Online Real Estate Marketing Strategies: How To Get Found Online This is my story. My story of how I get found online using online real estate marketing strategies and tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, Camtasia, Keynote and the GetFoundIDX to get found online and convey my value. Online real estate marketing strategies are something many real estate agents are not intimately familiar with. My job as the Director Of Sales Technology for Lawyers Title of Arizona is to help REALTORS® leverage these real estate marketing strategies and technologies to grow their real estate business. My name is Stephen Garner and I am the Director Of Sales Technology For Grand Canyon Title SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR MORE REAL ESTATE MARKETING TIPS BECOME A FAN ON FACEBOOK FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!
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  1. Vitoria Castro says:

    What an amazing presentation? Bill! Great story! Interesting how your life started to get into different directions.

    Happy 2011!


  2. Stephen Garner says:

    Thanks Michael,? WordPress is awesome, user friendly and best of all – Google Loves It

  3. Stephen Garner says:

    Thank You! I will be helping real estate professionals learn these mediums and best practices when leveraging them. Many of the other services like WordPress, Video,? SEO, IDX, Content, Back links where an agent wants them done for them will be handled through my marketing company – PRO-Found Marketing. Either way I feel we have the information and the tools to handle everyone’s needs. I appreciate you stopping by. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Stephen Garner says:

    Hi Bob,? I see you are in Scottsdale – I will be serving the entire valley. I have seen a few of your videos already – you obviously get it, that its not about you but adding value and educating the consumer through mediums like video. I start on 1/1/12, we can get together the first week if that works for you, we can even collaborate on some videos in Scottsdale and submit them to our family back at VTA.. 🙂 Let’s Rock!

  5. thecuppromos says:

    Nice Video. Well put together. I know if I was a real estate agent I would be working with you. Are you offering done for you? services for the video production and social media for real estate agents or just information on how best to do it themselves and your wordpress site platform?

  6. Bob Patenaude says:

    That is an awesome? story, and a very good video presentation. I’m going to look you up so we can meet as I too am in the Phoenix market and looking to promote local businesses in the Scottsdale area via YouTube and Facebook. Great job.

  7. michaelpoczynek says:

    Thanks for this? video. WordPress is a great platform. Best wishes.

  8. Stephen Garner says:

    thank you, I appreciate you stopping by.? I loved your Xmas video – very funny