Celebrates Chinese New Year with Family Outing to Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands (PRWEB) February 26, 2013

Through the new services and channels launched, has been able to bring more effective and impactful services to its clients while expanding the reach to more Malaysians and people around the region with more relevant resources and information that will help them in their respective marketing and advertising sectors.

To commemorate and celebrate the 2013 Chinese New Year, recently held a family outing event with a lot of activities and events to appreciate its partners and customers. brought a group of partners to Cameron Highlands where everyone who joined the trip had a great and truly enjoyable time basking in the weather and participating in the activities that were planned.

Those who joined the trip to Cameron Highlands were entertained by several activities where the guests stayed at Crown Imperial Court Cameron Highlands apartments and Greenhill Resort Apartment in Cameron Highlands which were located around the major attractions and convenient locations. They were able to look around the highland while many of them joined the likes of the Malaysian Art and Antiques Hunting contest where the winners took home some very attractive prizes. The prizes include popular artworks from renowned Malaysian artists as well as antiques which were limited edition items. At the end of the trip, participants had a wonderful retreat in Cameron Highlands away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre where everyone took home a sweet memory or two. During the event in Cameron Highlands, took the opportunity to introduce a few new services to the customers and partners.

This includes the new job search services, a new channel now available online through The new channel provides free job posting and applications for customers and partners alike who will expand reach to potential candidates around Malaysia and the region. Employers can now post private and government job vacancies in advertising and marketing through this unique service and find the best candidates online.

On the other hand, job seekers can apply for jobs and find the most suitable vacancies for their expertise with reputable advertising and marketing companies. They will be accorded with a wide variety of job seeking services like resume preparation, interview tips and many other resources specifically designed and catered for them. From there, has created a healthy marketplace where there are abundant jobs in the advertising and marketing industry, matching the most capable and qualified candidates with the best available positions available nationwide.

This years Chinese New Year celebration by was made more memorable by the rolling out of a new property advertising service. The new service is catered to the property and real estate industry as far as advertising is concerned. This channel will offer excellent services for property developers as well as those who are looking for property of any type around the country.

Developers and companies in the real estate industry can advertise their new projects under this service while agents can advertise their offerings as well. Whether it is a Cameron apartment, a landed property, a commercial retail lot or land, agents and property owners can now post their advertisements on On the other hand, anyone looking for any form of real estate services can find them here whether they are looking to buy or rent them.

As part of the new offerings by, a new Advertising Forum and SEO service has been added for the convenience of its members. This is part of an on-going effort by to further expand its Malaysia SEO services which are relevant and useful for everyone who is part of the network. The new Advertising Forum is aimed at promoting a healthy discussion environment where members can learn and share knowledge with one another where the beginners will cultivate a learning habit from the experienced while the latter can now gain new insights and more creative campaigns from the former.

There are a rich variety of marketing and advertising resources available at which include articles, tips and such. Hence, members who have read these resources and would like to further expand their knowledge are encouraged to post their questions for the more seasoned marketers and advertisers around the country. The Advertising Forum will facilitate these discussions to ensure that knowledge is shared and experiences are contributed which ensure that everyone will learn something from each other in

Stocks little changed amid strong Chinese manufacturing data, fiscal cliff worries

Stocks little changed amid strong Chinese manufacturing data, fiscal cliff worries
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Homeowners Consumer Center Warns All Home Buyers-Investors In Florida, Virginia Or The Gulf States To Avoid Buying A Home Or Condo Foreclosure With Toxic Chinese Drywall

(PRWEB) October 09, 2012

The Homeowners Consumer Center believes because toxic Chinese drywall was intermixed with US made drywall the potential number of impacted homes in Florida, Virginia, or US Gulf States exceeds 200,000. The time frames are 2004 until 2007. Large quantities of toxic Chinese drywall were discovered initially in Florida, and Virginia in January of 2009. Within six months large amounts of toxic Chinese drywall were also discovered in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Southeast Texas homes. According to the US Consumer Products Safety Commission toxic Chinese drywall emits hydrogen sulfide gases. The Homeowners Consumer Center says, “In a typical home in Florida-that contains toxic Chinese drywall, the copper air conditioning coils turn black, and begin to leak in about one year because of hydrogen sulfide being emitted by the toxic Chinese drywall. So what is toxic Chinese drywall doing to the health of the homeowners, and their children who live in one of these homes?” http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com

For symptoms of toxic Chinese drywall in Florida, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Southeast Texas please visit the Homeowners Consumer Center’s Chinese Drywall Complaint Center’s web site at http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com

The Homeowners Consumer Center says, “Without a federal stamp of approval with respect to an iron clad remediation protocol to repair a toxic Chinese drywall home from the US EPA, and or the Obama Administration, we think a home buyer, or real estate investor would be insane to purchase a home in Florida, Virginia, or Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Southeast Texas that contains toxic Chinese drywall. We are convinced this is especially true of condominiums, and or town home projects-because if the condo, or town home units are all attached-so called repaired units get ruined again by units not repaired via hydrogen sulfide gasses passing through the concrete block walls that separate units. Why buy a single family home, a condominium, or a town home in Florida, Virginia, or the Gulf States-that could pose an extremely serious health risk to you, your family, your children, or renters-with no federally approved remediation protocol to repair one of these homes? With no rules, or meaningful regulations from the Obama Administration, and or federal agencies we are urging all potential home buyers, or real estate investors to not buy a toxic Chinese drywall home, condo, or town home until the Obama Administration establishes some rules. Because of no leadership from the Feds the toxic Chinese drywall disaster in the US has turned into the Wild West with no one in charge.” http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com

Chinese Drywall Complaint Center Says Obama’s Worst Foreign Policy Failure Isn’t Libya it’s Families in Florida & Virginia Stuck in Toxic Chinese Drywall Hell – Help Wanted

(PRWEB) October 22, 2012

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center has been referring to imported toxic Chinese drywall as the Toxic Chinese Drywall Disaster for over two years. Based on their inspections of subdivisions, condominium projects, and or town home developments they estimate there are about 200,000 homes that contain toxic Chinese drywall in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Southeast Texas. There are also well over a thousand homes in Virginia that contain toxic Chinese drywall. The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center is calling the Toxic Chinese Drywall Disaster the worst disaster for US homeowners ever, because of the extremely corrosive gasses being emitted by this building product. The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center says, “Talk to any air conditioning repairman in Florida, and ask him about how corrosive toxic Chinese drywall is-when it comes to copper air conditioning coils. Our number one worry is, and always has been if toxic Chinese drywall is corrosive enough to eat through a copper air conditioning coil in about a year-what is it doing to the health of the people who live in these homes? Why has President Obama failed to mention toxic Chinese drywall one time in public since taking office? Why has President Obama failed to publicly demand the Chinese government pay up for the damages caused by their toxic building product? After four years we do not even have a meaningful remediation protocol from the EPA on how to fix one of these homes? How does President Obama have a campaign slogan like Forward-when he has so miserably left so many people behind?” http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center says the following items need to happen with respect to the toxic Chinese Drywall Disaster immediately:

“The Toxic Chinese Drywall Disaster always required leadership. To date there has been none. President Obama needs to immediately task the US EPA with coming up with an ironclad remediation protocol to repair a toxic Chinese drywall home. If these homes cannot be 100% repaired – with safety being the number one concern for current, or future homeowners – these homes should be bulldozed.”
“Banks, and Fannie Mae need to stop selling toxic Chinese drywall homes-AS IS. There needs to be an immediate moratorium on the resale of any toxic Chinese drywall home foreclosure until the US EPA establishes if these homes can be repaired.”
“At the present time the government of China will not take responsibility for their Taishan toxic Chinese drywall product in federal courts. This specific type of toxic Chinese drywall is in over 100,000 US homes in Florida, Virginia, and the extreme US Southeast. Many to most of these homes are now foreclosures. We believe the government of China should be forced to set up a trust account with a court appointed administrator to handle claims from homeowners who have lost it all in one of these toxic homes. This claims process should also include Fannie Mae, and banks that are now stuck with toxic Chinese drywall home foreclosures. Why should the US taxpayer, and or bank shareholders have to pick up the tab for a toxic building product made by a state owned Chinese drywall factory? ”
“President Obama of late is frequently saying leave no one behind. One of the settlements involving a privately owned toxic Chinese drywall maker only includes about one in twenty victims. We believe the Justice Department should get involved, in concert with the US EPA in order to make sure no victim of toxic Chinese drywall gets left on the curb holding the bag for what always was a foreign policy disaster that required leadership, a sense of urgency, and transparency.”

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center will continue to do everything possible to call attention to the Toxic Chinese Drywall Disaster for US homeowners, their families, and the US taxpayers. The group believes something needs to change with respect to the Obama Administration’s handling of this disaster. http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com

(United States District Court-Eastern District of Louisiana MDL Case #2047)

A Chinese Housing Recovery? Sort-of, So Watch Chinese Real Estate Stocks EJ

A Chinese Housing Recovery? Sort-of, So Watch Chinese Real Estate Stocks EJ
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