Biderman’s Daily Edge 7/16/2012: Stocks Worth 2x’s Real Estate After Being Equal in ’07

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  1. somecatchphrase says:

    Hey Biderman, in the last few months I’ve had to drastically curtail the amount of time I spend with the financial media. (busy working) You’re awesome and one of the folks I still? folllow, my only advice is to lose the self-conciousness, otherwise you do great on vid. Appreciate the insights. hope you’re around for a while yet.

  2. randgoon456 says:

    What people don’t get is this 30 yr bubble the stock market has been in is a function of 401k’s. The Dow? could barely hold 1,000 points for 15 yrs until 401k plans started, it’s been straight up ’til ’08 break. Boomers are retiring and 401k’s are now net outflows, not inflows. More Boomers retire every day and so the drain gets bigger. We very well are in a 15 yr decline to DOW 1,000 where we started as Boomers drain their accounts. Not many Millenials have 401ks to keep the Ponzi Scheme going.

  3. Everything returns to the mean. What is the housing to stocks historical mean?? If you inflate money, that does not mean growth in real wealth. Therefore, stocks will return to the mean of before the 1971 period of the start of a credit binge.

  4. prayfortruejustice says:

    You think he doesn’t hold short positions (put options)? or at least Trailing Stops Trades on those shares? Come on.

  5. radiomanze1 says:

    I am sure he knows when? to dump it

  6. Home ownership is a? legitimate bag of liabilities (insurance, taxes, maintenance) against a constantly depreciating asset. Equity ownership has fewer and less liabilities (taxes and periodic DD) than the ongoing ones associated with owning real estate.

  7. Harold Naparst says:

    Plug the earnings, growth, WACC, and ROIC into the standard formula and tell us how much the stock market is worth. I don’t know about valuing the stock market by looking at how much the housing? market has declined.

  8. optionsupdate says:

    the “rally” in stocks has been led by the? defensive sectors, WMT is one of the best stocks.

  9. optionsupdate says:

    sausilto? is a strong market

  10. FreedomAtRisk says:

    down 50% in? sausalito maybe 😉

  11. Thanks for your market insight. I? enjoy and appreciate these daily comments.

  12. I going to guess no aboveboard qe and that the fed wants rid of o too so ,
    stocks go down and pms too maybe ? just? no more qe and that will help get rid of o
    but there are still printing $ like crazy anyway

  13. Without the fed where? would be?!

  14. I didn’t realize there was a stock market bubble along? with the housing bubble.

  15. plashadpobedy says:

    FB dropped 8%? today. I don’t think his position in FB is that large?

  16. overseachininadoll says:

    Ah the question “When there’ll be without cheap money?”

    As long as they can print money is cheap. Also too many people own house(s) and not too many people own stocks. There’s the differences.

    Hopeful the stock market? crash so everyone with able money can get in buying in good prices. But when will it happen? let’s pray for that.

  17. Thanks? Charles

  18. he’s hedged. He has gold & bearish? stock bets to offset the loss. FB is a looooooong term bet. With 60-70 PE…. 60 years till it is valued fully. LOL

  19. I don’t get it he says stocks are about to crash yet he? owns FB?

  20. Thank? you, Charles.
    (I picked a bad decade to stop sniffing glue)

  21. haha… “lookout belo.o.o.o.w!? funny