7 Secrets Real Estate Photography Nikon Canon Olympus SOny

7 Secrets Real Estate Photography Nikon Canon Olympus SOny

Using your Nikon Canon Olympus or Sony DSLR, (or oter), www.elitevideo.com You can take great real estate photos. Review this tips and tricks and you will improve your photos


  1. Many thanks for sharing your tips!?

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    Thank you for this video. I like your point about adding depth by putting something in the foreground. It definitely looks a? lot better, I am going to being using this method from now on!

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  4. Thank you, I understand? very well ^_^

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    so you change the wallpaper as? well?

  6. Thanks, I? am glad you liked it. – John

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    Very good Review! I liked the theme and the whole? Indiana Jones thing! Ur tips really helped me out 🙂

  8. I figured that, people have a very short attention span theses days…a black turtle neck arty look won’t do! Beyond? all that, you do give good tips for beginners, specially point 6, to learn how to appreciate light? before abusing photoshop and HDR.

    All the best.

  9. Yes, I agree with you. I am the goofy looking guy in the video. We did the intro and wacky look just to stand apart- as goofy as it looks. When people think of a camera training guy on youtube, they may think of that weird ugly? guy with the Indiana Jones. Unfortunately, one has to be good looking or ridiculous to stand apart. I can’t be the first so I am the later. That is showbiz.

  10. the? intro and his looks are ridiculous, but he’s got some very valid points.

  11. Indiana Jones!?

  12. Great video and good tips. Not boring and really keeps you focus on the subject
    Thank you for sharing it with us and Best Regards from south of? Portugal

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    Great information presented very well.? But the “music” was like a pounding headache.

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    As always…excellent tute! Posting on facebook and our photog’s meetup.? Thank you.

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    good one? John. Using doorway and windows to frame an interior shot is nice too.
    That hat reminds me of the one the eveil German guy wore in Indiana Jones.

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    Well done? my friend.