Hard Money Lending & Private Mortgage Lending- How it Works

Private Hard Money Lending explained. The first in a series of short videos about hard money investing, borrowing and brokering from Trent Dalrymple, private “hard money” investor and lender since 1986. Metro Mortgage Investments, LLC works with property in the Detroit and Metro Detroit area only.


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  2. skeetmoses says:

    great video
    I’ve done? this, just make sure the deal is underwritten correctly

  3. hardmoneymi says:

    Yes, Private hard money is an alternative lending source for real estate investors. The financing is structured to fit the clients budget. As you mentioned, when the banks reject a borrower due? to credit, debt ratio and or income verification the choice is to walk away from the project, find a private lender who will usually ask for a split of the equity (profit) or find a licensed private lender such as our company, Metro Mortgage Investments.

  4. spectrum0590 says:

    So, your telling the viewer that their is an? alternative way to avail a loan when they are rejected by banks through you company? Hopefully, your services cannot put too much burden in your clients. However, nice video.

  5. Good web site? too.