A10 Capital: Commercial Mortgages

A10 Capital is a full service, nationwide lending business specializing in small to middle market commercial mortgage loans. Our core product, a mini-perm loan (also known as a bridge loan), features an intermediate term of 3-5 years that is often used to finance properties not yet in a position to obtain longer-term, permanent financing. Visit us at www.a10capital.com
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Tips To Help You Thrive In Commercial Real Estate – Finance. You cannot go anywhere without somebody giving you their advice about commercial real estate. You do not know if they are telling you good information or just what they might have picked up on from unknown sources. If you want the real information and want to be your own expert on the subject, this article is for you. Upon the hiring of your broker, one of the things that you should do is form a contract. This will help to put things in writing to clearly state the exact terms that you want. Also, if they break your agreement, this will help to give you leverage in court. if you are looking to buy a commercial property so that you can start a business, you should do some research to find out what other businesses have operated there. It would not be a good idea to buy a property where many businesses have failed regardless of how great the deal looks. If your future rental property or apartment complex allows you to host a yard sale or garage sale, ask them if you’re allowed to post your signs within the complex such as light poles or tree stumps. Some property managements do not allow the display of any sort of advertisements publicly. Compared with residential properties, investing in commercial properties typically requires an initial down payment that is of a much higher percentage of the total cost. As a result, it is especially important to do your homework on commercial lenders in the area before agreeing

Dangers of Reverse Mortgages

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Foreclosure wave averted as housing doomsayers defied: Mortgages

Foreclosure wave averted as housing doomsayers defied: Mortgages
“We don't have enough homes now to meet the needs of the market,” Paul Jacobson, a Stockton native and real estate broker for 22 years, said as he cruised the city's northern fringe, where suburbia meets farmland. “People see a foreclosed home for sale …
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Deep discounts on foreclosed homes disappearing
News flash for anyone looking for a house on the cheap: Foreclosed homes probably aren't the bargain you're expecting, and certainly not the bargain they were several years ago. Nationally, the average discount on a foreclosure in September was only …
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The Noah Project Rebuilds Foreclosed Homes In Galion
The Noah Faith Project in Galion takes vacant homes, strips them, and rebuilds them for families in need. Su Rowles with the Noah Faith Projected said she's made it her personal mission to save as many of the 400 foreclosed properties in the city as …
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Real Estate News 72, Brokers, Trulia and Zillow Mortgages?

www.ReNewsYouCanUse.com Online Brokers cut a deal, Trulia goes video and Zillow thows another idea up against the wall. We hope this idea does not stick!

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Clopton Capital Now Offering Commercial Mortgages for Self Storages Facilities

(PRWEB) September 26, 2012

Clopton Capital, a secondary market commercial real estate lender is now announcing that they are offering financing for self storage facilities nationwide. The company is offering commercial mortgages for the acquisition, refinance, or construction of self storage facilities to individual borrowers and large real estate firms.

The real estate capital firm is currently seeking funding opportunities for self-storage facilities located in markets throughout the nation. The funding for these loans is actively sourced from institutional investors and depositories by the company and offered to borrowers through an individually tailored application process. Because of the on-going effort to stay abreast of the commercial capital markets, the companys platform is able to offer extremely competitive rates and terms depending on the individual preference of each borrower. Many of the loans being offered to borrowers are coming in at the low 4%s for five and ten year fixed rates for all asset classes across the country.

Clopton Capital ranks as one of the most active and dynamic commercial real estate finance firms providing lending options nationwide for income producing properties. Offering commercial mortgages, construction loans, bridge loans, and CMBS loans to borrowers for a diverse range of property types and ownership structures, Clopton Capital has the capability to meet almost any lending needs of property owners and managers.

For more information contact a loan officer by calling 866-647-1650 or http://cloptoncapital.com/commercialmortgages.html