Mortgage catch pushes widows into foreclosure

Mortgage catch pushes widows into foreclosure
Now, she is facing foreclosure. A spokeswoman for Wells Fargo declined to comment on Ginise, but said in a statement that the bank reviewed "all applicable, affordable options for customers facing financial difficulties." In Toledo, Ohio, Florence …
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Banks choose not to foreclose on many abandoned houses
The problem is that in many instances lenders halted the foreclosure process, Fox says. That means that plenty of houses in cities like South Bend still belong to people who moved away believing their homes have been repossessed by the bank. In some …
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From Gangnam to Bankman Style – A Novel Response to Problems with Banks
It's not Gangnam but the new Bankman style of pop music inspired by the problems with banks, foreclosures, and the mortgage mess. The first of these videos is Bad Bad Banks, performed in a lighthearted pop rock style, inspired by successful book writer …
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