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7 Really Smart Habits of Top Real Estate Agents

In response to the dramatic change in the house market, The Real Estate Book® commissioned OSR Research to conduct a study of thousands of leading real estate agents to uncover their key habits for success (even in a challenging market), and provide insight into how to apply these lessons.
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    The housing market continues to change,? as you point out.

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  6. HomesAtMuellerAustin says:

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  7. HomesAtMuellerAustin says:

    The US Government has a crazy amount of incentives for its citizens to own real estate. It’s nuts. You don’t? see government backed mortgages all over the world.

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  16. Candyann22 says:

    I believe some of that too. You have to have marketing skills and people skills. I believe the real estate license course does not make a realtor. Your instinct, people? skills and some of it you just have to be born with as well! Success doesn’t happen while sitting and waiting, success is made!

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    Great? info… but the word Realtor is pronounced Real-tor not real-a-tor as stated at 3:32.

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  21. gariouscom says:

    Great tips Dan! Investing in marketing is my fave tip, be it the traditional way or the new marketing techniques, a great way to boost up your real? estate biz success!

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  23. Realtors can lie and still smile at the same time.?

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    Great video presentation. Very useful for everyone who wants to be of the edge. It is indeed important to learn from those who have been there, those who are successful, those who? know what they are talking about.. Thanks!

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