Dangers of Reverse Mortgages

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  1. nancy62262 says:

    I just found out my parents took one of these out 6 years ago. It was 45k 6 years ago and is now 65K today. At this rate they will loose all the equity in their house in a few years. I guess they’ll have to move in with me. I? thought about going into this business years ago until I realized it was a scam. How do you sleep at night????

  2. nancy62262 says:

    They? are a rip-off! My parents are screwed! So therefore my sister and I are screwed!

  3. newreversemortgage says:

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  4. listenerfornow says:

    The annointed one President Obama helped devalue the dollar by suing the goverment and creating ACORN and loaning money to toothless crack heads with doo rags stretched over there heads. People who obviously had no adequate income being loaned money . The? Board of Education sucks up most money for property taxes which is almost the same as renting nowadays .stay away from GOLD……….you have been warned

  5. REXAgreeement says:

    Thanks for? the information.

  6. mathterbator says:

    I’m not exactly sure what you’re? saying O_o

  7. managerofwealth says:

    One? question: Are reverse mortgages safe and a wise way to go to increase cash flow?

  8. we need help with getting? a lender for reverse mortgage

  9. Chuichupachichi says:

    That’s only the standard, generic, cover up story as authored by the crook, banker oligarchs who devalued the dollar, thus, also? retirement accounts & intentionally created evermore expensive health care with less & less coverage & caused the financial hardships which make it possible for them to rob you of your house after you’ve been paying the mortgage to them for years.

  10. Chuichupachichi says:

    “Reverse”? That appropriately enough, sounds “Backwards Ass Satanic”. Its their calling card. Do you need to read the reverse mortgage contract by looking at its reflection in the mirror?

    You should? make a video explaining

  11. Chuichupachichi says:

    make another video that explains how the current economic disaster was caused by the bankers’ treacherous practices with which they sucked up the nations assets. Which in turn, caused their own supposed failure which required the freshly robbed public’s trillions of bail out dollars & in turn, is the reason why no homeowner should still be required to pay their mortgages to the same bankers. Since the robbery & the bail out? amounts to enough that citizens should have a paid in full 2nd home

  12. ARCInnovate says:

    Call 1-800-991-4613 for a full tutorial! Legacy Reverse? Mortgage – personal service!

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  14. davis470909 says:

    The loan is called a Home equity Conversion mortgage. It is a non-recourse loan and your only obligation to sell the home is at current market value of the home. That is no upside down condition. Why should your 70 yr old parents eat dog food so that their 50 yr old kids inherit the home and sell it, spend the proceeds.Parents you will eliminate any future payments except home owners insurance and property taxes. Put that $1200 payment in? a savings account or Annuity plan.+

  15. troosyreen says:

    this guy sounds like? napoleon dynamite.

  16. michaelmlt says:

    So,? what are the dangers? I saw nothing indicating the dangers.