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Charts of the Week Stocks Bonds Forex by Feb 6, 2012

Charts of the Week for stocks, bonds and investment securities by for February 6th, 2012 is a video that reviews the moves of the stock market from a technical analysis perspective, tracking key movements in the stock market by technology stocks (QQQ), semiconductor stocks (SMH), midcap stocks (MDY) and smallcap stocks (IWM) and reviews which fixed income ETFs look especially interesting. We also review forex charts of the USD and discuss the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy and its impact on the real estate market and the financial markets. The video also touches on current events and developments in the Middle East and in Europe.
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Florida Real Estate TV Show: From The Trenches by Roy Oppenheim

The Florida real estate story unfolds on When will Florida see the sunny side of real estate again? Find out what the attorney, developer and media think. The first episode of Oppenheim Law’s new talk show “From the Trenches” is now live on OppenheimLaw.TV. Real estate attorney and award-winning legal blogger Roy Oppenheim joined guests CBS4 Chief Investigative Reporter Stephen Stock and Real Estate Developer Patrick Sessions in front of a live studio audience last night for a lively and in-depth discussion of the past, present and future of South Florida real estate. The attorney, developer and reporter offer first hand experiences and opinions on what they have done and what it will take to make it in this market.
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Online Trading Academy – Power Trading Radio – A Trader’s Perspective on Investing in Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options Podcast

Online Trading Academy – Power Trading Radio – A Trader’s Perspective on Investing in Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options Podcast
from Power Trading Radio – A Trader’s Perspective on Investing in Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options Podcast
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Beginner Investing For Forex Trading

Article by John Callingham

With the unreliability of the stock market these days, more and more people are looking into Forex trading. Why, you ask? It’s really simple – because it’s easier to make money in Forex trading than in any other financial markets out there, and the risks involved are notably less.

If you are interested in beginner investing for Forex trading, you’re in the right place. The Internet is home to a number of websites dedicated to helping beginners like you make it in the foreign currency market. Almost every piece of information about anything and everything under the sun is readily accessible nowadays, thanks to the advancements in technology, and doing some research is the first step in your journey if you want to earn big bucks in the Forex market.

Instead of going out of your house and browsing through rows upon rows of shelves at the bookstore, just type in the right set of keywords onto the search engine and after a few seconds, voila! You have all the information you need for beginner investing for Forex trading. You won’t have to spend a dime, and you can easily sort out the authorities on the subject matter at hand from the wannabes. It is very important to filter information and trust only those that come from credible sources; otherwise, you’ll be working your way through the Forex market like a blind person.

As a beginner, it’s important that you invest in books. Beginner investing for Forex trading requires you to study the history of the Forex market and, more importantly, predictions for future trading strategies. You also have to learn how to read charts and master the foreign currency lingo in order to feel at ease, feel right at home whenever you’re trading. While you can find several e-books online, most of the reputable guides and manuals written by Forex market experts are published outside of cyberspace. The books you buy and the information they’ll give are priceless, so you can expect great returns for your little investment.

The most important thing in beginner investing for Forex trading is keeping yourself updated. Make it a point to read the newspaper everyday. Don’t just turn right away to the business section; the value of a particular currency rests on many factors, including politico-economic issues and natural disasters in the country of that currency. It’s best if you read every page of the paper. Moreover, the market landscape of Forex trading changes everyday, that’s why it’s vital that you make it second nature to keep yourself abreast of the changing market value of different currencies, especially the major ones, so you know what to buy and what to sell.

Finally, don’t forget to take down notes. While it is exciting, Forex trading is in truth a hit and miss thing. There’s no or little insider information and the values are constantly fluctuating, not fixed. Remember to keep a record of all your losses and your profits. This is the only way you can point out your mistake and avoid them in the future.

With a little help, you can be successful at beginner investing for Forex trading.

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Investing 101 – Invest in Forex Currency Trading Now!

Article by John Callingham

If you are just beginning to learn your way around the foreign exchange market, you must still be out researching for anything that says “Investing 101” so you can settle on a stable ground as you feel your way through the business.

A simple scenario to explain how currency value fluctuates is through a tourist. This tourist who may have US dollars in his pocket and is on a business trip in Europe, will have to convert his dollars to the Euro if he would be there for some time. Shopping around would be easier for him as well as doing any transactions that involve money. When he returns to the US, he will have to exchange his Euros for dollars again so he can use whatever amount he has left from his trip.

Professional traders on the other hand, buy and sell currencies on a high level. Some are transacting in terms of hundreds and thousands of dollars. The great thing about forex is you need not have so much capital to start up. What’s more, you can get onboard now through the Internet, when before, only the large banks and companies dominate the forex market.

Now for an Investing 101 tip, you should be disciplined enough when you start with your forex endeavors. This behavior could easily spell out one’s success at the forex. Discipline entails hard work in researching and planning so that you can get yourself prepared for the up and downtrends in foreign exchange. Discipline also asks for one’s ability to continue investing and refining his strategies even after a loss.

Investing 101 tip number 2 is to become more patient and persistent. An investor’s persistent attitude toward success is essentially the trait that will take him to huge profits at the right time and with proper planning. The follow-through on the plans and strategies that have been put up would result positively if the investor, who is willing to take risks, is also willing to push through the odds.

Probably one of the better items in Investing 101 is to learn to accept losses. No trading system, strategy, or method is 100% fail-proof. Losses are bound to happen every now and then because that is part of the natural cycle of foreign exchange trading. Those who have been successful in forex have learned to lose and stand up from their mistakes. They adjust their strategies and they move on with better plans and keener goals to hit the jackpot.

Another surefire tip in the Investing 101 list is the conscious effort to use stops. In the forex market, stops are used to refer to an allowance or a distance from the price entered, in case the market moves away from the expected result. Stops prevent the investor from losing too much by eating up excessive amounts from the capital. When one is too stiff and strong headed about his speculations and continues to risk without putting on the stops, he is bound to lose so much money.

More importantly, Investing 101 recommends a log. Investors should religiously keep track of their moves and how the currencies are performing at any given time so they can do some trending charts that can be used as tools for trading much more successfully.

John Callingham shows you which investing 101 techniques, systems, and strategies actually work and which ones do NOT. Learn how to profit off of rising world currencies at

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