Jim Hitt, CEO of American IRA, LLC-A National Provider of Self-directed IRAs-Offers His Expert Opinion on a Question Frequently Asked “Where to Find Investors”

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 16, 2012

Jim Hitt, CEO of American IRA, LLC-A National Provider of Self-directed IRAs-Offers His Expert Opinion on a Question Frequently Asked “Where to Find Investors”. These questions are being raised more frequently now more than ever as banks tighten their criteria making it more difficult for investors to find a traditional bank loan. In this press release, Jim shares his expertise in this area.

Looking for private money is not an art. It is not a difficult process to learn Where to Find Investors. Its a fairly simple process with lots of benefits such as:

1. Generally there are no points, as opposed to a hard money lender which will generally charge points.

2. There are no payments in some cases, particularly if it comes from a Self-directed Real Estate IRA. (Sometimes the investor says I dont need the cash flow because its in my IRA, Id rather have the extra one or two percent.). That is a great situation as no payments will need made until the house sells

3. The terms are set with the private lender, not the bank. Generally theres no personal credit required and no credit check.

4. Generally, there are no personal guarantees. Banks require personal guarantees. Private lenders generally dont require personal guarantees.

5. Sometimes it is possible to get dollars upfront for funding expenses though many private lenders will say no money upfront. Others will say 100% as long as the Loan to Value is 50% or less.

6. The decision can often be made right then and there, or very close to right then and there.

So, how is it done?

1. The beginning of learning Where to Find Investors is a conversation. Get the conversation started with an introduction letter, and a profile.

2. Set up a one-on-one appointment. Get a commitment if a commitment is available.

3. Remember, this is not begging and it is not sellingits not a game of chase. Many people have accounts that have not gained since 2000. These individuals would feel real happy about getting a half percent of someones money.

4. A well secured 55% Loan to Value on a piece of real estate thats a first mortgage at eight or nine percent should be a very attractive investment, provided steps have been taken to make them feel comfortable.

5. Keep in mind what most lenders want to know Will they get their money back? How much interest they will be paid means nothing to them if they lack confidence in whether the loan will be paid back.

Back to the main questions Where to Find Investors?

1. People should most often start with prospects they know.

2. Another way people meet investors is through mixer events. For instance, American IRA sponsors client mixers in which clients and guests come to a meeting and share what they are looking to do and what funds they are seeking. The investors in attendance at the meeting watch these individuals carefully and decide whether or not they are willing to loan them money.

3. The other thing is if a person has private lenders currently. They set up a meeting with their private lenders and when theyre talking to them, they ask for referrals. They send them a payment on the first of the month and theyre right on time. Then they ask Did you get your payment? Hows everything going? Great, do you know anybody else who would like to get a nice consistent return on their money? Not this week? Well, keep us in mind.

Jim Hitt concludes, Obtaining private loans is a process of gaining the lenders confidence and proving your ability as a successful investor. Many investors believe they are entitled to borrow money. These people usually fail. The successful investor is professional and respectful, and provides proof of their ability or background.


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