Advanced Realty Team Announces Second Edition of “911 for Landlords” to Be Published

Dunedin, FL (PRWEB) December 28, 2012

Advanced Realty Team, Inc., yesterday announced the release of the second addition of 911 for Landlords, a research work on how to rent houses faster, for more money and less stress, written by the Broker-President of Advanced, will be Jan. 2, 2013.

????The first edition came out in 2009 after we had spent nearly two years in figuring out how to survive in the new real estate environment following the crash, said George Beardsley, the author.

????Pretty much nothing that had worked still did and our colleagues were going out of business right and left, he said.

????911 for Landlords laced together a combination of how to use the Internet for free advertising with basic marketing principals and some ancient secrets about how people make decisions, Advanced said. Advanced Realty Team is a small-boutique Dunedin, FL-based real estate brokerage firm specializing in buying single family homes to provide affordable housing.

????About 98 percent of the content of the original book is still pretty good despite the rapid change in the world and the Internet in particular, Beardsley said, but there have been some important changes in the way we use YouTube in marketing homes both to buy and sell.

????The other major change is in the rise of popularity of our Famous As Is Rentals Program and the Famous Foreclosure Rentals Program, he said, both are products of the changing nature of the rental real estate market.

????911 for Landlords in the first edition introduced the Famous Rent to Own on Steroids Program which turns all rent paid in the first year into the down payment and offer a mortgage not based on credit score, but on sustained performance during a 12-month rental period of behavior worthy of a property owner, the company said.

????Under Famous Rent to Own on Steroids a tenant-buyer can earn a mortgage by making 12 consecutive monthly payments on time and maintaining the home as though they owned it already, Beardsley said.

????Its simple, but its not easy and it really gives the potential home owner a chance to determine her own future, Beardsley said. The banks should try making decision on facts rather than numbers based somewhat imprecisely on old history and mathematics dreamed up by people who do not earn their living in the rental real estate market, he said.

????We still have a handful of the second printing available which we will move at an 80 per cent mark down to $ 9.95 plus $ 5 for shipping and handling and will mark the price of the electronic version also at $ 9.95, he said.

???????? Our website will not accommodate the reduced price, interested persons may PayPal $ 9.95 to mbeards1(at)aol(dot)com for the electronic version and PayPal $ 14.95 also to the same email and send an addition email to mbeards1(at)aol(dot)com, with your shipping address.

????If we run out of printed copies, we reserve the right to substitute the electronic version and will refund $ 5, he said.

???????? Advanced Realty is a small boutique real estate brokerage firm that offers a service to people who want to sell a house in seven days by buying the house from them and then offering affordable housing with rental or rental to own programs.

????Advanced was founded in the early nineties by Maryan and George Beardsley, two stock brokers who had learned about creative ways to sell real estate when they bought a home in the path of plans to build a garbage burning incinerator.

???????? They moved from Boca Raton, where the house was located, leaving the home unsold and vacant. Their Realtor suggested creative financing and after selling that house at top dollar when other houses in the subdivision were not selling, they decided to leave stocks and bonds for houses.

????Advanced can buy houses for all cash, but is able to pay a higher price if the seller is willing to carry some of the financing to facility speed in closing and a higher sales price. The company has a number of programs to accomplish this sale and then offers the houses as affordable housing.