$5.3 Million Bearspaw Estate Calgary – Luxury Real Estate Marketing by Ross PAVL

For more photos & details visit: www.BearspawEstate.com Ross PAVL Group – “Calgary Luxury Real Estate Marketing”. Outstanding Luxury Homes & Condos at http Stunning traditional styled interior with incredible quality walnut woodwork finishing. Another masterpiece created by Stonebriar Crafted Homes Calgary. Guaranteed to Impress! Enjoy the tour.

Vancouver, BC & Toronto, ON dominate the fall 2011 luxury home list. Ross PAVL Group – Luxury Homes & Condos www.RossPAVL.com Leaders in Luxury Home Marketing Music courtesy of Kevin Macleod FOR MORE INFORMATION EMAIL Ross – admin@rosspavl.com


  1. I? worked on this house!

  2. I’m not sure about the indoor? hot tub……..

  3. sherry123456782596 says:

    Is this home sold? If not? feel free to call 905-712-9027. I would be happy to pay prices up to 15 million dollars.

  4. willfredoes says:

    holy crap i? want one of those houses

  5. the furniture is from McArthur and is the fabric is actually designed for? all season weather 🙂

  6. Four rooms total with four and a half bathroom, over 7500 sqft? finished area

  7. wow how many rooms total??

  8. omg so beautiful but i feel like i’d feel so lonely in? a huge house like that!

  9. liasmith12 says:

    i like the outdoor couch set but what do you do when it rains? ?

  10. colepherfs says:

    this? is pure luxury

  11. Martin Darion says:

    The ones with the balconies that overlook different? landscapes are beautiful

  12. sherry123456782596 says:

    What is the name of number? 4