these distressed assets, how can the little investor win? Buy what the hedge funds cant buy says Seth Phillips COO of SRE Investing. Most of the hedge funds have a mandate that requires that they only buy Single Family Homes, but there is a similar and most of the time a better yield producing product. 2 to 4 unit properties are considered in the same residential category by retail lenders and qualify for very similar financing. This is in contrast to properties of 5 or more units which are considered Commercial. The financing on commercial properties is very different.

The Loophole.

Investing in 2 to 4 unit properties gives the following advantages.

????Lower competition from the hedge funds due to their restricted fund criteria
????The banks generally sell at steeper discounts because of rent control issues
????A smaller percentage of investors are familiar with this investment type
????Generate more rent for the same amount of space
????Have similar liquidity options as single family homes
????Large volume of available properties

Working with small and large investors SRE has become a leader in this niche investment opportunity. Our investors love the returns, and keep coming back for more says Jay Belson. We work hard to protect our investor money and interests, because we want them to be part of our family forever.

This opportunity is foreclosure and distressed property driven. It has even coined a new phrase REO to Rental. This represents the final part of the market correction process. But this is about people too. Whenever possible SREs first priority is to rent the home back to the former owner and offer them a rent to own opportunity to help them get back to home ownership. With time and credit repair, many people can achieve this.

Not often in life is there an opportunity for investors to make good returns while at the same time helping to rebuild neighborhoods.

The Los Angeles market is already on an upward moving trend and soon the distressed properties will no longer be available. This is indeed a time to move fast.

SRE Investing understands the burgeoning trends within the real estate industry and provides investors with the means to grow their wealth. Now is the best time to be an investor, thanks to low prices, low interest rates, wide availability and the growing demand for homes combined with fewer consumers being approved for a mortgage.

By investing in neighborhoods, revitalizing and repairing foreclosed homes, and renting those homes to dependable families in need, neighborhoods grow and prosper, as do investors portfolios.

To find out more about SRE Investing visit

About SRE Investingt: Headquartered in Beverly Hills, SRE Investing specializes in Los Angeles real estate investing. Clients are able to participate as owners, lenders or partners in investments.

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Vyral Marketing Offers Effortless Video Blogging Service for Business Professionals

Omaha, NE (PRWEB) January 15, 2013

Omaha-based Vyral Marketing has introduced a video message strategy to complement traditional advertising programs that combines video technology and hands-on service to help business professionals position themselves as trusted experts in their field.

With a bit of coaching, Vyral Marketing places a video recorder and a script in the hands of clients like Realtor Jeff Quintin, owner of Jeff Quintin Real Estate in Ocean City New Jersey. The aim is to help produce a series of informative, twice-monthly video blogs to educate, inform, and stay in better touch with their customer database. These short video messages go a long way to encourage more repeat business and increased referrals.

In 2012 alone, 135 Vyral Marketing clients recorded more than 2,600 for distribution to their client databases. Once shot, the videos are uploaded to Vyral Marketing for full-service editing, optimization, and promotion. Each client receives coaching in advance, and a personalized topic and script upon request for each video. Vyral Marketing also provides the video editors, writers and administrative staff to handle the entire process, including distribution to the clients customer database via Email and social media.

Video blogs perform the same function as a traditional written blog, but have a better chance of nurturing personal connections with customers, and are faster to complete than a written article.

Ive found that creating two short videos each month is a great way to leverage my time, Quintin says. Ive found it to be invaluable for delivering problem-solving messages to my clients.

We listen to our clients concerns every single day, and we base our video blog messages on those concerns.

Quintin has sent 53 videos to his customer database since he started with Vyral Marketings video strategy, and he says the results have been beyond his expectations.

People who have seen the video blogs have a sense of already knowing you when they are ready to work together, Quintin says. Its as if youve been like a guest in their home, and it creates a comfort zone when it comes time to meet face to face.

Quintins videos focus on a range of simple to complex problem solutions in the real estate industry, and he often interviews niche experts for a thoroughly comprehensive video that addresses a particular concern to customers. Vyral Marketing provides Quintin with personalized topics for his videos, as well as complete distribution to the 3,600 people in Quintins customer database via Email and social media.

They actually do all the work for you, Quintin says. I spend four to five minutes filming a two-minute video twice a month, and Vyral Marketing takes care of all the rest of the work.

For a flat $ 525 per month, it is a core piece of our marketing strategy when it comes to ROI.

Vyral Marketing CEO Frank Klesitz says the companys video blogging service offers customers a fast-track to increasing sales from their own customer database.

This is a business owners opportunity to position themself as a trusted expert, increase customer loyalty, and boost referrals and repeat business, Klesitz says. Its about maximizing the number one asset business owners already have their existing customer database.

Weve combined highly-effective referral marketing techniques with the latest video technology, and weve designed it for busy business owners and professionals to reap the benefits of video blogging with a minimum investment of time and energy.

Klesitz says that participating clients are asked to shoot two short, educational videos monthly with Vyral Marketings coaching for maximum benefit.

We help you stay in touch with your entire database through these educational videos with a minimal time expenditure, Klesitz says. With thousands of videos and literally millions of emails sent over the years, we know our clients who follow the Vyral Marketing program for 12 months can expect at least 10 percent of their customer database to buy again or refer others.

For most of our clients, that’s a dramatic boost in referrals and repeat business.

To learn more about Vyral Marketings video blogging service for business, request a free Vyral Marketing consultation, visit the Vyral Marketing website, call 1-800-323-9974, or email frank(at)getvyral(dot)com.


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Red Blue Realty Offers Tips and Insight On Selling A Home Quickly

North Hills, CA (PRWEB) January 15, 2013

Selling a home quickly can be a real challenge in todays real estate market. In the North Hills real estate market and all across Los Angeles, despite rising home values and lower than normal home inventories, buyers may take their time about selecting a property for purchase.

Red Blue Realtys team of experts knows that many buyers expect to see a home thats environmentally friendly, has a security system, enhanced landscaping, or a fresh coat of paint. Of course many sellers dont wish to make large capital investments in home improvement prior to selling a property. And some buyers will want one thing, while others will seek another.

The best ways to achieve the result desired – a quick sale – is to institute some suggestions for home improvement that are bound to create buyer interest, and keep home pricing just below full market value.

Red Blue Realty believes that some affordable and simple alterations can make a home not only more attractive to buyers but create the type of property that buyers will want to purchase fast, before someone else snaps it up.

Some of these basic alterations include:

???? landscaping
????-security systems such as burglar, fire, and hazard detection alarms

????-environmentally friendly alterations such as solar panels or programmable thermostats

????-new, energy efficient appliances

????-technology assisting alterations

In more detail, technology alterations include such simple steps as adding outlets with USB ports in every room, which appeals greatly to younger couples and individuals. Another draw for tech savvy buyers is updating wiring for both the Net and flat screen televisions. And this isnt a costly renovation: simply find the appropriate place to install a wireless router.

Upgrading landscaping has been proven to increase home value – in terms of sales price and in terms of desirability to purchasers – between seven and fifteen percent. Sustainable plants, and gardens that dont require constant attention or a great deal of watering are a big draw in North Hills real estate.

Without altering anything substantially, simple cleaning and polishing can be key to making a home attractive enough to draw and close buyers. Steam cleaning carpets and polishing wood floors is inexpensive and creates an environment thats buyer friendly.

And speaking of cleaning, get rid of clutter and junk. Clean out the garage, dispose of old magazines and books.

Red Blue Realty suggests another upgrade thats simple and can close a sale quickly: sellers should make their homes look larger. This attractive illusion is easy, too. Add mirrors, use bright, light paint rather than dark colors, and in a kitchen, add a roll away cart with expandable shelves in lieu of an actual built in island, to utilize and enhance otherwise empty space.

While the recommendation to paint a home to freshen its appeal is fairly standard, Red Blue Realtys experts agree that choosing colors that are quiet in tone is a major plus, colors such as grey or beige to help create light and space in a home. Be sure and paint exterior windows and doors, as well as inside walls if youre not planning to repaint the entire home.

All upgrading aside, the key recommendation for selling a home quickly remains the tried and true decision to price a home competitively, and under market value.


Email: Contact(at)

Phone Number: 1-(855) 66-RBREALTY or 1-(855) 667-2732

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