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In this video flipping homes expert Steve Cook begins a walk through of one of his latest “full cosmetic rehab” projects, detailing his investment strategy, estimated rehab costs and expected profit.
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  8. mrjimmy2o9 says:

    I wish the Flip a House shows would tell you this guy is gonna pay close to? 50% in taxes on his profit, and it’ll be close to zero percent profit if he doesn’t keep records of his renovations.

  9. TheLEATHALlover says:

    LOL my friend relisten to the beginning of the video he plans on selling the house for 200k thats 80k profit. That means he probably bought the worst? house on the block which was under valued compared the homes in the neighborhood. If your average home in the neighborhood is 190k and he renovates the house so it actually looks like the best on the block he is making a killing. All of his expenses would be paid ofr and he would have 80k to buy more property.

  10. Tdot5starGeneral says:

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  11. Matt Long says:

    80k purchase plus 40k investment,? total in 120k… dude how do you expect to sell that when your comparitive figures are not even half the value your asking for by potential buyers?

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  17. Hey Steve, good to see you in this video. Good tips. Definitely did a good job identifying some of the more major renovations. I would think that 40k redo on a 1200ft home would be on? the higher side, but with a potential ARV of $200,000 I can see why it wasn’t so bad. Good Stuff.

  18. fixitsecrets says:

    wow that is a fixup that has a lot of big things going on with? it…good buy if they get the sale price, but lots of work it seems.

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    Why did? Steve move out of Baltimore?

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    Good video. Cant stand when people try? and teach real estate to new investors from a ballroom. Most dont understand you cant wholesale listed properties unles you already have a buyer list. Our new investors will like this.
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  22. TheREIMaverick says:

    I just had to comment on? your video….wow, really!

  23. foreverbluewolf says:

    I own 5 homes,one condo in NYC, one coop in Westchester, one condo down the shore, one in the Bronx, waterfront that I want to flip and one foreclosure cabin? in New Platz. Mohonk Area in NYS, that I just closed on. How do I build all green and flip fast as I want to buy a larger Waterfront to have a B&B for seniors with moderate health issues. Garlick where are the houses for 20k? M

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    Good Video but not for beginners. Do ligher fixers when starting out and leave this type of? for the seansoned pros. You can find lighter Fixers or propterties that need near NO fix-up if you know where to look. DanTheRealEstateGuy

  26. Robb Bailey says:

    You did well on this video Steve. We have the same point of view about rehabbing houses. I been in real estate investing business for years now and I? see how amazing it is to transform a house into a more better home. Of course a good home.

    I would like to invite you to take a quick tour to one of the rehab houses I been through. I did a quick walk though to most of my projects. I’m sure that we could exchange good ideas with our business-Robb

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