Real Estate Rental – Why Investors Should Invest In Real Estate Rentals – Why Is a Real Estate Rental A Good Investment In A Down Market? Here’s Why Real Estate Rentals Are A Good Option For Real Estate Investors… Current Real Estate Rental Market Sources from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac expect the total number of renters households to increase by another 4.4 million in the next few years, from the already 37million. With the current Unemployment rate being at an all time high, more families are turning to renting than buying because of a) affordability b) flexibility. Buying a home has more liability especially for someone who is unemployed, so renting is safer. Right now, the rental property market is one of the only areas of real estate investing that has increased in the past year. It is expected to grow even more until property values decide to stabilize. One of the main reasons to rent properties is to collect on the appreciation, AND you also get pretty good cash-flow. Why Not Sell in a Down Market – Right now is NOT the best time to sell – Buyers market – Miss out on appreciation – Unless you bought the house during a down market – you’re selling for a loss Pros to Rental Properties – Passive Monthly Income – Commercial Rentals have Exponential Growth – Appearance – does not have to be as nice as “for sale” property – Good Tenant – maintains home and pays rent on time – Security – more options if market changes than stock or bank institutions – Tax Perks – Depreciation – annual tax deduction for the loss in value of


  1. zakerkabir2 says:

    When is the best or cheapest time? to invest in properties for passive income?

  2. CheckBookIRAWeb says:

    We’ll let them know. We set them up with the IRA LLC and occasionally they want some investment leads but often they already have a place to? go with their IRA funds. Thanks,

  3. investmentsinc123 says:

    Are you still buying??

  4. investmentsinc123 says:

    Hi are you or your clients still buying rental investment I have 2? properties rented out for an awesome price

  5. CheckBookIRAWeb says:

    I bought 50 rentals and? it’s a great investments. This is a good video. You might want to use an IRA-LLC to use your retirement then listen to these folks, they know their stuff.

  6. JRReelLifeFilms says:

    Great information. I have been listening to your pod casts and I am looking to do some investing in rental property? but I would like some personal guidance in to what to look for in purchasing property to make a rental. I know of serveral houses in my neighborhood that are up for sale and I only see 1 or 2 that are foreclosures. the Neighbor hood is fairly new and still growing. but because of the market down turn all homes are upside down. I would like some advice.

  7. could i get investors together and buy a group? of rental property, package them together, and use the cash flow as a security? If you know anything about securities.

    Is that legal? or does it come under the SEC?

  8. Daev Graham says:

    Superb video!?

  9. ImRunningazoo says:

    Amen to this! my boyfriend and I are planning to do what he extactly is taking about. We’re going to invest into real state rentals.When the market turns around we are going? to sell chin,chin,chin…

  10. investbrazilorg says:

    Real Estate is? a tried and tested vehicle for investment. Great video!

  11. GeorgeAlmodovar says:

    Great video. Keep it up!?

  12. Greg Reed says:

    great video.? Keep them coming

  13. If you are referring to the price going up after you sold it at $105K, then I? would have to agree with you. But if what you are saying is, you priced it at $105K when the market clearly stated $120K, then you did lose money on the deal, because you could have made an EXTRA $15k if priced correctly.

  14. You CAN’T loose something you never had. So, if you buy at 100,000 the market goes up to 120,000 and u sell at 105,000 u didn’t loose 15,000 because you never had it to begin? with. The potential was there but you didn’t act on it so you never had it to begin with. You can’t loose something you never had in the first place…

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    Thanks reiclub. You have taught me alot.

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    THANK YOU – GRASIAS? – :o)

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  23. Hey Frank,
    Great Video.. What program (manage your real estate rental properties) software would you? recommend to use as a part of doing your own Property Management. Thanks & Great Job!!

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    I would like? to chat with you, do you have a contact number?

  25. motownbeard99 says:

    Great video. I will be investing in Manhattan, NYC (rental property) and found your video helpful. Thank you!