South Australian Real Estate Market Report – April & May 2012

Raine & Horne South Australia CEO, Kevin Magee answers the top real estate questions every month including “How’s the South Australian Property Market?” and “What’s does that mean for me?” in the process identifying property opportunities, clarifying Australian economic trends and providing real estate market tips for Raine & Horne members, Buyers, Sellers, Investors (Landlords) & Tenants. For ongoing & concise property updates, media scoops and tips follow Kevin on Twitter @rhSA_CEO Please note Raine & Horne South Australia reserves the right to remove any comment that is derogatory to other readers or adds no value to the conversation


  1. rhSouthAustralia says:

    Hi Ozwasp, thks 4 watching the vid & expressing an opinion, I disagree & point to the fact that there are many? smart investors in SA market esp. those who have & continue to take advantage of current pricing 2 build portfolios, eg. Independent leading Research firm Residex report that in 10yrs to Feb’12 Adelaide house prices on average grew 7.9%pa, SACountry house prices rose 8.1%pa, Adelaide apartments rose 8.7%, Country Units rose 8.7%. This seems good but add tax benefits and its even better.

  2. Put it this way, there aren’t any smart? investors in the market.