Should Real Estate Investors Get a Real Estate License? – Should Real Estate Investors Get a Real Estate License? Find out on this very detailed video. Also, here …
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Should Real Estate Investors Use the MLS to Buy Houses

Should Real Estate Investors Use the MLS to Buy Houses – Many newbie real estate …
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  1. Sami Mehio says:

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  2. Phil Pustejovsky says:

    I’ve heard great things about Keller Williams because of their tremendous training materials. I personally have always hung my license at a discount brokerage that only? charges me a tiny flat rate for each closing. But if you are first starting out, KW could be a winner for you. Plus, Gary Keller is pro-investor too.

  3. dan kanelous says:

    so if your trying to be a sales agent not an investor, is it a good idea to get license , I find most agencys require it.. I was just at keller Williams for there agent recruitment seminar and looks a fantastic company to get started with , would? that be a considerable route for u if u were just starting as a sales agent, I do want to be an investor also but start as sales agent.. thanx

  4. Phil Pustejovsky says:

    I? agree.

  5. markgilbo says:

    I always recommend getting your license. I invested in RE for over 6 years before I decided to? take the realtor dive and once I had access to all the data it finally dawned on me what I was missing. One thing I noticed is that MOST cash buyers deal with agents because most wholesalers are just as bad when it comes to knowledge. In my market I sell properties to a long list I built over the years AND to realtors that have cash buyers as well. A License opens doors, that’s it.

  6. Phil Pustejovsky says:

    Online courses is what I was referring to. And the quality of the content doesn’t matter so long as you pass the test. I wouldn’t get hung up on one course provider being better than the other. The class to get your real estate license has almost zero content that will actually help in the real world of being a real estate agent. So the cheaper the better, so long as? you get enough content to actually pass the test.

  7. SuccessIsCertain1 says:

    I live in West? Palm Beach myself and I’m not sure what school your talking about but Gold Coast is $489 and seems to be known around here as being really good. You should consider looking it up and see if it may be worth spending a little extra. And also let me know the name of this school that’s only $200 in our area, if it’s THAT cheap then it may not include very much.

  8. SuccessIsCertain1 says:

    Awesome video!! JUST what? I was looking for.

  9. Phil Pustejovsky says:

    Only 2 months? That is a significant con. That is 2 months out of your life. 2 months you could have spent on your real estate investing business. And the $200 fee for the pre-licensing course is just the very, very beginning of all the fees. And what if you don’t pass the exam? If you’re not a good test taker, you could have difficulty passing the test for months. And even if you pass it the first time, you’ll be several? thousand dollars deep once you’re done with officially becoming an agent.

  10. Kinq Cuba says:

    i dont understand the cons; The course where I live in palm beach county is only 2 months? or less and you’ll be set to take the test and get your license, and its not even $200 dollars.

  11. shortgun78398t says:

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  17. VagexViewerReview says:

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  18. shakaama says:

    what’s bad is, I always beat myself up for not knowing enough. after about 5 questions, I quickly concluded this guy was clueless, but so is my roommate. When we went to the office he took an hour to fill out a bid on a property.

    while my family keeps asking me to get my license, I just don’t see the point. and, i need an REI mentor, i’m making? nothing at it right now. just keep sending out yellow letters and messing up deals. *sigh*

  19. Phil Pustejovsky says:

    That is frustrating. You probably know 100 times more about buying a house than that agent? does too. Sorry to hear that shakaama.

  20. DeadGecko12 says:


  21. shakaama says:

    so my roommate, probably because of me, is trying to buy a house. instead of going through me, i look up and he has a realtor. he finally confides in me about it and asks me to come along with him. the realtor is brain dead. it is apparent that he is just trying to? make a commission. no matter what i say to my roommate, i’m an REI, he doesn’t trust me, and thinks because the realtor has a license he knows better. I don’t know what to do. and he can’t afford the houses he’s looking at.

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