Sense Financial Seminar in Yorba Linda on Investing With Solo 401k Was A Success

Yorba Linda, CA (PRWEB) October 21, 2012

On Saturday, October 6 many investors attended the “Diversify Your IRA Out of the Stock Market & Invest in Real Estate” put on by Sense Financial Services LLC in Yorba Linda, CA. During the two and half hour seminar they learned that just two percent of American households own a self-directed IRA – the only way in which people can maintain control of their retirement funds. Participants in the seminar learned how they can take control, seek out investments with goodd track records and fortify their retirement funds. President of Sense Financial, Dmitriy Fomichenko, was the keynote speaker. He demonstrated participants how to move all, or some of their conventional IRA funds into Self-Directed Checkbook IRA s or Solo 401k s so that they can access their retirement funds at any time, make investments, diversify their portfolios, take a loan from their funds, shelter up to $ 55,500 of their income and grow their money tax-deferred.

Here are some of the unique benefits of Solo 401k Plan:

????High Solo 401k contribution limits (up to $ 55,500)
????Asset protection and estate planning
????Roth sub-account allowing tax free investing
????Solo 401k Loan feature, allowing participant to borrow up to $ 50,000 from the account for any purpose
????Virtually limitless investment options

In a bonus presentation, Marshal Reddick Real Estate Network informed attendees how they can tell a good real estate investment from a bad one. As real estate is a good way in which individuals can earn passive income, the presentation told guests about formulas which they can use to calculate numbers such as their monthly net cash flow, total return on investment and how much money they should put down. They were also given tips on how to research the neighborhood and the property of potential real estate investments.

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