Arizona Real Estate Specialist Predicts New Real Estate Boom on The Horizon

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) February 20, 2013

With low inventory and too many buyers, the housing experts believe the Phoenix Real Estate Market is on the verge of a new boom in real estate values, predicts Dennis Dahlberg, Level 4 Fundings General Manager, Private Hard Money Lender with many years of flipping and fixing real estate experience.

According to Dahlberg, there has been little or no construction or movement of dirt thus leaving the Phoenix housing market starving for new homes. Besides, he argues home values are rising dramatically, and once the current home owners get above water (have equity), they are going to want to move up.

We’re going to have a trifecta or the perfect storm – no homes, pent-up demand, and record low interest rates. Besides, if a little inflation is thrown into the mix – watch out! Bam! Its going to be a wild ride – a Wild West ride, states Dahlberg, who is basing his prediction on data provided by S&P/Case Shiller.

According to the S&P/Case Shillers data, the bottom is over and the market is moving up again and this time it’s going to be even bigger.

The data further suggests the real estate market in the Phoenix area is heading up. However, in response to such questions whether it is time to buy real estate again, how long will it take to come back to normal, or should people get out of the market and wait, Dahlberg believes these are hard questions to answer, nevertheless, offers the following recommendations:

????Home values will not return to the trend line for another 1-2 years. Latest trend shows Phoenix back to the highs starting July 2014.
????The upturn in values is due to lack of inventory and record low interest rates.
????Keep the home if possible. Do whatever it takes to keep the current home.
????Do a loan modification? HAPR 2. Its possible but there are very few who are successful.
????Bailing out and letting the bank foreclose will make it harder to buy a home within the next 5-7 years, maybe even never again.
???? Inflation will come back and will the value of the dollar drop dramatically? (This could change if the USA will cut spending and raise taxes, cut medical/social security, and increase the tax rate by 45 per cent. However, this is unlikely to happen.)
????The amount of debt in the USA will continue to grow. The amount is very frightening.
???? At this rate, in 5-7 years, it will cost $ 10 to buy a loaf of bread. Gasoline will cost $ 25/gallon. And the average starter home price will be $ 600,000.
????Get out of debt; get rid of the credit cards and pay them off. Purchase only with cash. Do not get into any debt.
????Start a side business. Its too difficult to explain why here, but the best reason is the potential tax advantage and the possible income. Doing a side business is the last area the government has yet to attack. Make it simple and get going. An extra $ 400 per month really helps.
????If at all possible, buy only quality single family homes in a good area and turn them into rental units.

I’ve talked to a lot of people who feel that they can let their home go and rent for awhile. Rental rates are lower than their mortgage rates, but persons can save a lot of money by renting vs. paying the mortgage, and in two years, says Dahlberg.

However, Dahlberg points out that, Its actually going to be 5-7 years before your credit report looks good enough to purchase a home again. And can you really save the money? Most people will spend the money on toys. If hyper-inflation hits, like some economists predict, then youll be priced out of the market. Do you want to take the chance? If possible, keep the home and do a HARP 2 loan modification, and hang on the next 5-7 years are going to be enjoyable.”

Level 4 Funding LLC, Private Hard Money Lender, 23335 N 18th Drive Suite 120, Phoenix, Arizona, 8502,

MEDIA CONTACT:????Dennis Dahlberg, General Manager, 623-582-4444, dennis(at)level4funding(dot)com

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42,000 Condo Hotel units Under Construction/Conversion in The USA But Is there Enough Mortgage Money to Fund the Boom

Birmingham, MI (PRWEB) November 6, 2005

Vacation Finance is the first National Mortgage Lender to capitalize on the condo hotel mortgage market niche. By initiating unique condominium lending program at condo hotel projects, with no minimum square footage or kitchen requirement.

“We understand why buyers choose a condo hotel for their vacation home, and it has less to do with square footage than with amenities, service and location. We believe that Condo Hotel and resort/fractional/timeshare second homes options will be a wave of the future, embraced by retiring baby boomers as the retirement residence of choice. These options are the most flexible and financially efficient ways to enjoy vacation/retirement ownership, and has all the benefits of a traditional second home, with less expense and hassles,” said Bob Waun, CEO to the group of development experts.

Condo Hotels are one part full-service hotel/resort, and one part traditional luxury condominium. Condo Hotel owners enjoy full residential ownership rights and rental income without the effort of rental management.

Vacation Finance executives have published an extensive research paper on the subject “Condo Hotel: 2nd Home Choice of The Baby Boom Generation.” The company has also signed co-branding agreements with 2 major Condo Hotel Developers to provide unique lending services.

Vacation Finance and its strategic partner, ReFund, LLC have arranged $ 4.75 million mezzanine capital for condo hotel projects in the last 3 months, expanding its commitment to this new market, and approved over $ 20mm in end mortgages in this same period. Vacation Finance Risk Management is the first US lender to offer a TRUE condo hotel consumer insurance policy. Vacation Finance Commerical is actively working with condo hotel developers providing acquisition and construction financing.

Vacation Finance also recently announced the opening of offices in Florida to better serve this booming vacation home market. “We plan to strategically expand in all the best vacation markets, but since money is fluid and portable, we will stay very virtual – investing in people not bricks and mortar” said Waun.

With new condo hotel projects in almost every highly desirable resort market, Condo Hotel construction and conversion is a real estate trend. Vacation Finance is a wholly owned division of Americor Financial Services, founded in 1987.

For more information contact:

Sara Hansemann, Vice President – Operations

(248) 816-7245


Housing Crisis? What Housing Crisis? According to Avanti Way: in Miami There Are Now More Transactions Closing Than During The Boom

Miami, FL (PRWEB) July 02, 2012

As the news of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce rocks our pop culture world, to Avanti Ways Lead Capturing Department, divorce is just one of the many reasons that people decide to sell off their primary home. But compared to the devastating housing crisis of a few years ago, at least in Miami, its a great time to put your house on the market, whatever that reason may be.

During the height of the boom there were about 26,000 to 27,000 transactions which is nothing when compared to the 29,000 to 30,000 transactions that occurred between 2010 and 2011.” Explains Enrique Teran, Co-Founder of Avanti Way, who publishes a yearly Investment Report for their Investor-focused Property Management division. “Of course, back in the boom about 90% of those were financed, while cash deals are taking up up a good 70% of the market share right now most of it coming from South America.”

In addition, if we factor out all those phantom pre-construction sales that inundated the market in 2006, adds Andres Korda, the second Co-Founder of Avanti Way, we actually have a lot more transactions than during the boom years. Thats an amazing fact that simply boils down to this: at least here in Miami, the market is really bouncing back.

It’s actually a seller’s market in some parts of South Florida, continues Teran, perhaps not in the way it was during the boom with buyers paying thousands of dollars above appraisals, but most sellers are getting multiple offers, most at or above asking price.

This fact is further supported by’s market research, which states that Florida is now in the 3rd step of housing market recovery. According to the site, the three steps are 1) new listings decline, 2) days on market decline, and 3) the ratio of sales price to original list price increases. Their statistics claim that in May 2012, sellers actually received 91.1% of the asking price for single-family homes and 91.6% for condos – a healthy forecast indeed.

In the end, regardless of the market, admits Korda, There will always exist reasons for people to sell or buy real estate: a new marriage, an expanding family, a job change, and then of course, theres always divorce.

Avanti Way’s Leads Department has an entire team dedicated to the sole task of screening all those buyers and sellers, whatever their reasons might be, and then passing them on to their tech-savvy sale force. Its no secret that the companys ambitious goal is to change the industry one innovation at a time, and teaching their team to keep a reality check on the ever-changing marketplace is what sets apart a true Real Estate Entrepreneur.

Weve had over 20 newly licensed agents join us in the past 2 months alone. The words getting out that its a great time to get back to Real Estate. Ends Teran, and with Avanti Ways patent-pending Technology, amazing training and support, its no surprise that so many of them are now doing Real Estate, the Avanti Way.

For further information about Avanti Way, please contact Gloria Rodriguez at (305) 229-1146, visit or

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