NBA Greatest Game: Derrick Rose 44pts vs Hawks (2011 NBA Playoff) *Career-High

Finally, the real Chicago Bulls showed up in the playoffs. Naturally, Derrick Rose led the way. Looking every bit like the MVP, Rose sliced up Atlanta for a career-high 44 points as the Bulls seized control of the Eastern Conference semifinals with their best performance of the postseason, romping to a 99-82 victory over the Hawks in Game 3 Friday night. “He’s tough to cover anyway,” said Atlanta’s Jeff Teague, who had the futile task of trying to guard Rose much of the night. “But when his jump shot is falling, he’s the MVP.” The Bulls lead the series 2-1, putting Atlanta in a must-win position heading into Game 4 Sunday night. Rose was dominant from the opening tip, slashing into the lane for a basket that prompted Atlanta to call a timeout before game was a minute old. He finished off the Hawks midway through the fourth with back-to-back 3-pointers, hopping down the court, serenaded by chants of “MVP! MVP!” from a hefty contingent of Bulls fans. The Hawks’ fans began heading for home. Teague was about the only highlight for Atlanta, scoring 21 points. That wasn’t nearly enough against the D-Rose onslaught. He made 16 of 27 shots from the field, including four 3s. He dished out seven assists, grabbed five rebounds, came up with a steal — heck, he even blocked a shot. MVP, indeed. “Just attacking the whole game,” Rose said. “That was my whole thought process.” The Hawks never had a chance. Hawks Can’t Contain Rose Derrick Rose scored a career-high 44 points Friday night

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    Brenda had a? baby……. So this is who Tupac was talking bout.

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    The White mamba Is Not A Black Athlete So He Is Not? A Factor

  4. the white mamba does not? play??

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    6:42 the goat is on? the bench!?!?

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    check out? a young basketball player /watch?v=VkOIj4XDEUs

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    Miss? you <3

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    i wanna be him? so much :

  9. Scal lookin’ fine!?

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    Watch him explode when he comes? back and show himself as the best point guard once again. #thereturn

  12. J Smoove to the Bull’s !!?

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    MVP @ 4:00?

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    derrick rose is the shit

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    it? seems every play he makes is a highlight

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    3:59? in the background: “the real master”

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    cant Wait His Return? <3

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    I feel so bad for the Hawks. It seems like the crowd roots for whoever their opponent is and they’re not even? a bad team.

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    the bulls real mvp injured? 6:43

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    i thought this was AT hawks. why is everyone cheering whenever he scores??

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    his basketball IQ will? be insane when he returns I think Derrick is going to be a much smarter player

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    Best player at getting? in the paint i’ve ever seen.

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    In? denial.

  24. youre right, derrick rose wont be the? same. he’ll be better

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    And knowing is half the a

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    Great artist from Chicago.
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