Interview with Hard Money Lender & Real Estate Investor Kevin Amolsch – In our interview with real estate investor and hard money lender, Kevin Amolsch, we get some tips about topics such as using owner financing, lease options, wholesaling, building a portfolio, the life of a landlord, tenant screening, and building wealth. Of course, we dig into leverage and hard money, the risks of hard money lending, how to prepare yourself for a loan, why lenders focus locally, and the hard money loan process. For more information, see
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  1. Grant – Why don’t you jump on our BiggerPockets forums and you can then ask these and any other real estate investing questions you’ve got to our community of close? to 90,000 members. It will cost you nothing, and you’ll get answers from many investors who are active in the field. Just Google “biggerpockets forums” (can’t post the link here)

  2. grantkemp1 says:

    First off, THANK YOU. These interviews are incredible.

    I have a couple of questions, hopefully I’m asking in the? right place.

    1. from around the 6:00 mark- How am I protected if I take over someone’s payments “unofficially”. Could they not wait for me to pay their house off then claim it?
    2. 8:45 – what does a “subject to/lease option” contract that you want to see look like?

  3. MrNaren50 says:

    @vuubvcs Yep I’m in the same boat. It took me almost a week to? find a legitimate loan online. This one is awesome, fast and easy

  4. Great? video on hard money lenders….

  5. DoHardMoney says:

    We are direct lenders and would love to? look at your loan

  6. These guys are the real deal. I’m in Chicago, so this was a pure blessing. Check out their website, and contact them. Super speedy replies, and? very informative. I will be forming my LLC with them. – Jonathan

  7. Pbfinance says:

    I completely agree? with you. Great post.

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  9. Brooke Strittmatter says:

    I hear? you are brokers and are not “real” hard money lenders.