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Real Estate Investment Expert John Hyland, From SouthWest Cash Flow, as Featured on CBS Moneywatch, is to Appear on a New Television Show Titled: “Leading The Field”

Gahanna, OH (PRWEB) December 08, 2012

John Hyland is a real estate investment expert and Acquisition Manager for SouthWest CashFlow. John who was just nationally featured on CBS Money Watch, The Boston Globe, and the Business Insider is due to appear on the ground breaking show Leading The Field: World Class Experts Share Their Tips & Advice, in which he will be sharing his expertise in the field of real estate investment properties and his knowledge on running a first class business. John is excited to be collaborating with other leading experts and best-selling author Robert Vitelli, to provide consumers with insightful information into various practices and professions.

SouthWest CashFlow is a company of experienced property professionals specializing in acquiring, repairing, and managing high quality, cash flowing properties in several markets across the country. We are in 8 states and can renovate a house completely in as little as four weeks. We get permits for everything we do and all of our homes are inspected for quality and safety, says John. SouthWest CashFlow makes it easy for investors to invest in a property, John states,We guarantee our houses for one year, bumper to bumper. We usually put government guaranteed renters into our rentals. We consider ourselves a Turn-key operation. The investor simply purchases the house which comes with title insurance and the houses are clustered by other houses owned by like-minded investors.

John is excited to be collaborating with other leading experts and best-selling author Robert Vitelli, to provide consumers with insightful information into various practices and professions, via this new show ‘Leading the Field: World Class Experts Share Their Tips & Advice’.

About John Hyland

John Hyland is a husband and father, who travels the country, to bring value to the communities that his company does business in. He has taught over 100,000 people nationwide how to obtain and sharpen their Financial Edge. His unique insights and time-proven strategies have made him one of the most sought-after speakers on Building and Managing Wealth.

What makes Johns teachings so powerful are that they come from personal experience. With specialized lessons learned from over 1,500 property deals and daily growing within just the last 48 months, John continues to share with students the most current, calculated and actionable steps for achieving their maximum success potential.

He is currently changing communitys one house at a time through his Renewal Investing programs. He has met every living H.U.D. Secretary and is putting into practice his vision for urban renewal. By using a method called clustering, he is able to move into an area and change a community for the better within a few short months.

By providing housing for Veterans, and battered women, his programs help stabilize a community and provide quality housing and also build the tax base. The best part is, the investors that he brings to the table get a steady cash flow while their investments appreciate.

John Hyland

Absolute Force LLC


John (at) AbsoluteForce (dot) com


“I Support The H.O.M.E. Foundation”

About The H.O.M.E. Foundation:

The Helping Others Means Everything, or The H.O.M.E. Foundation, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping our Family of Charities. Frankie Verdugo, President of The HOME Foundation, wants to help as many worthy charities as possible as they struggle during these tough economic times. Frankie Verdugo helps raise funds through luxury dream home raffles, home giveaways, prizes, and high profile celebrity events in Hollywood… “Our mission is to help charities reach their fundraising goals and to bring awareness to their praiseworthy causes.”

Leading Youth Sports Franchise Company Expands Internationally

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 11, 2012

TGA, one of the largest national youth sports franchise companies specializing in after-school golf and tennis enrichment programs, announces it has launched its first international franchise outside the United States.

Ramon Luengo, a successful Madrid real estate developer who played a role in bringing the Coldwell Banker Franchise to Spain, has acquired the TGA sub-franchise for Spain, and is launching the first TGA Premier Junior Golf program in Madrid.

As our unique youth sports franchise model continues to evolve and grow, we recognized that our replicable and scalable model could be duplicated not only across the United States, but also in other countries around the world where golf needs to grow, explains Joshua Jacobs, chief executive officer of TGA.

Luengo, the chief executive officer for Sotogrande S.A., a Spain-based real estate company, which he is still fully committed to, always had a passion to be involved in the golf industry. He began researching oversees golf opportunities in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. When he discovered the successful TGA franchise golf program, he recognized the need for golf in schools in Spain.

I have been passionate about the game of golf since I was a young boy, had a successful college golf career and still play to a scratch. When I recognized the opportunity to expand my business and bring my entrepreneurial skills into the golf industry with TGA, I was very excited about the opportunity, says Luengo. The TGA model is very innovative and has a proven track record in the United States. It will be quite feasible to run the same programs in our schools and impact youth and grow the game of golf in Spain.

Taking the concept even further, Luengo has developed the first international sub-franchise company of TGA. Together with a group of private investors, Play TGA Espana will be positioned to grow the brand throughout Spain. While the first franchise will be in Madrid, other suitable cities include Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Bilbao, Zaragoza, M?laga, Santander, Valladolid, Alicante and others.

TGA will have a very positive impact on the growth of golf in our country. In Spain, public courses are rare, so kids and youngsters cannot learn golf unless their families are members of private golf clubs, said Luengo. This model will quickly become the best way to introduce the sport to many kids that otherwise would have never had any contact with golf. This is a way to make golf more accessible and we are very excited with the idea of having an important role in the growth of the game in Spain.

Guillermo Aguirre, one of five investors in the company with a background in asset management, will be the managing director of operations for TGA in Spain. Aguirre earned Bachelor degrees in Economics and Business Studies from Alcala University and Leed Metropolitan University, UK. His financial and business management experience will help him develop the business in Spain. In Madrid, we will start with schools located in the northern and western part of the city. These are the areas where golf is better known and the schools are more receptive to the activity, he explains. Once we have successfully developed Madrid, we will move into the other cities.

Play TGA Espana and TGA of Madrid is expected to impact thousands of youth annually by introducing the game of golf to children at pre-schools (ages 3-5) and primary schools (ages 6-12), child care centers and community centers through a multi-level enrichment program. TGA will then transition students to local partner golf courses through a variety of camp programs and parent-child clinics, creating new golfers.


TGA Premier Junior Golf is a full service franchise opportunity for self-starters who enjoy working with children in a business venture that provides a unique entry into youth sports, education and the golf industry. TGA makes golf affordable and provides accessible and consistent programs to children nationwide, through physical education and after-school programs at elementary and middle schools, childcare centers and community centers. The organization aims to transition students to golf courses through camps, clinics and lessons.

TGA, which was named by Entrepreneur Magazine as a Top 10 Best Franchise Deal, is ranked No. 320 in the Magazines Franchise 500 rankings. TGA is also ranked No. 6 among Childrens Fitness Franchises and named a top Home-Based Business Franchise and a Top 10 Child Services Franchise in 2012.

For more information about TGA Premier Junior Golf, visit http://www.playtga.com.

No Revenue Growth Suggests Recession, According to Leading Financial Newsletter Profit Confidential

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 14, 2012

More than half of the S&P 500 companies have reported earnings for the second quarter of 2012, and according to Michael Lombardi, lead contributor to Profit Confidential, thus far, the ratio of negative-to-positive forecasts has produced the highest negative reading since 2001.

In the article Negative Revenue Growth for S&P 500 Companies Signals Recession, Lombardi notes that the earnings outlook has been so poor that analysts have had to take down S&P 500 revenue estimates for the coming third quarter.

For the second quarter, analysts were expecting revenue growth for the S&P 500 of eight percent year-over-year, says Lombardi, but, thus far, it has only produced growth of 1.2%,

Lombardi notes that this is the slowest year-over-year growth since the recession began over four years ago.

The negative earnings outlook by corporations in the S&P 500 has forced analysts to change their high single-digit revenue growth forecast for the third quarter to a negative 0.4%, says Lombardi. Thats negative revenue growth year-over-year.

This means that, for the last three quarters, revenue growth in the S&P 500 has declined steadily and dramatically.

Historically, Lombardi says, when revenue growth has been negative year-over-year for S&P 500 corporations, it is usually followed by a recession.

Profit Confidential, which has been published for over a decade now, has been widely recognized as predicting five major economic events over the past 10 years. In 2002, Profit Confidential started advising its readers to buy gold-related investments when gold traded under $ 300 an ounce. In 2006, it begged its readers to get out of the housing market… before it plunged.

Profit Confidential was among the first (back in late 2006) to predict that the U.S. economy would be in a recession by late 2007. The daily e-letter correctly predicted the crash in the stock market of 2008 and early 2009. And Profit Confidential turned bullish on stocks in March of 2009 and rode the bear market rally from a Dow Jones Industrial Average of 6,440 on March 9, 2009, to 12,876 on May 2, 2011, a gain of 99%.

To see the full article and to learn more about Profit Confidential, visit http://www.profitconfidential.com.

Profit Confidential is Lombardi Publishing Corporations free daily investment e-letter. Written by financial gurus with over 100 years of combined investing experience, Profit Confidential analyzes and comments on the actions of the stock market, precious metals, interest rates, real estate, and the economy. Lombardi Publishing Corporation, founded in 1986, now with over one million customers in 141 countries, is one of the largest consumer information publishers in the world. For more on Lombardi, and to get the popular Profit Confidential e-letter sent to you daily, visit http://www.profitconfidential.com.

Michael Lombardi, MBA, the lead Profit Confidential editorial contributor, has just released his most recent update of Critical Warning Number Six, a breakthrough video with Lombardis current predictions for the U.S. economy, stock market, U.S. dollar, euro, interest rates and inflation. To see the video, visit http://www.profitconfidential.com/critical-warning-number-six.

Novus Patient Overcomes Leading Cause of Accidental Death in the United States with Help from Novus Medical Detox

New Port Richey, FL (PRWEB) July 09, 2012

Like many his age, Nick started experimenting with marijuana as a teenager; then by 16, was introduced to the prescription pain killer, Vicodin. Before long, he had become addicted to the drug and his life started on a downward spiral. I walked away from my fianc?e a month before we were to wed. My home was foreclosed. I lost hope in my life and started to isolate from family and friends.

Statistically speaking, Nicks story falls into the category of overdoses from prescription drugs, which are now the leading cause of accidental deaths in the country, eclipsing car crashes and the combined impact of cocaine and heroin abuse. Nick tried many times on his own to kick his addiction, trying to go cold turkey or to taper off his usage, but nothing seemed to work.

The final straw came in the form of death and incarceration. I had close friends die from overdoses, and many more end up in jail. I wanted help, but never knew there was a way to get out of the hole I had put myself into. That’s when his family brought him to Novus Medical Detox, one of the only facilities that can handle high-dosage medical detox, and Director Kirk Burness.

At Novus Medical Detox, each patient is treated individually for their dependency using a combination of natural supplements, nutritious meals and medication as needed to build up the patients body, enabling a faster recovery. The caring staff of doctors and counselors makes for a comfortable environment for the patient to experience the best chances for success. At Novus, our patients are treated in a comfortable, residential setting and remain conscious and alert, says Burness. Many can even continue handling family and business matters remotely during their stay.

Inspired by those who helped him through his own detoxification process, Nick decided to become a Novus representative himself, and now assists others on the road to recovery. The staff and the program itself truly treat everyone as an individual. The care at Novus is remarkable. Hearing from our past patients doing well and staying sober makes me know and believe in Novus.

It is through his work with the patients at Novus that Nick feels he is giving back. It is truly an amazing sight to see how people can change so drastically in such a short amount of time.

To learn more about Novus Medical Detox Center and why it offers a safer alternative to rapid detox, visit http://www.NovusDetox.com.

About Novus Medical Detox Center

Novus Medical Detox Center offers safe, effective alcohol and drug treatment programs in a home-like residential setting. Located on 3.25 tree-lined acres in New Port Richey, Fla., Novus is licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families as an in-patient medical detox facility. Novus is known for minimizing the discomfort of withdrawal from prescription medications, drugs or alcohol by creating a customized detox program for each patient, incorporating medication, natural supplements and fluid replenishment putting the dignity and humanity back into drug detoxification. Patients have 24/7 medical supervision, including round-the-clock nursing care and access to a withdrawal specialist, and enjoy comfortable private or shared rooms with a telephone, television, DVD player and high-speed Internet access. For more information on Novus Medical Detox Center, please visit http://www.NovusDetox.com.

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