Stansberry & Associates Reveals Benefits of Offshore Banking Accounts Don’t Outweigh Negative Consequences for Apple

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) June 17, 2013

The problem is companies like Apple and Microsoft and others keep large amounts of cash offshore so they dont have to pay taxes on it,” said Ferris editor of Stansberrys Extreme Value newsletter. (This) prevents them from using it (cash) to create shareholder value through share repurchases and dividends .

The interview was released this week in the Stansberry Media Minute and can be watched here.

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Dan Ferris started as the editor of Real Asset Investor in 1997 and has been the editor of Extreme Value since 2002. Dan spends his days combing through balance sheets, income statements, 10-K filings, and other information sources. He insists on putting in as much as six months of research into a single stock recommendation. This philosophy has served Extreme Value subscribers well. In 2011, it booked two triple-digit winners transportation and real-estate company Alexander & Baldwin closed for a 201% gain and master limited partnership Icahn Enterprises closed with a 141% gain. Dan also writes The 12% Letter, a high-yield newsletter that promises big returns.

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