Sell your own home… with The Real Estate Helpers

Visit our site We are an on-line real estate start-up based in Melbourne, Australia. We know how to get your home SOLD! 3 Seller Services. 3 ways we can help… – We can help you sell your own home. It’s our service we call HelpSell. It’s faster, better, and cheaper than ‘traditional’ real estate services. – We can also help you find the best real estate agent in your area – Screening and selection, so you don’t waste time interviewing the wrong agents. Performance based fees, which means – you only pay when you’re happy. We make sure you can ‘Axe’ the agent anytime. – Full Service: The Ultimate Seller Experience. Have Lloyd Jenman, or one of his skilled Helpers, personally take care of your biggest asset. Price GUARANTEE. Suitable for ‘high-end’, unique properties, and development sites. (Currently only available in Victoria) If you have ANY real estate questions, please call 1300 HELPER anytime. email:
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