California First Time Home Buyers Now Have a New Book To Help Simplify Home Buying

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) March 25, 2013 Best-selling Author Shashank Shekhar, recently announced the pre-launch of his new book First Time Home Buying 101. The book will cover all aspects of home buying including financing and will act as a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to buy their first home in California. The book will be available to the public this spring.

In my experience as a Mortgage Lender, I get questions on a wide range of topics from first time home buyers. I wanted to write a book that covers all aspects of home buying so that potential home buyers could better equip themselves. Though there are many books in the market place on home buying, most are dated and lack the balance of information on the mechanics of home buying and financing. This book combines all aspects of the home buying process including financing and is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to buy a home, said Shashank Shekhar, CEO of Arcus Lending.

If you are looking for your first home, this book is a must read. It provides insightful tips and advice that will empower you as you take this major life step. Reading First Time Home Buying 101 should be on the to-do list of every new homebuyer, said Daniel Milstein, CEO – Gold Star Mortgage Financial, Best Selling Author of 2 books.

Speaking on the occasion, Carole Rodoni, President, Bamboo Consulting, National Economist and Real Estate Speaker, said, “Finally a book about being a first time home buyer that actually gives them the information they need and not just a sales pitch. “

To get on the pre-launch wait list click here. The book will be available at a promotional price of $ 9.97 for a limited time only.

Shashank who was named “top 40 under 40 mortgage professional” two years in a row, is also the author of Best-selling book, OutFront. He is frequently quoted in the media on the subject of mortgage lending.

He is currently the CEO of Arcus Lending, a Mortgage Broker based in San Jose California.

Arcus Lending offers home loans in the states of California and Washington. The company plans to expand its operations on the East Coast this summer by offering home loans to residents of those states.

About Arcus Lending:

Arcus Lending (NMLS 3446) is a mortgage lender offering home purchase and refinance loans in the states of California and Washington. More information about Arcus Lending can be found by calling at 855.644.5626, by emailing at info(at)arcuslending(dot)com or by vising their website.

Opportunity Fund Launches $500,000 Start-Up Funding Challenge to Help Bay Area Small Businesses Get Off the Ground

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 21, 2013

Today, Opportunity Fund announced their Start-Up Funding Challenge to help Bay Area businesses get off the ground. For a limited time, the organization is lending up to $ 500,000 to local start-up entrepreneurs, who are either launching their businesses or have less than a year of sales. At 7.5% interest and no loan fees, the challenge aims to offer financing that is hard to come by for most start-ups at an affordable rate.

Getting the access to necessary capital is a huge hurdle for most businesses that are starting out. And 45% of businesses fail due to lack of financing, said the groups Vice President of Lending, Marco Lucioni. With banks often unwilling to lend to start-up businesses, many people turn to friends and family, or high-interest credit cards. Opportunity Fund is seeking to help those businesses get off the ground and running, putting them in a position to succeed for the long-term.

Last years Start-Up Funding Challenge winner, Rachel Myers, started her dream business, the Home D?cor Learning Center in Concord, California. Rachel began teaching upholstery at Mt. Diablo Adult Education in 2007. In 2009 she and her students found out the program was going to be cut. Confident in the demand for her instruction, Rachel developed a business plan to offer classes on her own, but she couldnt find the funding to make it a reality until applying to the Start-Up Funding Challenge.

Rachel was able to borrow $ 30,000 in order to move into a new warehouse space. I remember being on the phone with Opportunity Fund, and I was in a state of disbelief about getting the loan. I wouldnt have been able to start this without Opportunity Fund. Or we would have gone so far into debt it would have been ridiculous, said Rachel.

Entrepreneurs like Rachel will be able to apply to Opportunity Funds Start-Up Funding Challenge through March 31st. The winners will be selected by a panel of Bay Area business and philanthropy leaders, and will be announced in April. For more information, please see


Press inquiries: Caitlin McShane, 408-512-2211 (o), 415-225-8855 (c), caitlin(at)opportunityfund(dot)org

Loan inquiries: Tim Hatfield, 408-516-4701 (o), startup2013(at)opportunityfund(dot)org

Opportunity Fund is a not-for-profit social enterprise helping thousands of California families build financial stability. Our mission is to advance the economic well-being of working people by helping them earn, save and invest in their future. Our strategy combines microloans for small businesses, microsavings accounts, and community real estate financing. Now California’s leading microfinance provider, Opportunity Fund began based on the idea that small amounts of money and financial advice could help people make permanent and lasting change to improve their own lives. Since making our first loan in 1995, our team has deployed over $ 279 million into our communities.

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Guide to Complimentary Tax Help: Save Money Filing 2012 Tax Returns with New Report

El Segundo, CA (PRWEB) February 26, 2013

Almost three-quarters of Americans are planning to cut back spending to compensate for paychecks reduced by the 2013 payroll tax increase that came with the fiscal cliff deal, according to National Retail Federations 2013 Tax Returns Survey. With the payroll tax increase already taking a chunk out of Americans paychecks, many consumers are already feeling the financial strain on their bank accounts, and will be less willing to spend extra money filing 2012 tax returns.

Leading finance resource investigates a range of tax services to highlight the best no cost tax help in its latest consumer report. This guide shows tax filers how to save more money and ease the cost of filing 2012 tax returns.

If you think youre going to owe money this year, the last thing you want to think about is pulling more money out of your savings account to pay taxes, notes Stacey Bumpus, an expert contributor to GoBankingRates. Luckily, there is plenty free tax help available to not only answer your questions about filing, but submit your forms for you at no cost.

The guide to free tax help covers a range of resources, including no cost tax help hotlines, tax preparation services and websites, and mobile apps that can provide consumers with the information needed to prepare their 2012 tax return.

View the full list of free tax services here.

For questions about this report or to schedule an interview with a GoBankingRates editor, please use the contact information below.

About Go Banking Rates is a national website dedicated to connecting readers with the best interest rates on financial services nationwide, as well as informative personal finance content, news and tools. GoBankingRates collects interest rate information from more than 4,000 U.S. banks and credit unions, making it the only online rates aggregator with the ability to provide the most comprehensive and authentic local interest rate information.


Jaime Catmull, Director of Public Relations


310.297.9233 x261



Source: National Retail Federation 2013 Tax Returns

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Help to Prevent Foreclosure with These Tips Offered By Red Blue Realty

Los Angeles, Ca (PRWEB) January 21, 2013

Homeowners facing foreclosure often need help to avoid the situation. Red Blue Realty can help prevent foreclosure.

The biggest mistake homeowners make in regard to foreclosure is to take no action at all, until its too late. Theyre often unaware of available options, or simply cannot handle dealing with their mortgage lender. Of course, often mortgage companies are more willing to work with homeowners than realized. After all, foreclosure is time consuming and costly for lenders as well as for homeowners.

If a homeowner is willing to leave the property, the first step is to select the support of a local appraiser or real estate firm like Red Blue Realty to get a current estimate of how much a home could be sold for. With a recovering real estate market, a home may no longer be underwater, and could yield a profitable sale, allowing homeowners to walk away from the property with gains pocketed.

For properties still underwater, another option to help prevent foreclosure is a short sale. This means that the home is sold for less than the mortgage balance, with the lender agreeing to accept the proceeds of such a sale as full mortgage payment. If the lender is not amenable to this plan, a homeowner may still be able to negotiate what is called a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. This means that the homeowner turns the property over to the mortgage holder in exchange for cancellation of the loan.

Both options create less black marks on a homeowners credit rating than a foreclosure and work effectively to eliminate mortgage balance. However, property owners should be certain that the lender is clearly forgiving the full amount of mortgage debt, and that the language on such an agreement has been evaluated by a real estate professional or lawyer.

Also in these situations, tax consequences should be considered, as cancelled debt may be taxed as income.

Should a homeowner want to stay in a property and help prevent foreclosure, the place to start is by assessing the amount you can pay towards your mortgage. Review bank and credit card statements for at least three months; divide the amount spent over the course of the year to a monthly number, after including yearly events such as vacations or holiday spending. With these numbers in hand for analysis, determine how to cut back on expenses to free more money toward paying the mortgage. Consider outside the box options such as taking on a tenant or terminating credit cards. Bankruptcy filing may also prevent the loss of a home and wipe out other debts.

Once an analysis is made as to how much money a homeowner can put toward the mortgage payment, the next step is negotiating a payment plan with the lender. Sometimes its a matter of getting caught up on past payments with back payments spread out over subsequent months, or perhaps a temporary suspension in or reduction of payments.

Lenders may also be amenable to interest-free loans from HUD to get current, or permanent mortgage modification amounts. Getting help to prevent foreclosure isnt impossible. Red Blue Realty cautions homeowners in this situation to be aware of scam artists who promise help but charge exorbitant fees and offer no help at all.

With options available, homeowners simply need to address the situation before foreclosure becomes the only option left. Timely action yields choices that help prevent foreclosure.


Email: Contact(at)redbluerealty(dot)com

Phone Number: 1-(855) 66-RBREALTY or 1-(855) 667-2732