8 Most Expensive Homes in Canada – Luxury Real Estate Marketing by Ross PAVL

The 8 Most Expensive Luxury Homes for sale in Canada – Summer 2010. Outstanding Luxury Homes & Condos at www.RossPAVL.com. Ross PAVL Group – “Leaders in Luxury Home Marketing” View more Luxury Properties at http Music courtesy of kevin@incompetech.com.
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www.repinteractive.com ; This short film details the history of luxury real estate marketing. One that both inspired the creation of REP Interactive, as well as the founding of Coldwell Banker Previews International. The Coldwell Banker Previews International┬« program was founded in 1933 by Henderson Talbot, a young entrepreneur who was one of the first to market real estate beyond his local area. He specialized exclusively in marketing fine properties nationally and internationally by filming and previewing each property. Talbot’s global presence allowed him to place these luxury properties in front of the necessary clientele that could afford these types of home. Acquired by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation in 1980, this luxury home marketing program continues to build its success through the Coldwell Banker Previews International┬« program. Through the Previews┬« program, Coldwell Banker has represented an impressive array of the world’s most fabulous real estate.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. it’s like? my home hehe

  2. honeyandbees00 says:

    All the houses in BC are expensive. The amount of money I would spend to make? a house in a suburb outside of Toronto is how much one would spend to buy a lot in Vancouver. Pretty crazy!

  3. VegoFresh1986 says:

    Seems way? over priced for what you get on most of them.

  4. Mrwafflepancakeman says:

    When i lived in canada, their was a converted collage worth over $100? million. It was in a place cslled lakeshore i think, down near Toronto.

  5. allblack33 says:

    outrageously overpriced?

  6. TheOneAndOnlyMichae1 says:

    Canada is not poor its a rich country with more wealthy people then whats shown ?

  7. MegaKamarik says:

    screw Africa!?

  8. Wayan gede says:

    Hello Mr the owner,i am a poor man here in Bali,if you like please buy my art products ? to make me prosperity like you.Thank you.

  9. i don’t know where this video comes from but i can tell that there is? a lot more of these expensive mansions in canada…

  10. vancouver is freakinn expensive…?

  11. and the ones in both montreal and toronto suck lol?

  12. skiingismylife4ever says:

    I? live in whistler and I love it

  13. thats not a reason to say that EVERYBODY in africa are poor and showing only the poors. africa is the richest continent in terms of natural resources i bet you would be surprised if i say that our cities look like yours, that we have the internet, that people live happily. how would you feel? if tv only show obese when it talks about america? btw have you been in africa?

  14. The overwhelming majority is poor…There’s a reason people make? these assumptions…

  15. the desiner tommy? hilfiger has a 80million dollar house in mont-tremblant quebec
    that is the most expensive house in canada by far,this guy is not well informed

  16. Butterflybiznich says:

    Whaaaaat? Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan didn’t make the cut? Bummer!?

  17. btw i meant ”i’m sick of the tv showing” not? i’m sick of the tv show” lol sorry ^^”

  18. the news, ”world vision”. i’m just sick of seing africa’s poor side. there are great things in africa.?

  19. TheTumblingGirl says:

    what tv? show?

  20. not everyone in africa is poor.? i’m african and i’m sick of seing people posting such comments. i’m sick of the tv show only the poor side of africa!!!!

  21. AmberLuvHeart says:

    The Whistler house? was nicest(my opinion).

  22. TheTumblingGirl says:

    Meanwhile in Africa…?

  23. 0:42 in montreal i used to obsess about, now it’s gone (likely? sold). Last time I remembered, it was 18mil. Does anyone have the pictures of the interior and such?

  24. halfvolley11 says:

    this is a wrong video. There are many many houses like this? of this much value in Rosedale, Foresthill areas near downtown Toronto, and some in York Region and Halton region which are suburbs of Toronto.

  25. halfvolley11 says:

    where did u get oil from?oil industry is 80 percent in alberta and little little in BC . for your kind info oil is recent. Canada does not rely on oil alone. Toronto has the finance industry, it diversified, home? to biggest corporations, not only telecom, RBC TD, BMO, Sun Life, Manulife,etc are some of the FORTUNE 500 based in downtown Toronto and many international business with their Canada head-office in Toronto like PWC, KPMG, Walmart Canada, Telus, CItyGroup, GoldmanSachs,etc.


    Very informational and good video! Thanks? for sharing!

  27. Chris Kalinowski says:

    AntiSlip1000’s? channel

  28. Christophe Choo says:

    Totally awesome guys I just LOVE this video!