The Off Market Association Shares 2013 Real Estate Trends

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

Real estate is important to the economy and its potential growth. While we may not have the ability to see into the future, it is possible to make some educated guesses based on what you can see around you, and that is exactly what the Off Market Association executives, led by CEO Terry Robinson, has done. The following predictions for 2013 are:

Look for interest rates to rise. With rates at historic lows and the Federal Reserve beginning to hint at the possibility of easing to stop it is likely that we will see interest rates begin to edge up in 2013. Many economists and CRE industry experts agree. With the possibility of rates increasing by a full point by the end of 2013, now is the to capitalize on current deals.

Commercial real estate prices will continue to rise, after falling in many areas and in many sectors. Increases are sector dependent, but theres no doubt that commercial real estate is making a comeback and prices are going to rise as demand outstrips supply. A lack of new construction over the past 5 years means there is no alternate outlet for this demand. We foresee decreasing vacancy rates and increasing rents in 2013, leading to better yields.

International investors will become increasingly active. Europe is still in a mess, so the logical place for foreign investors to look is in the U.S., where prices are still depressed, but activity is heating up. New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C. have already seen foreign investment increasing. Cities tied to energy and tech are also targets. With a weak U.S. Dollar international investors are able to pay more (relatively speaking) for properties which should provide additional upside in first tier and select second tier markets.

Off market assets are often priced competitively as sellers are motivated to complete a quick sale. This gap between commercial markets and the off market could contract as the commercial real estate markets heat up, making now the perfect time to take advantage of off market deals, said Terry Robinson, president of the Off Market Association.

About The Off Market Association

The world is changing and has changed. Old ways of doing business dont always apply. The Off Market Association (OMA) brings a new, exciting and visionary way to do business to all our members.

OMA uses a cutting edge technology and platforms, a deal desk, and extensive contacts across the US for commercial real estate transactions, bank note sales, small business advising and SBA loan services. The OMA is affiliated with Sunovis Financial and Genesis Capital to provide investors with access to capital and quick financing.

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra & Pierre Boulez – The Wooden Prince, Sz. 60 (Op.13): VII. 6th Dance: She Tries to Attract the Real Prince With Her Seductive Dancing

Chicago Symphony Orchestra & Pierre Boulez – The Wooden Prince, Sz. 60 (Op.13): VII. 6th Dance: She Tries to Attract the Real Prince With Her Seductive Dancing

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Top 10 Reasons to Retire in Western North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina (PRWEB) February 27, 2013

After decades of research, Real Estate Scorecard reveals the top 10 reasons why Baby Boomers choose to retire in Western North Carolina:


There are hundreds of artists who live near the best of Asheville NC and they dont mind welcoming you into their art studios. For example, in downtown Asheville, NC along the French Broad River in the River Arts District, you’ll find 165 year round working artist studios. Thirty minutes to the north in Burnsville NC, the Toe River Studio Tour takes place twice a year where youll find 100 more local artists opening their studio doors to the public.


A lady said to Real Estate Scorecard recently, If you dont stay young living in this place, its your own darn fault! Science has proven a stimulated mind and body improves the quality of our life, especially as we age. Real Estate Scorecard considers Asheville NC to be ahead of the curve by recognizing how desirable this region has become to retirees and delivering community forums geared towards mature adults. For example, the University of North Carolina Asheville founded the North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement. The NCCCR offers an impressive list of lifelong learning courses for mature adults and cultural entertainment on campus.


Do you know by living beyond the city limits of Asheville NC, you can save $ 665 per $ 100,000 of your homes value in real estate taxes per year. On a $ 300k home, you will save about $ 2,000 per year or $ 166 per month. If you are concerned about real estate tax increases, move to a county whose infrastructure is in place and is up to date. Study the hospitals, public school system and roadways in addition to evaluating the best master planned communities. Study the countys annual budget and future capital improvements. If a county needs to build and expand social services, it would be reasonable to expect property tax increases.


Getting in and out of Western North Carolina to see your family and friends is quick, easy and is becoming less expensive. Asheville Regional Airport ( AVL ) currently offers the following non-stop flights from these major cities:

Atlanta – Delta Charlotte – U S Airways Chicago – United Detroit – Delta Houston – Continental Newark – Continental Orlando – Allegiant Philadelphia – U S Airways


From the farm to the dinner table, if eating healthy food is important to you, there is no better place to live than in Western North Carolina. How you’ll wish you had more time to shop at all the Saturday Green Markets and organic health food stores in the area. The city of Asheville appeals to the most demanding taste buds and health conscious obsessions. Ashevillians pride themselves on fresh grown mountain produce. Apples, herbs, homemade cheeses, breads, grass fed beef and free range poultry are just a few of the items you can find at the 88 tail gate markets in the Appalachian Mountain range.


Asheville, NC – Bele Chere Festival

Asheville, NC – Big Band Swing and Dance Weekend

Asheville, NC – Comedy Classic Weekend

Asheville, NC – Festival of Flowers

Asheville, NC – Winter Warmer Beer Festival

Black Mountain, NC – Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF)

Brevard, NC – White Squirrel Festival

Hendersonville, NC – North Carolina Apple Festival

Waynesville, NC – Folkmoot USA


From the Virginia state line at mile post 216.9 south to mile post 469.1 bordering Tennessee and Western North Carolina, this 253 mile stretch is among the most scenic roadways in America overlooking more than 1,000,000 acres of protected national forest. The Blue Ridge Parkway passes through the Pisgah National Forest, Nantahala National Forest and leads to the gateway of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Blue Ridge Parkway is easily accessible from Asheville.


Dating back to 1565, the first master planned community in the US was established in St. Augustine Florida. Master planned communities are carefully planned and usually designed around a theme such as golf, tennis, equestrian or beach activities. In Western North Carolina, the are a number of high quality best master planned communities to choose from.


Mission Hospital Asheville, NC – Ranked a Top 100 Heart Hospital

As bizarre as it sounds, your chance of dying in Mission Hospital Asheville are 21% less than a typical hospital according to Dr. Ronald A. Paulus, president and CEO of Mission Health. The Asheville Mission Hospital Health system is ranked among the Top 15 Health Care Systems in the country by Thomson Reuters, a measurement of excellence. Asheville Mission Hospitals comprehensive geriatric specialties serve the community by providing preventive care and inpatient care in the heart of Western North Carolina.


Whether youre a Florida half backer seeking to escape the summer heat or a northerner leaving the frigid winters behind, Western North Carolina offers four mild seasons, incredible mountain beauty, intriguing art, rich culture, quick access to major cities and home affordability. How many more reasons would you need to retire in Western North Carolina?

About Real Estate Scorecard

Real Estate Scorecard writes unbiased real estate reviews providing in depth information about the best master planned communities in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, all in an effort to help people discover where to retire. Website address:

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