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Government Secured Real Estate Investing Course Now Enrolling Online at

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) January 08, 2013

Real estate is a complex investing field that some people enter and perform well in due in part to training received. A new government secured real estate investing course is now open for enrollment online at Ted Thomas has authored this new course to help beginners and advanced investors learn the strategies that are popular in 2013 that includes government backed investments.

Purchasing a property can be a simple or complex a person makes the process. The traditional route has usually included using a realtor, mortgage company or private investment firm to help with the financing. While this method is still in use, those that invest to hold or resell real estate could explore different strategies that do not require a large purchase price.

Part of the new information that is included in the course includes how to purchase discounted property using more than one method that top property professionals use.

According to market research, the average stock market return for an investor is currently 8 percent annually. These rates can go up or down depending on market fluctuations or other activities. Those investing in real estate for short or long duration often try to achieve the highest returns possible. One of educational methods that are taught in the new course includes using the tax code to purchase a property deed.

Every state has its own rate of interest paid to investors who purchase mortgage-free property, said Ted Thomas inside of his new course. Those that know where and how to receive the maximum rate could increase the amount of interest earned on a transaction, added Ted.

Men and women that do not attend in-person live events that are taught by Ted now have the ability to learn the same information through the new online training. The goal of this training is to help educate investors about brand new strategies and provide updated information about the ways that government secured property can be used.

About Ted Thomas

Ted Thomas is one of the most respected and helpful educators in the U.S. regarding the topics of tax deed and tax certificate investing. This expert is a top speaker at real estate industry conferences and live events to help men and women maximize investments. As an educator, Ted has written over 30 books on various strategies that are used to build personal wealth in the property sector. Ted Thomas now educates men and women online from his official website to provide an online resource for those that do not attend in-person live events or coaching programs offline.

How to Invest Retirement Funds Course Now Open for Enrollment Online at

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) December 20, 2012 has launched a new how to invest retirement funds course that is now open for enrollment online. This brand new course is written for complete beginners and includes how these investments earn up to 36 percent annually in government-backed securities. Ted has taught offline seminars for over 20 years and is now opening up this new virtual training online for the first time at

According to the Social Security Administration, there are now more retirees in this decade than in previous years. The stock market can often fluctuate and cause those searching for the best retirement investments to seek alternative ways to growth these funds.

While purchasing real estate can be confusing to those that are not an agent, Ted Thomas has simplified a new investment strategy that is designed for retirees.

According to the National Tax Lien Association, up to 10 billion dollars annually goes unpaid in the form of property taxes to local governments. This revenue would normally be used for construction protection, police and firefighter salaries and other protects that depend on tax revenue for completion.

Ted’s new retirement investment course explains how investors can take advantage of these opportunities in almost every county in the U.S. to find returns of up to 36 percent annually.

The information contained in the new training course reveals how any person can get started instantly with very little investment funds. I’ve seen tax certificates for $ 50 and others for $ 100,000, said Ted Thomas in his training materials. This investment method has little risk because the money is backed by the government according to the tax code, added Ted.

This new training course is one of the first of its kind to be offered entirely online. Since this is written for beginners, those with any amount of funds to invest in government-backed securities can put these skills to use. The online enrollments are available for a limited time to ensure all people who enroll receive personal attention.

About Ted Thomas

Thousands of beginning and experienced investors have learned from Ted Thomas over the past 20 years. Ted’s unique investing strategies are backed by the tax codes in all 50 U.S. states and provide guaranteed returns for those that invest using his strategies. Through online training and offline seminars, Ted Thomas offers updated information that is not found elsewhere in print or published freely online. Ted is an in-demand public speaker and has authored over 30 books related to tax liens and tax deed investing strategies.

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