Real Estate Investing for Beginners – What Sort of Property Will You Invest In?

Real Estate Investing for Beginners – What Sort of Property Will You Invest In?
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Real Estate Rental – Why Investors Should Invest In Real Estate Rentals – Why Is a Real Estate Rental A Good Investment In A Down Market? Here’s Why Real Estate Rentals Are A Good Option For Real Estate Investors… Current Real Estate Rental Market Sources from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac expect the total number of renters households to increase by another 4.4 million in the next few years, from the already 37million. With the current Unemployment rate being at an all time high, more families are turning to renting than buying because of a) affordability b) flexibility. Buying a home has more liability especially for someone who is unemployed, so renting is safer. Right now, the rental property market is one of the only areas of real estate investing that has increased in the past year. It is expected to grow even more until property values decide to stabilize. One of the main reasons to rent properties is to collect on the appreciation, AND you also get pretty good cash-flow. Why Not Sell in a Down Market – Right now is NOT the best time to sell – Buyers market – Miss out on appreciation – Unless you bought the house during a down market – you’re selling for a loss Pros to Rental Properties – Passive Monthly Income – Commercial Rentals have Exponential Growth – Appearance – does not have to be as nice as “for sale” property – Good Tenant – maintains home and pays rent on time – Security – more options if market changes than stock or bank institutions – Tax Perks – Depreciation – annual tax deduction for the loss in value of

How to Invest Retirement Funds Course Now Open for Enrollment Online at

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) December 20, 2012 has launched a new how to invest retirement funds course that is now open for enrollment online. This brand new course is written for complete beginners and includes how these investments earn up to 36 percent annually in government-backed securities. Ted has taught offline seminars for over 20 years and is now opening up this new virtual training online for the first time at

According to the Social Security Administration, there are now more retirees in this decade than in previous years. The stock market can often fluctuate and cause those searching for the best retirement investments to seek alternative ways to growth these funds.

While purchasing real estate can be confusing to those that are not an agent, Ted Thomas has simplified a new investment strategy that is designed for retirees.

According to the National Tax Lien Association, up to 10 billion dollars annually goes unpaid in the form of property taxes to local governments. This revenue would normally be used for construction protection, police and firefighter salaries and other protects that depend on tax revenue for completion.

Ted’s new retirement investment course explains how investors can take advantage of these opportunities in almost every county in the U.S. to find returns of up to 36 percent annually.

The information contained in the new training course reveals how any person can get started instantly with very little investment funds. I’ve seen tax certificates for $ 50 and others for $ 100,000, said Ted Thomas in his training materials. This investment method has little risk because the money is backed by the government according to the tax code, added Ted.

This new training course is one of the first of its kind to be offered entirely online. Since this is written for beginners, those with any amount of funds to invest in government-backed securities can put these skills to use. The online enrollments are available for a limited time to ensure all people who enroll receive personal attention.

About Ted Thomas

Thousands of beginning and experienced investors have learned from Ted Thomas over the past 20 years. Ted’s unique investing strategies are backed by the tax codes in all 50 U.S. states and provide guaranteed returns for those that invest using his strategies. Through online training and offline seminars, Ted Thomas offers updated information that is not found elsewhere in print or published freely online. Ted is an in-demand public speaker and has authored over 30 books related to tax liens and tax deed investing strategies.

INVEST real estate series-Part 1 Beginning the investment process

Series on investing in real estate in Oklahoma City Oklahoma starting with part 1 where we go into the basics. What questions do you need to ask your investment REALTORĀ®. how much of your portfolio should be real estate investment. and how do you insure your real estate investment is a passive income investment where you have a trunkey team to handle all your Oklahoma City real estate investment needs.

Steve Peasley | Money Manager and Investment Advisor | Host of Invest Talk – InvestTalk Podcasts

Steve Peasley | Money Manager and Investment Advisor | Host of Invest Talk – InvestTalk Podcasts
from InvestTalk Podcasts
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