Profit Confidential Expert Reports: Downside Selling Expected into 2013 Despite S&P 500s Winning Streak

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 06, 2012

In a recent Profit Confidential article, financial expert George Leong reports that while the S&P 500 recently experienced a five-day winning streak, this is not the beginning of a sustainable rally. According to the Profit Confidential expert, the market is prone to downside selling, meaning that stocks will find it difficult to advance higher going into 2013.

In the article The Stock Market Event You Need to Guard Against Right Now, Leong notes that sales on Black Friday were fine, but not spectacular, and the uncertainty of the fiscal cliff suggests tax increases and budgetary cuts to areas such as government spending will impact the middle class and, ultimately, its ability and desire to spend.

Then theres the big financial mess in the eurozone, adds Leong. Greece has yet to receive its next loan, but the country will need it to pay off its initial loan. A mess is an understatement here. [Theres] also the recession in Spain and an unemployment rate over 25%. Moreover, there are another five eurozone countries in a recession.

In all, this is not a time to get too comfortable in the equities market, states Leong.

Based on what has been seen so far in the third-quarter earnings season, Leong reasons that revenue growth is muted, as America tries to get its consumers to spend. He notes that the holiday shopping season will be critical for the U.S. economy.

In Leongs expert opinion, investors should avoid trying to time the market. Instead, the Profit Confidential expert recommends a prudent investment strategy, suggesting that investors make sure they have some trading plans in place, including an exit strategy through mental or physical stop-loss limits.

Profit Confidential, which has been published for over a decade now, has been widely recognized as predicting five major economic events over the past 10 years. In 2002, Profit Confidential started advising its readers to buy gold-related investments when gold traded under $ 300 an ounce. In 2006, it begged its readers to get out of the housing market…before it plunged.

Profit Confidential was among the first (back in late 2006) to predict that the U.S. economy would be in a recession by late 2007. The daily e-letter correctly predicted the crash in the stock market of 2008 and early 2009. And Profit Confidential turned bullish on stocks in March of 2009 and rode the bear market rally from a Dow Jones Industrial Average of 6,440 on March 9, 2009, to 12,876 on May 2, 2011, a gain of 99%.

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Profit Confidential is Lombardi Publishing Corporations free daily investment e-letter. Written by financial gurus with over 100 years of combined investing experience, Profit Confidential analyzes and comments on the actions of the stock market, precious metals, interest rates, real estate, and the economy. Lombardi Publishing Corporation, founded in 1986, now with over one million customers in 141 countries, is one of the largest consumer information publishers in the world. For more on Lombardi, and to get the popular Profit Confidential e-letter sent to you daily, visit

Michael Lombardi, MBA, the lead Profit Confidential editorial contributor, has just released his most recent update of Critical Warning Number Six, a breakthrough video with Lombardis current predictions for the U.S. economy, stock market, U.S. dollar, euro, interest rates and inflation. To see the video, visit

Hanley Wood Releases Q2 2012 Residential Remodeling Index (RRI)Remodeling and Replacement Starting a Long Period of Expected Growth

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) August 14, 2012

The level of remodeling and replacement project activity nationally improved slightly in the second quarter of 2012, according to the latest release of the Residential Remodeling Index (RRI) by Hanley Wood. The seasonally adjusted second quarter national composite of the RRI registered a score of 80.87, which was a 0.3 percent improvement over the revised upward first quarter result of 80.63.

The increase quarter-to-quarter was the first increase in six quarters, as the industry experienced a decline in activity as energy-related tax credits expired at the end of 2010 and both housing and the general economy failed to live up to expectations in 2011. But now, due in part to improving housing conditions in many markets in the country, remodeling and replacement activity is again on the rise and is forecasted by Hanley Wood to improve for many quarters to come.

Estimated remodeling and replacement projects for 2011 came in at just over 10 million, or a decline of 5 percent over the 10.5 million estimated projects completed in 2010. Hanley Wood is now forecasting 2012 to see just over 10.1 million large, pro-worthy remodeling and replacement projects in 2012 and back up to 10.5 million pro-worthy projects in 2013.

As we had forecasted, we are starting to see remodeling and replacement activity increase as healthy home sales activity is growing in many markets and consumers are starting to see home prices stabilize and even rise, said Jonathan Smoke, the executive director of Hanley Wood Market Intelligence. While the economy has been slowing down, housing has been showing it has its own pulse. With healthy home sales rising, home prices showing appreciation, and new construction and remodeling coming off of lows, residential construction will once again become a positive contributor to economic growth.

According to the new RRI data, growth will be wide-spread 2013. Improving housing conditions are clearly buoying consumers to feel confident about making improvements in their homes that they may have postponed for several years. Combine that with aging homes and aging boomers, you get a recipe for strong growth in remodeling and replacement well into the future Smoke added. The latest Hanley Wood report forecasts growth in 362 of the 366 metropolitan statistical areas tracked.

About the Residential Remodeling Index

The RRI is a quarterly measure of the level of remodeling activity in 366 metropolitan statistical areas (MSA) in the U.S., with the national composite reflecting the national level of activity. Activity includes home improvement and replacement projects, but does not include maintenance or projects of less than $ 500. The seasonally adjusted index shows the relative level of activity in the geography specified (MSA or national composite) compared to 2007 (the baseline year). A number above 100 indicates a level of remodeling activity higher than the level of activity at the beginning of 2007, which was the peak of remodeling activity in the prior decade.

The index is produced through a statistical model that leverages detailed data on remodeling activity, including household level remodeling permits, and consumer reported remodeling and replacement projects. Quarterly historical results for the national composite and for each of the 366 Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the U.S. are available back to 2004. In additional, Hanley Wood Market Intelligence also produces annual estimates of project counts and expenditures as well as forecasts of the quarterly RRI and annual projects and expenditures.

About Hanley Wood Market Intelligence

Hanley Wood Market Intelligence is the housing industrys leading provider of rich data and analytical services on residential real estate development and new-home construction. Through their proprietary Housing Intelligence database, Hanley Wood Market Intelligence delivers housing insights into more than 800 MSAs and 2300+ counties.

Hanley Wood, LLC is the premier media and information company serving the residential, commercial design and construction industries. Through its operating platforms, the company produces award-winning digital and print publications, e-Newsletters, websites, marquee trade shows and events, market intelligence data and custom marketing solutions. The company also is North Americas leading publisher of home plans.

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House Foreclosure Auction in Denton County Expected to Rise

Article by Dywon Marck Taylor

House Foreclosure Auction in Denton County Expected to Rise – Real Estate – Selling

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House foreclosure auction in Denton County in Texas has slowed down according to a residential foreclosure listing analysis of a Real Estate tracking firm. Currently, there are 1,184 foreclosure properties that are included in major foreclosure listings in the area. Of that figure, only 38% or 447 homes are up for sale. The rest, 62% or 737 homes, is classified as dormant and included in the shadow inventory for inactive foreclosure listings.

Analysts said remarketing activity for house foreclosure auction in Denton County is presently light compared to overall volume of completed foreclosures nationwide. To date, just about 5.7% of total number of homes up for sale in the county accounts for foreclosed homes. If all the foreclosed properties would be put up for sale, foreclosures would account for 13.8% of overall homes available to homebuyers in Denton.

Another factor cited that affects house foreclosure auction in Denton County is the ownership of such properties. It is estimated that about 70% of foreclosures in the county are owned by banks. About 30% of the foreclosed properties are repossessions by government agencies like HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.

However, analysts are certain that the volume of transactions in house foreclosure auction in Denton County would rise beginning next month when more foreclosures are put up for sale. Demand is also expected to jump, especially because many homebuyers would realize how affordable foreclosed houses are in Denton. Median price for foreclosed homes in the county is currently at $ 139,900, about 35% lower compared to median price of all foreclosures nationwide at $ 215,000.

Meanwhile, White Plains foreclosures in the state of New York are expected to rebound beginning January. The county, along with the entire state, was directly affected by major lenders’ recent decision to halt foreclosures due to a foreclosure scandal that called attention of regulators and state attorneys general nationwide. By next month, most banks would resume foreclosure activities. Analysts expect White Plains foreclosures, just like foreclosed homes in New York and other states, to gain pace and rise again soon.

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Dywon Marck Taylor

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Original post: on, your source of foreclosed homes.

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