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San Diego Foreclosures - Foreclosed Homes in San Diego, CA Why Buy Foreclosed Homes in San Diego? Want to search homes for sale, foreclosures and short sales near you? Foreclosures and short-sales in San Diego offer a fantastic opportunity for first time home buyers and investors. Foreclosures and short sales are often priced below their true market values to ensure a quick sale. In some cases, they’re priced well below market value! Increasing numbers in foreclosures continue to drive market values lower, and entice investors. Start looking for foreclosures before it’s too late. Where to Buy Foreclosures in San Diego? Foreclosed homes are found in every market, but some markets are better than others. In order to know your local foreclosure market, the best thing to do is to use a search site to look at foreclosed homes. Many times you can search by zip code, city, and state. Be sure to use a comparative market analysis to observe similar property values and potentially increase your savings. An alternate option would be to seek out local foreclosure auctions, but be prepared to provide a down payment. Talk to a San Diego Real Estate Agent Home buyers have the option to work with an experienced local agent. Think of it this way, this could be the largest purchase of your life. Why not get the assistance of a local professional? In addition to a comparative market analysis (CPM), working with a Realtor can help you decide what the practical home purchase is for your family. Depending on your situation

NJ Bill Would Force Banks to Maintain Foreclosed Homes

NJ Bill Would Force Banks to Maintain Foreclosed Homes
Towns would have a new tool for forcing banks to keep up the maintenance on vacant, foreclosed houses under a bill that passed a New Jersey state Senate committee Thursday. If the legislation becomes law, banks could be required to fix code violations …

Courts Tie Up Foreclosures
Foreclosure rates stood at 6.6% in those "judicial" states in September, while they have dropped sharply to 2.4% in the "nonjudicial" states where banks face fewer hurdles to foreclosure. Foreclosures have always taken longer in states with judicial …
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Foreclosure cancellations surge in Golden State
The number of foreclosures canceled by banks surged 62% across California last month, the same month major mortgage servicers were required to comply with new rules outlined by this year's National Mortgage Settlement. Banks in the Golden State …
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401(k) Letting You Down? Try a Foreclosed Home

401(k) Letting You Down? Try a Foreclosed Home
David and Michelle Haisley of Fort Wayne, Ind., weren't happy with the performance of their retirement funds, so they made another investment—a foreclosed home for $ 27,000. David, a heating and air-conditioning technician, worked on the house before …
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The eyesore next door: What you can do
With millions of homes in foreclosure — and millions more owners having difficulty paying their mortgages — there's likely to be one in every neighborhood: the property that has gone to seed. Maybe the green lawn next door that you once envied has …
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Colony Capital buys 970 foreclosed homes for $176 million

Colony Capital buys 970 foreclosed homes for 6 million
Tom Barrack's Colony Capital is taking a big step into foreclosures. The Santa Monica real estate investment firm won an auction by the federal government to purchase 970 foreclosed homes in California, Arizona and Nevada from mortgage titan Fannie Mae …
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Louisville foreclosures back on the rise
What is available: For borrowers still in their homes, loan modifications including first- and second-lien principal reductions and refinancings. Borrowers who lost their home to foreclosure, a short sale or a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure between Jan. 1 …
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Wrongful Foreclosure Complaint Attorney Offering Initial Lawsuit Review For People Who Lost Homes Wrongly Foreclosed Upon With

Houston, TX (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

It is a serious and solemn occasion when circumstances lead to a family potentially losing their home, according to attorney Don Worley. In cases where the home is lost due to misrepresentation, dishonesty, fraud or done so unlawfully, further insult is added to injury. People who feel that they would like to make a complaint can now consult the national wrongful foreclosure attorneys with the legal team at Experienced lawyers with the firm are offering free initial lawsuit evaluations for a limited time, and can help people who qualify in all 50 States.

Qualified individuals are invited to visit their site and share case details for review, as well as their name, email and phone number.

Following the safe, secure online submission, the case will be reviewed. The entire evaluation request process takes less than 5 minutes.

“It is an outrage when a family loses their property due to misrepresentation, fraud or negligence on the part of the banks. The law is clear, we seek to put it back to work for the citizenry,” stated Don Worley, lead attorney with the firm.

Most commonly lenders wrongfully foreclose in the following situations:

Military members protected by law
Loan modification mistakes
Mortgage assistance denied despite applicant eligibility
Home foreclosure despite no payment in default

In 2012 the foreclosure rate is expected to rise 15% from 2011 according to RealtyTrac with the outlook for 2013 showing little improvement. According to, proceedings can be initiated due to a simple mistake on the lenders part, but the results remain the same and cause serious harm to the families who lose their homes.

In addition, a recent HUD / DOJ report announced $ 25 Billion in foreclosure abuse protection.

It takes time to gather then required documents needed to win a lawsuit, according to the firm, it is vital that people share their case details using immediately.

“Join our attorneys to restore what was taken wrongfully, and help us prevent it from happening to your neighbor,” added Mr. Worley.


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