Real People DENIED Real Healthcare: Nathan Wilkes

DENVER, CO–Nathan’s son Thomas Wilkes was born with severe hemophilia, which puts him at risk for major internal bleeding and for which he must receive nearly million in healthcare costs each year to avoid death or serious disability. Watch this important video to see how the private health insurance industry cares only about profits, NOT patients. TELL US YOUR STORY AT: Video by: Colette Washington & Jay Johnson
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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. HappyHawaiinSauce says:

    And that’s bad… because???? No one is forcing you to buy health insurance… oh wait Obama is. Letting? the poor die off is a good thing. Poor people are the reason why america isn’t as good as it is today. We pay tons of money for food stamps, ebt CASH, and section 8 housing. Taxes pay for it, and killing off poor people will increase the budget so we can focus on more important things, like tax cuts on the top 1% so we can have more jobs.

  2. In the US its all about money. If you have it great and you get anything you want. If? you don’t then that’s too fucking bad you do without including the dignity of being able to have quality health care. The GOP believes that unless you are wealthy you are not worth very much as a human and not worthy of health care.

  3. Momofableeder says:

    There is a lot of families with children with Hemophilia, it is only rare because it is not publicized as much as other conditions. There is a whole field of medicine related to bleeding disorders called Hematology. They are not rare and I know a lot of other? mothers who would prefer to see their children get the medicine to keep them alive, the same medicine the military uses to treat acute bleeding in battle, over fixing roads.

  4. I live in the UK.
    We all pay about 11% of salary for the National Health Service, you don’t get a choice.
    Forget the bullsh!t you may have heard about the NHS.
    If you’re sick, an ambulance will come and take you to hospital and you will? get treatment.
    I had a heart attack – ambulance took 10mins to arrive – attended by 3 doctors – clot busting drugs, intensive care – my own nurse for 12 hours, (she sat by my bed).
    This all at 6 o’clock in the morning.
    Total cost – £0.0p.

  5. TheShasiti says:

    I worked for United Healthcare for several years. The way the system is set up is definately in favor of the company. We have to get rid of the middleman which means socialized medicine. No it is not perfect but it is better then what we have now. I live in AZ our money goes to illegals. Yes, some peope will die while waiting for treatment. The government tells us they have no money to cover Healthcare yet they can send billions of dollars overseas every? year?? What’s wrong with this picture??

  6. Helljumper91 says:

    People think that people like me support this kind of shit. No,? its unbelievable what the insurance companies get away with. There needs to be reform. But the bill that was passed last year will end up killing just as many people. Its already been proven that it doesnt work in other countries, because those people flock to the US to get treated. BUT, the system the way it is right now cant stay.

  7. KEEP IN MIND sry caps!! yea he runs and plays not like me any more bc now all that playing ..bc we wanted 2 feel like a noremal child!! naw we cant walk or run and our joints are a lot wers then? , then they were , so now iam takeing my med,s a lot more now then when i was a child!! And you dont sound like a jerk but i would ask a queshtion before yousay some of the thing you say…sry my spelling is vary bad!! haha..little slow had a bleed in it when i was yunger…now iam ssslllllooooowwwwww!

  8. KEEP IN MIND sry caps!! yea he runs and plays not like me any more bc now all that playing ..bc we wanted 2 feel like a noremal child!! naw we cant walk or? run and our joints are a lot wers then , then they were , so now iam takeing my med,s a lot more now then when i was a child!! And you dont sound like a jerk but i would ask a queshtion before yousay some of the thing you say…sry my spelling is vary bad!! haha..little slow had a bleed in it when i was yunger…now iam ssslllllooooowwwwww!!

  9. s3ductive1s says:

    To XTheGuvX i dont mean to sound like a total jerk but you have to understand that every body responds different to illness so only because you’ve only spent 2million it doesnt mean that another person will spend the same. You need to have in mind that each not every health insurence is the same some you pay more others pay less. I think we all know that our healthcare system has for generations worked in a corrupt manner. keep in mind hes a child he? runs and plays and is very different from you

  10. Benowah Germain says:

    Call me cold hearted but we got so far in capitalism that we dont even realize the value of money with all? the money they used to save one child they couldve made hundreds of family live for a year i know people will tell me but if he was your own you would see it differently it always comes back to the question what is really the right thing to do. Was it really the childs desire to keep living like this or was it out of selfishness that his parents kept him alive.

  11. He is an outlier; a very? rare case. People shouldn’t be forced to buy health care because of rare cases like this, and tax money shouldn’t go to rare cases either. It should go to the military or to the states for fixing roads and other stuff.

  12. adamwittek says:

    Hello Nathan & viewers of this video, I have a request and as this moving story appears to be? a good place to reach the people I’m looking for, I hope it’s okay that I post here.
    I’m an actor & theatre practitioner in London, currently working on a verbatim project on the AMERICAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM and needing willing participants to share their views & experiences. Please click my Channel for more info. I’m looking forward to hearing from you, Nathan, or any page visitor. Thanks.

  13. FortNikitaBullion says:

    Does anyone? have the contact information for this family, I would like to make a donation.

  14. kevinkards1 says:

    how? can this be allowed to happen in a so called civillised country

  15. whoops! I need? factor VIII, not factor VII, factor VII deficiency is significantly more rare than factor VIII deficiency, and thus probably makes it a hell of a lot more expensive. that makes as as* of me for assuming, I need to start watching the full video before responding to it. But either way, hemophilia treatment is NOT CHEAP!!!

  16. I have severe hemophilia, am 23 years old right NOW, and haven’t gone through 2 million dollars in healthcare in all 23 & 1/3rd years of my life. a 1 million dollars per year price for healthcare for a severe hemophiliac means to me (no offense to parents here) that? they need to train their kid better, and not let him be involved (if he is) in “dangerous” sports. So no football or hockey if he is in either of those. A guide on living with hemophilia? ask me, I should be a motivational speaker.

  17. franklikespolitics says:

    We will get a Single Payer Health Plan when we have as many or more protestors in front of the White House as we had during the Viet Nam War, not until then. Until we learn that real change does not come from? politicians but from rallys, strikes and other forms of protest, we will not move an inch. Are you ready for a million people march for Single Payer Health plan. What is your Union doing to build a nationwide strike for Single Payer Health Plan? Such actions would Single Payer NOW.

  18. murderers, these republicans and bureaucrats, all of them. it’s unforgivable, putting? profit over the lives of the people they claim to care about.

  19. where are all the knuckle dragging republican obstructionists here? Maybe REAl stories of REAL? people is something they can NOT deny???

  20. 20,000 americans die yearly because they are denied healthcare. Insurance CEO’s make money by DENYING CLAIMS not by saving lives. Why would anyone trust the greedy selfish filthy rich that live off of our premiums and by letting us die.
    This is like modern Eugenics…the republicans are fighting to? let poor and working class die off.

  21. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should an insurance middleman come between a patient? and his/her doctor – particularly, if the insurance middleman stands to gain from it.

    To put it simply, IT’S A CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

  22. marsstrain says:

    this is SOO sad! I have a chronic illness and am given top care.. I can’t imagine thinking about money when I am ill and making some of the decisions you are? having to make. I have 5 dr. involved in my care and have had millions of dollars in test and treatment. The difference? I live in Canada


  24. brianlugen says:

    More goverment is not the answer. It will create more people wanting more hand outs. Yes the? syetem now is not good but there are way to change it with out goverment stepping in to help us. This country was built by the people for the people. We can change our current system with out goverment control. The people who work for a living run this country. We need to relize that and let our voice be heard. Stand up if you do not like our system. Do let goverment tell us what we need.

  25. Sheva Hart says:

    Bless your heart! I am deeply touched. I wish I could? help, my Nanny job ends in a week, I have no new job to go to yet and My student loans are in collections as I am not able to pay them. What can I say to you, how can we help you?

  26. 1965tuxedo says:

    This song just popped? in my head..just saying…LOL I have a sense of humor. x ?

  27. Karen Sheraton says:

    Have a great xmas viewer my inspiration to most of my videos is this poem 🙂 I am not there; I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle? autumn’s rain. When you awaken in? the morning’s hush I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and forever cry. I am not there. I did not die.

  28. whatanightmare1 says:

    I have always wondered who the female vocals on this belong to…Emmylou Harris??

  29. Daniel Stoner says:

    Hey, wvmtneer, you guys are in the big 12 now – so *I* can’t wait til you face “us” (U. of Oklahoma). Should be? good competition.

  30. Daniel Stoner says:

    Very good job – best compilation for this song on youtube that? I’ve seen –great imagery, plus the lyrics and flow/timing – wonderful artistry – about the best you can do with still pics on a video site. Thanks.

  31. ive watched this video and annies song. you make the prettiest videos ive seen. annies? song was sung at my wedding. always liked that song.

  32. Nice Beautiful Song…!?

  33. Jackblackmustdie says:

    I was raised and currently live in a area a lot like the pictures shown exept in Texas?

  34. SouthParkForever99 says:

    i was born? and raised in Wv thumbs up for Wv

  35. Karen Sheraton says:

    Thankyou for your lovely responses x please watch my annies song? x

  36. FringeFan1993 says:

    this song makes me wanna go there implicitly! i always have felt attracted to america <33 thanx so? much

  37. tottenhamhtospurs199 says:

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  38. Karen Sheraton says:

    your? welcome x

  39. o my god,..i want to be there,so beautiful places,and this song makes me? happy…thanx…

  40. Awesome, I? am so there! Thank YOU, Love it, and the song, oh the song

  41. very? good!

  42. FenderBassgirl says:

    Beautiful? pictures!

  43. michaeljulian82 says:

    This is a song that I’ve loved since? I was a
    child and I like the way you have shown different aspects of the state.