Apress author Chris Lauer gives advice to home owners in financial crisis in his new book, “Underwater: Options When Your Mortgage Is Upside Down.”

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 20, 2012

A whopping 28.6 percent of homeowners with mortgages owe more on their loans than their homes could sell for, according to quarterly data recently released by Zillow, a real estate website. Over the years, since the housing bubble burst, there have been a number predictions and initiatives made by real estate pundits and politicians but none that have really helped to sort out the crisis for such homeowners.

“UNDERWATER: Options When Your Mortgage Is Upside Down” by Chris Lauer, a veteran financial journalist finally outlines the different options available to home owners in distress: when foreclosure is a good idea, how to best protect the equity you’ve built up, what the financial repercussions of going into foreclosure are, how other homeowners have been able to turn their mortgages around and rise up from dire circumstances, and how to take advantage of government programs designed to keep you happily housed.

At the same time, this optimism can be difficult to see from underwater. Those who suffer from negative equity need help from people who have worked inside the real estate market long enough to understand its ebb and flow. This book is filled with the advice of experts who know about underwater mortgages from the inside out.

The stories, tips, and advice in this book come from those who have seen enough real estate transactions to know the score. They were there on the front lines when the real estate bubble burst five years ago and they returned with experiences and knowledge that can be vital to underwater homeowners seeking relief from in tough times.

Chris Lauer takes a straight forward approach to the facts, ideas, and advice that can help any underwater homeownerespecially those facing foreclosuremake smart decisions for a better future.

About the Author:

Chris Lauer is a journalist and editor with more than 20 years of experience covering business, news, music, and art. He is also the author of Southwest Airlines (Corporations That Changed the World), Breaking Free: How to Quit Your Job and Start Your Own Business, and The Management Gurus: Lessons from the Best Management Books of All Time. He is also the owner and editor in chief of Lauer Editorial Services (http://www.laueredit.com) where he writes and edits for a variety of businesses and publishers. After graduating with an English Journalism degree from the University of Delaware, where he was a features editor for The Review, he worked as a writer and editor for the SF Weekly in San Francisco. He was also the owner and publisher of Edge City and Anthem Monthly, two local arts and entertainment magazines in Northern California. After that, he worked for the NBC affiliate in Eureka, Calif., KIEM, as a TV news reporter, videographer, and assignment editor. In 2006, Lauer founded Lauer Editorial Services.

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To arrange for a review copy of UNDERWATER or to schedule an interview with LAUER, please contact:

Stephanie Carino | Public Relations | (212) 620-8062 | stephaniecarino (at) apress (dot) com


Options When Your Mortgage is Upside Down By Lauer was published by Apress on December 17, 2012

Print Price: $ 29.99; eBook Price: $ 20.99 | 300 pages | ISBN: 978-1-4302-4470-7

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Edmonton Mortgage Broker Offers Timely Advice In Light Of Historic The Low Mortgage Rates Sweeping Canada

(PRWEB) October 16, 2012

The mortgage marketplace has changed dramatically in recent months, and lenders all over North America are offering the lowest interest rates that the continent has seen since mortgages became a common financial product. These historic lows on long-term mortgages are creating a unique opportunity for new borrowers, many of whom are feeling the pressure to finally purchase a mortgage product.

No matter who the borrower happens to be, a decision like this is a major one and not a choice that should be made lightly. Although financial institutions are offering either near-historic or historically low interest rates they are also operating under increased governmental regulation due to the housing crisis in 2008, and will still want to ensure that those looking to acquire home loans are serious in their intentions and have the requisite financial stability to back up their application.

Ken Faminoff, the man behind The Lender Guy and a prominent mortgage broker in Edmonton, has recognized the position of borrowers as still being relatively precarious and is offering a handful of basic tips, advice and guidelines to hold in mind for as long as interest rates remain this low.

The first step most borrowers should take, according to Ken, is to come to a decision regarding whether or not a fixed-rate or a variable-rate is the right class of mortgage for them. The decision often comes down to how much risk the prospective mortgage buyer can comfortably absorb. A fixed-rate allows the borrower to calculate their monthly payments with precision, and although the opportunity for savings is lower, there is a stability to this option that appeals to many Canadians.

In this market, a fixed-rate mortgage likely appeals to buyers even more due to the low price and the long terms that are being offered by banks. Still, these mortgages are not always easy to acquire and an Edmonton mortgage broker is usually a wise professional to consult. Would-be borrowers will be extensively screened by the lender in compliance with the updated and revised regulations vis-?-vis the mortgage industry.

To streamline acceptance from a bank or credit union, Ken also recommends submitting to a process of pre-approval. In todays competitive, but scrutinizing mortgage climate this enables serious buyers to be separated from more whimsical borrowers, and lends both a credibility and an urgency to the enterprise of the pre-approved borrower. While there are some incredible deals out there right now in the mortgage market, the need to stay focussed on the personal value and significance of the loan is still important.

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