Real Estate Investor Convention 2013 Now Open for Registration Courtesy of Global Publishing

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 16, 2013

The past four years have been extremely successful years for real estate expert, Ron LeGrand. After taking time away from instructing at top conventions, Ron is back and excited to teach new strategies to men and women in real estate. The real estate investor convention 2013 is now open for registration online at This new age of real estate live event is taking place January 23rd to 27th in Orlando, Florida and coordinated by Global Publishing, Inc.

This no cost conference provides general admission access to the basic live events and the trade show. A platinum pass is also available that provides immediate access to the VIP section to access the top-tier real estate investment information. This 3-day convention is designed to inform, educate and inspire investors of all success levels.

The real estate market in states like Florida continues to grow as new opportunities for investments are created. The information that is scheduled for distribution at the new convention is designed to work in any city or state in the United States. Apart from expert teaching by millionaire-maker, Ron LeGrand, multiple guest speakers are scheduled to appear to help provide more strategies for building property portfolio wealth.

Scheduled speakers for the January 23rd to 27th convention include Loral Langemeier, Dave LeGrand, Jay Conner, Bob Leonetti, Lee Phillips and Robyn Thompson.

Apart from the educational benefits of this in-person live event, multiple prizes and giveaways are scheduled throughout the length of the event weekend. Both general admission and platinum pass holders are eligible for the drawings and giveaways that are designed to provide more value to attendees.

A new video has been created to help explain each section of the 2013 real estate convention in detail at

About Global Publishing, Inc.

The Global Publishing Inc. company provides the distribution and resources that are used to print the books, DVDs and special training released each year by real estate expert, Ron LeGrand. As a leader in educational resources for property acquisitions, Ron has created successful students across North America and in other countries. The Global Publishing Inc. company holds one of the largest information products inventories that can be found online and in print. The expert information that is provided by this company each year is used to turn average investors into success stories in real estate.

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Dream Homes in Florida are Now Easier to Find and Purchase Courtesy of

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) April 15, 2012

Dream homes are often publicized by famous celebrities. Average people do not always get an opportunity to purchase a unique home near the coast in popular areas like Jacksonville, FL. A new company is working to change the ratio of dreams to reality by offering home buyers an easy way own a dream home. provides solutions to average people that want to own their own home, but credit or other financial issues might block the actual purchase. This team of real estate investors owns real properties and is not a group of realtors. The properties owned and sold by this expert real estate team are making it easier for people to find dream homes instead of renting an apartment or condominium in Florida.

The average person can often spend months or years in some cases searching for a home to live in the remainder of their lives. The increase in home foreclosures and distressed properties in Florida are providing a light at the end of the tunnel for those wishing to own a home. While banks and mortgage lenders are very strict with loan approvals, does not use the same evaluation criteria to approve potential buyers. People with bad credit are often turned down by banks and mortgage lenders, but exploring creative financing is one of the best ways to get in a home fast, said Kevin Thompson, Sr. Investment Property Advisor. Many hard-working people want to own a home and deserve to be given the opportunity, added Thompson. All dream homes sold by this 21st century company are privately owned and alternative financing options are discussed with each buyer.

Leasing is starting to become a popular alternative compared to buying. Some people that cannot afford to buy are researching lease options that provide an alternative route for home ownership. We like to find qualified people that are not afraid to put a little hard work into a property, said Sean McNamara, Partner at We have started to implement solutions like sweat equity for people that dont have the cash up front, but are willing to put in some manual labor to help to finance a property, added McNamara. Fixing up a distressed property takes a lot of work and other investors are exploring opportunities that are a win-win situation for themselves and for buyers that prefer a lease option method.

The rebuilding of the nations financial system has created more of a need for new ways to finance a home purchase. A former homeowner that has recently went through a foreclosure can have a difficult time finding permanent housing due to foreclosure credit problems. Since does not consider credit worthiness before purchase, people that want to have a second chance at home ownership are exploring the many solutions this new company provides.


A team of real estate experts banded together in 2010 to lay the foundation for this alternative home buying company. These experts are using their experience in FL real estate to help buyers that want to own their own home get the alternative financing required to turn dreams into realities. Personal credit references and job history is not the deciding criteria used by this real estate investment company to qualify interested home buyers.

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