CNBC – Homeowners advised to turn to short sales and loan modifications

First time home buyers, investors, and organized property flippers currently make up the majority of those active in the housing market. However, Pete Flint, CEO of, cautions the first time home buyers that are looking to benefit from low interest rates and low prices of foreclosed homes. I would recommend working with an experienced foreclosure expert and doing research before purchasing a foreclosed home, he said. Instead of foreclosing, Howard Glaser, president of the Glaser Group recommends short sales and loan modifications. He believes the Obama administration is going in the right direction with passing loan modification measures because they will help the three things necessary for recovery; a stable economy, stable credit, and a stable inventory.Short sales are another good way to put the right person in the home and get the lender out from under, said Glaser. But CNBCs Diana Olick expressed skepticism in turning to short sales in lieu of foreclosures. Short sales are beginning to take as long as the foreclosure process, which at this point are quicker than they ever have before.” For more information please click on the link provided:
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Homeowners Consumer Center Warns All Home Buyers-Investors In Florida, Virginia Or The Gulf States To Avoid Buying A Home Or Condo Foreclosure With Toxic Chinese Drywall

(PRWEB) October 09, 2012

The Homeowners Consumer Center believes because toxic Chinese drywall was intermixed with US made drywall the potential number of impacted homes in Florida, Virginia, or US Gulf States exceeds 200,000. The time frames are 2004 until 2007. Large quantities of toxic Chinese drywall were discovered initially in Florida, and Virginia in January of 2009. Within six months large amounts of toxic Chinese drywall were also discovered in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Southeast Texas homes. According to the US Consumer Products Safety Commission toxic Chinese drywall emits hydrogen sulfide gases. The Homeowners Consumer Center says, “In a typical home in Florida-that contains toxic Chinese drywall, the copper air conditioning coils turn black, and begin to leak in about one year because of hydrogen sulfide being emitted by the toxic Chinese drywall. So what is toxic Chinese drywall doing to the health of the homeowners, and their children who live in one of these homes?” http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com

For symptoms of toxic Chinese drywall in Florida, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Southeast Texas please visit the Homeowners Consumer Center’s Chinese Drywall Complaint Center’s web site at http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com

The Homeowners Consumer Center says, “Without a federal stamp of approval with respect to an iron clad remediation protocol to repair a toxic Chinese drywall home from the US EPA, and or the Obama Administration, we think a home buyer, or real estate investor would be insane to purchase a home in Florida, Virginia, or Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Southeast Texas that contains toxic Chinese drywall. We are convinced this is especially true of condominiums, and or town home projects-because if the condo, or town home units are all attached-so called repaired units get ruined again by units not repaired via hydrogen sulfide gasses passing through the concrete block walls that separate units. Why buy a single family home, a condominium, or a town home in Florida, Virginia, or the Gulf States-that could pose an extremely serious health risk to you, your family, your children, or renters-with no federally approved remediation protocol to repair one of these homes? With no rules, or meaningful regulations from the Obama Administration, and or federal agencies we are urging all potential home buyers, or real estate investors to not buy a toxic Chinese drywall home, condo, or town home until the Obama Administration establishes some rules. Because of no leadership from the Feds the toxic Chinese drywall disaster in the US has turned into the Wild West with no one in charge.” http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com

San Diego Homeowners Increase Property Value with Pacific Restoration General Contractor Services

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Remodeling Magazine’s current estimates indicate that home improvements are a worthwhile investment in improving the overall value of a home. These improvements should be performed by a professional contractor; Pacific Restoration, a San Diego general contractor, helps area homeowners and business owners increase property values in a rapidly changing market.

The average listing price of a San Diego home rose to $ 578,000 in 2012, an increase of about 8 percent of the average listing price in 2011. Many of California’s recent home sales are on the lower end of the market, which indicates a slow but steady recovery of Southern California real estate prices.

“The housing market is starting to recover,” said a representative of Pacific Restoration. “From a property value standpoint, there’s no better time to make essential improvements and repairs.”

Most San Diego-area real estate agents agree that necessary repairs will cost twice a San Diego general contractor’s estimate after a buyer makes an offer on a property. In other words, a plumbing repair valued at $ 4,000 could easily cost a homeowner $ 8,000 during sales negotiations. By taking care of repairs early, homeowners gain an upper hand when they start receiving offers.

“Many of our clients aren’t planning on selling their homes for a year or two, but we still recommend taking care of those nagging repairs,” said the representative. “Most plumbing, roofing and electrical problems will only get worse with time, and completing them early keeps a home’s value from slipping.”

Pacific Restoration also recommends remodeling for homes and businesses that have remained on the market for an extended period of time. Both commercial and residential buyers see a long sales period as a sign of an undesirable property, but home improvements from a reputable San Diego general contractor can prevent value from dropping too significantly after spending some time on the market.

“We can improve a home’s kitchen, bathroom or living room without overextending the homeowner’s sales budget, and a few minor renovations can effectively reset a home’s value from a sales perspective,” said the Pacific Restoration representative. “Buyers see renovated homes as valuable, and real estate agents are more likely to show newly renovated properties.”

When looking for a general contractor, San Diego residents should ask about license classifications. Reputable general contractors can offer references from their clients and will always provide a detailed estimate before starting any work.

“Contractors need to pay close attention to detail in order to follow San Diego’s building regulations. Experience is undeniably important,” said the Pacific Restoration representative. “By working with a qualified general contractor, San Diego property owners can add a tremendous amount of value to their homes or businesses at a reasonable cost. We’re proud to offer environmentally friendly services with high-quality workmanship and materials.”

Pacific Restoration is a San Diego-based general contractor providing mold remediation, home remodeling, business building improvement and other services to the San Diego-North County San Diego metropolitan area. Homeowners and business owners can contact the company at (760) 632-7800 to schedule a consultation.

Georgia Real Estate Professionals Receive Training to Help Local Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

Duluth, GA (PRWEB) May 03, 2012

After high demand at distressed property education course in Atlanta April 26-27, the Charfen Institute brings its industry-leading course back to Georgia starting this June:

Duluth June 21 & 22
Savannah July 25 & 26
Merritta October 1 & 2

By earning their Certified Distressed Property Expert? (CDPE) Designation, local real estate professionals learn how to help homeowners facing financial hardships by understanding their individual circumstances and how to navigate foreclosure alternatives, including short sales.

In a short sale transaction, the lien holder accepts the sale price of a property, even if that amount is less than the borrowers mortgage balance.

Economic conditions continue to shift in communities nationwide, and it has become the responsibility of real estate professionals to provide real solutions to struggling homeowners, Alex Charfen, CEO of Charfen Institute, said. The agents earning the CDPE Designation and assisting distressed homeowners are helping to solve the foreclosure crisis, one homeowner at a time.

Since 2008, mortgage delinquency, unemployment and underemployment figures have been at or near record highs. Recent estimates show that more than one in five homeowners nationwide owe more on their home than it is currently worth, making apparent the need for more agents with specific training in short sales and foreclosure avoidance options. To find out more about the events in Georgia or an event nationwide visit

Homeowners who are struggling to make their mortgage payments can get free assistance from a CDPE-designated real estate agent in their area by visiting:

About Charfen Institute

The Charfen Institute educates and trains real estate professionals and small business owners to find opportunities in chaos either by providing solutions to the foreclosure crisis or empowering entrepreneurs with strategies to embrace their companies full potential. The company produces more than 300 educational events each year through various divisions, including: the Certified Distressed Property Expert? (CDPE) Designation (, the Certified Investor Agent Specialist? (CIAS) Designation (, LEAD Experience, and its annual Breakthrough Conference ( The CDPE Designation is the fastest growing independent designation in real estate industry history, with more than 38,000 agents trained since 2008. In 2011, the Charfen Institute ranked No. 21 on the Inc. 500 List of Americas Fastest-Growing Private Companies.


California Law Says Mortgage Fraud Will Not Be Tolerated As Homeowners Start To See The National Mortgage Settlement Is Working

Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) July 03, 2012

Stepping ahead to lead other states, California lawmakers approve the pending legislation, to write into law much of the national mortgage settlement negotiated this year with the nations top five banks. According to California Department of Justice, CA will become the first state to make the National Mortgage Settlement law, “The Assembly approved the legislation on a 53-25 vote, and the Senate followed by voting 25-13”. The two key bills containing major refinance reform are AB 278 (Eng/Feuer/Mitchell) and SB 900 (Leno/Corbett/DeSaulnier/Evans) and have been thoroughly considered by a legislative conference committee. See attachment for details.

Home Destination has helped many a homeowner through a foreclosure or short sale in the last few years. Today one of her clients believes they are be a victim of banking mortgage fraud and is asking for help on how to proceed.

Jenna Thuening, owner of Home Destination, urges distressed home owners that, “If you are a homeowner struggling to pay your mortgage or facing foreclosure, or if you have already lost your home to foreclosure, it is possible that the National Mortgage Settlement could help you. Not every homeowner will qualify for relief under this settlement. Those who do qualify may receive various forms of relief according to their individual circumstances. Homeowners who may have been wronged shouldn’ give up, taking action may make all the difference in saving a home and stopping one more unnecessary foreclosure.”

California’s new legislation “will require large lenders to provide a single point of contact for homeowners who want to discuss loan modifications. It would prohibit lenders from foreclosing while they consider alternatives to foreclosures. And it would let California homeowners sue lenders to stop foreclosures or seek monetary damages if the lender violates state law. The protections would benefit all California homeowners, not just those whose mortgages are with the five banks that signed the national settlement.”

While banks thought this was too broad, the legislation also imposes a $ 7,500 civil penalty per loan when the lender has filed unverified documents — a practice known as “robo-signing.”

“Passing these key elements of the Homeowner Bill of Rights represents a significant step forward for struggling homeowners,” Attorney General Kamala Harris said in a statement. “These common-sense reforms will require banks to treat California homeowners more fairly and bring more transparency and accountability to their practices in our state. Responsible homeowners will have a better shot to keep their homes.”

Found encouraging to homeowners across the nation, real estate justice was also served in Alabama on June 28th, as reported by The Department of Justice. “A federal grand jury in Mobile, Ala., returned an indictment today against two real estate investors and their company, charging them with participating in conspiracies to rig bids and commit mail fraud, at public real estate foreclosure auctions.”

Mortgage fraud was not tolerated in the case of home owner Lynn Szymoniak either. She is one of six Americans who have successfully been awarded in the national foreclosure settlement. “Finalized earlier this year, as a result of whistleblower suits. In total, they collected $ 46.5 million”, according to the Justice Department. reported on June 2, 2012, “The other five came from within the industry, such as an appraiser who helped the government show that Countrywide Financial had been inflating home appraisals to collect higher claims from FHA. Other whistleblowers exposed banks overcharging veterans who had mortgages guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.” Szymoniak will get $ 18 million from the governments $ 95 million award in her lawsuit.

We are seeing state governments and judges stand up strong to make mortgage fraud wrongs stop robbing hurting homeowners. Homeowners who could benefit from talking to a Certified Distressed Property Expert, may contact Jenna Thuening today.